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J. Edgar Hoover, Director 


















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(1015 CARUSLF) 




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CASE HO. 60 
CASE HO. 81 


(houis w. petfr) 


(TttyiP JUHDOtPB) 









(hrs. PRraios ssEszisa wm) 





URawnr a?ict hirst 
aka iij;;«3> ir.r.jyiBBDT 

Allegation by Senator TfcCarUpr 

tJaea Me* 2« 2he nan involved in ease Uo# 2 la employed In the office of 
in Aseiatant Secretary of ^t&to* Ttm intelligence onlt shadowed hia and foond hi» 
contacting taanbem of an eopionnca croup* A mmo tmti m of Beeanber 13> 19h6 p 
indicatea th&t he succeeded in having * iwlMcnoan general intervene idth an 
Aaelstant Socratary in behalf of ona man ?£& la an active Cctewunlat idth « long 
record of CenannLat Party eeonectlene* Thorn Is another individual nhe la very 
cloeoly tied 19 idth a Soviet espionage agency* There la nothing In th<? file id 
indicate that the *$ati*ral referred to Jmow thoee tao individual* nere Cow*s*laia# 

"That la « part of tea uauaOL nodos operandi* It there la one Coeaaznlat 
In the 2)aperfeaant* he vdll get nana other individual to r oco pp e od another Cowmtat 
so that the treed can he increaaod. 

"This individual *ao succoaeful In obta&ning Isportant poeitlone for 
other Coottoniete* Ttmp nero finally ordered renovod fron the Ifepartnettt not 
later than tidveober 15 of the folloadnft year* Sub&oqoont to that tine* bowover* 
both of then atill bed aeoeea to secret mterial* 

" A amoran&uai of lloveobor 2^ l$j£* pointed out that thl* individoal and 
the previoualy aantLonod Cowwilata *ba* he sueoeeded In having placed «er* eoo- 
nected ulth m allied Kuaaian espionage agency* Keverthslees* this indlvldaad 
etUl occupies on i^x>rt ttt position In the State Wapartoant* X ahoald lite to 
point oat at thla tine, however, that the security grovp $ i^tlch *ae then operating 
in the State ^partnmt, *aa apparently doing m good job* It presented the entire 
picture to the Secretary of State* This individual toe* the invaatlfiatlng agency 
of the State P apar ta wnt naps* ia a ftaraist* sot * general innocently to bring 
tee otfaar Ooonpniata Into the State Pa p s rtn a nt * and he 1« today In the State 
Cepartmnt and hue acoeaa to the eeeret notorial. Aa I say* hie nam la certainly 
available to any Senate corrdtteo that sants It* M 

frwalblo Identification 

*» ■ ■» Tine inflivicanu. xo uppRnKitJgrTteroai'ii Jiuuer itere** oareaa recoros 

/ reflect that a loyalty ixtveeUgetton wm conducted oeneomittg Herbert Afcnar Heratj 
Z^-Ttte as of October* Tm9$ mm advleer to £aaletent Seeretary tw Occepied Aroaa # 
I'" Sap artatant of 3tato # Weahi^rtcn, D# C # Thte Inveetl^atlcn developed tJhat during 
^v^32a6# 19li7 ^»J J«jcuny # 19W> the eaployw had frequent contacts with travld R# 
"M^u.JMKl^ had c^oal contacts ulth Hex XomnthaXf liad aaaoclated ulth tlanry JHH rolHna f 
^«» — ^t^ »m In ^frequmit aaaodLatlon lAifo llwrice H^lperln in 19li6 t 19tif and 19h3* «d 
-^° y w s s frietri »1 clooe eeaoci«te of Itenean Xee Airing 19W and 19b7# 


<*>» R.H.Eganjhnn^ _ sl ^ ,. 

■ ■■* 

t # 

David R« Wahl km reliably it^ortcd to neve been a Ember of tha 
Coaaanlat party andoriprcund in the rto 1933*8 and tba early 1?1$0»«» a rasher 
of the Itoard of Birectore of ihs »fe*hlngton 3ookohop Aoaodatloo, a aenber of 
tho laahingten Coatdttoo for Ttoaocratie Action and the Aanriean Peace Mobilisa- 
tion* Hex lowRnthal ma General Counsel for the International Juridical 
Aaaociatiww Homy Kill Colline aae reliably reported to Iwve been a aenber 
of tha Cowamist Party mderground In T*aehingto% V m C.* in tba lata l?30»e and 
early l#jOt»« Ifeurloe Kalporin aaa reliably reported to have boon involved 
in « Soviet eeplonaee conspiracy in Sow York City in tha lata l?30«a and aarly 
19bO«B» TXtncan ita «aa reliably reported to have been a aeaber of a coneplraBy 
involving Soviet eepione&i in the latter 1230's and eerly U>hQta# 


Uarbert Herat a&atted having been a nenbor of the national Xaayare 

At the State Departeent Herbert floret foraerly aorked under Major 
General John H* Hmdring. 

>¥ha^§ah5n£ten Bookshop Aseociaiion* Ifeanington ComHtce f or tnwocrattc 
lotion and tho AaarleanJPaace MobUlaaticn appear -entboliet of orsaniaatlona 
naaH^*tha-*teoa}ay Oenoral ja coning vdthln tba purview of K»ctttiva order 
9835, The TJiternaticnal imridioal Association and the Rational Sea^era Guild 
aero cited aa CoBcuaUt fronta by tha Special Cotaalttea on na-*aerican .Actititiae* 
March 2?, 19hU* * 

She loyalty raporta were aant to the Civil Service Ccaaiacion on 
Septenbar 15# ^9Wm 

LThe Loyalty Review Board by letter dated October 1 $ l^ltf* edvieed that, 
Btrbert Abner Herat had bean declared ■eligible on loyalty*" 

*■ * 




mm&$& tor Saai&E m*fVv> 

ftMfJfct. ft 

"Thia ia a mm to which I particularly invite the Senate 1 a 
attention, The filee show two wry interesting facte* k najor portion 
of the file ma removed* Papers refer to information la the f ila which 
la nonexietent. TJjpen contact with tha keeper of the record*, ha stated 
that, to the beat of hia knowledge, tha major portion of the file had been 
renored« Be did not mention any name* but ha said, tJBe waa pnt In ao»a higb- 
fcraee Jo* about 2 years ago«* 

*l aa inclined to think that thie individuals name nay be known from 
the information which I shall give hare* 

*Sfco file ahowe two things* It ahowe, first, that this individual 
had some of hia clothing picked up, with unusual material in it, and* eeoond— * 
and thia ia important— it ahowe that the State Department and tha President 
had prepared material which was to be eent to a foreign government, the file 
ahowe that before the material left the State Department it warn in tha hande of 
tha Kremlin in Voaeow* Do Senators follow net Tha State Department 'a own 
investigative file above that some eeeret material, wfcleh waa being transmitted 
to another nation, before it even left thia country for the other oeuntry* 
showed up in Xoeoow* So far* that ia not too eignificent. However, the file 
shows that this particmlar individual* who has held one of tha *sat important 
poeitione at Me of the listening posts in Europe, waa ahadowed, that ha waa 
found to ha/a oontactad a Soviet agent, and that tha Soviet agent waa then 
followed to tee Soviet Embassy, where the agent turned the material ow to 
tha Soviet Embassy. JDo Senator* follow ma? This la what tha secret State 
Department file shows i First, the papers get to Moscow In some mysterious 
manner, and, second, thia individual, who ia now one of our foreign ministers, 
eontmete a Rueeian espionage agent, and that agent is followed to the Russian 
Fmbeasy, where the material la handed ovwr* Thia ia no eeeret to the State 

•Incidentally, 1 might may that I promised the yraaa I would have 
copies of thia material for their uee* However, In view of the fact that I 
have nothing completely ready at tUs time, and moat refer to the documents 
before *e, which I cannot turn over to the preec, I do not have anything to 
give them, I am eorry* I shall try, however, to give them now the material 
I have, and ahall try to make the dates and places aa clear aa I earn** 


' ■iw^iK' w jn iiMil n m n * t 

UM mmm 

This Individual apparently is John Carter Vincent, The Bur»au 
files reflect that we have not conducted any inveatigetlon of Vincent* the 
Bureau filea do, however, contain the following pertinent information re* 
lating to Vincenti 

Vineent hae served in varioua poaitione with the Department of 
State einee 1924* Bureau file© reflect, in brief, that Vineent vat selected 
by former Viae president Henry TTallftoe to accompany aim, Wallace, to China 
and Siberia in the Spring of 19U. Vineent is reported to lie a eloee friend 
of Uuchlin Currie, subjeot in the Sllveraaster eaplonage ease* an Informant 
of the Boaton Office has advised that Vincent 'a name had been on every contact 
list furnished by Communist aut! ora to the publishing f irn of Little, Brown, 
and Company, Boaton, Massachusetts* Major General Patrick J* Hurley, former 
Ambassador to China, is quoted as having testified before a Congressional 
Committee in Beoember, 1945# that State Department career men were trying to 
destroy the Chinese National Government by having American Zend-Lease equipment 
given to Chinese Conaunlate. Barley blaned John Carter Vincent, then Chief 
of the Far Eaatern Division of the State Department, with aetloac which were 
contributory factors toward Hurley's retirement as Ambassador* (121-11900-8) - 

On October 16, 1946, the State Department furnished the following 
infomation concerning Vinoentt 

On September 28, 19-46, a State Department building guard found 
a raincoat in the men's rcon on the first floor of the State Department* 
a search of the pockete revealed papers written in Russian* An examination 
of the papers showed they were the work of a Russian language student and 
no significance wae attached to the papers* On October 4, 1946, John Carter 
Vincent telephoned the Guards Office to inquire what had been done with the 
raincoat* He indicated he knew what had been contained in the pockets of the 
raincoat* Be denied owning the coat but clalaed someone had left It In his 
office. He stated he had borrowed it and Inadvertently left it in the men's 
room* He instructed that the coat be returned to hla office so that he light 
return it to the rightful owner If and when it was called for* The memorandum 
froa the State Department pointed out that it waa believed the coat belonged 
to Vincent although the reason he denied owning it was not known, (62-80659-2) 

An article appeared in the Washington Daily Hews on February 27, 1948, 
under the heading of "fop U. S* Diplomat a Hod Spy?* this article reported that 
the House Appropriations Coaeiittee had developed information during a hearing 
on State Departaeat appreprlatlona which indicated that a confidential White House 



telegram to Chungking, China, reached Voted* before ever leaving Washington* 
It vaa alleged th*t Moscov obtained the telegram through a top United States 
diplomatic official identified only at "Ho, 52*» It vat further indicated 
that investigations had dleeloaed that the diplomatic official referred to at 
$o* 52 ma seen contacting a nan in Washington and eat trailed to the Soviet 
Embassy* The Bureau received information that the individual referred to at 
Ho* 52 tat John Carter Vincent* 

In vlcv of Vlneent*s position, the informatton appearing In Bureasi 
filet concerning him wee furnltbed the Attorney General by memorandum dated 
May 17, 1948, with a request that the Bureau he advlted whether a loyalty 
lnveatlgatlon should he conducted, Mr* Peyton Ford, the Atelttaat to the 
Attorney General, In turn fumlthed thlt information to Ataittant Secretary 
of State, John B* Feurifoy, with the requtat that l*r* Peurifoy adviat «r* 
Ford whether he wished the bureau to oenduct a Loyalty lnveatlgatlon of Vincent* 

JUjr memorandtw dated June % %%B t 3«r. Ford furnished a copy of «r. 
Peurifoy* a reply therein it it ttated that virtually all the information 
regarding Vincent vat in the pOMtteloa of the f tate Department at the Una 
of Vincent 'e appointments that a revlev of Vincent's fall record convinced 
the Department of State of hit loyalty to the t'nlted States* Hth regard 
to the Information tat out above indicating that Vincent vat responsible for 
a confidential Unite Mouse telegram to Chungking, f hina, reaching Moscov 
before ever leaving f ashlngton, jlr» Peurifoy advised that thlt Information 
vat originally reported to the State Department, Division of Security and 
Investigations, by an Informant vho, it vaa subsequently learned, vaa either 
grossly mistaken or misinformed* Mr* Feurifoy further adviaed that the alleged 
original source of this information, deacrlbed as a person of unquestioned 
reliability* subsequently stated to a Special Investigator of the State , 
Department, that he did not know anything about a telegram prepared in 
Washington vhlch reached Voscev before its official release nor did he knov 
anything about Mr. Vincent Shaving been observed contacting a man vho vas later fol- 
loved to the Soviet .Embassy. 

Mr* Ford Suggested that the Bureau revlev such information concerning 
Vincent at vat available in the Seourity filet of the Stste Department* Re 
further ttated, *nalets, hovevar, the Information thus secured, coupled with 
the information now available* products a lead which vould teem to require 
additional Investigation, I do not believe that it is necessary to undertake 
a full field loyalty investigation la thlt ease st the present time*" The 
State Department Seourity file vas revieved and it contained no pertinent in- 
formation not already in the 1 possession of the Bureau* 

The Attorney General was advised by memorandum dated July 13, 1948, 
that no ioyalty investigation of Vincent would he conducted and the State 
Department wis advised by the Xiaison Section on July 16, 1948, that no 
loyalty investigation wild bo conducted* 

Yinoent's Loyalty For* was returned to the Civil Service Cosmission 
on April 18, 1949, with the notation on the reverse side that information , 
available concerning hi» in the files of this Bureau had been furnished to 
the State Departaeat, and that in the absence of a special request, no 
loyalty investigation would be inetituted# (121-llooo-8) 




Miohol B ' T 

fr* 6 **,.,, ., «■ 

T* 6 *.. . r 1 
ttmrfco „ ,... 

"»W i n -n 

T«l»« »ooffl r 


m ii< i n** !*!* *" 

Alloiatloa far Senator MoCarthyt 

"Cam So. *. this ladlrldaal aaa aora la floohtaf, *. 1„ 
la 190*. So aaa oaployod alth OSf la IMS. la IMS ho aaa traaofonrod 
to tao Stato doportaoat aad aoal|aod to iNMra aad latolllfaae** -fta 
Stato 8opartaoat*o f U« ata that ho la a aoaaor of a anahor of 
OoaauaUt-froat orfoMaattoao, aad that Mo palo art known CoaaaaUto. 
The flia fartaor ahoao that this foot la adaittod ay Ma. Taa original 
roport la whlaa this laforaatto* It oaatMwod it datod July *, IMS. 
Too ooourlty roport af April It, 1MI, ladloatoo that aoaoroao altaooooa, 
laoludloc oollogo profoaaora and polloo offlooro la California, toottf tod 
ho aao a radloal aad a folio* traoalor. So «aa wy f rloadly aad ay*. 
pathotlo toaard Harry arldfoo, aad otroagly oppoood aay ooto to doport 
Srldgoo. tho roport alaa ohoao that a* aao ala« a olooo f rtoad of Mlph 
Prlodoaa, ooorotary af taa Caaamttt Party la California, A&othor 
•oourity roport, datad Bovoaoor 1», IMa, ouotoo Ma aotoolttoo aa oaytag 
that aa favarod taa Chlaooo Coaaaaloto la CMaa aad favorod Moala la 
aoot roopooto. 

•Jao Stato ftopartaoat offtololo t hoaool tao, aoooraiaf to tMo 
roport, dooorlha Ma at koine ooorly oyapaAhotto to Baoola aad taa 
Coaaaalot osporlaoat. Thla lo all a part of taa roport. Aaothor 
Oororaaoas of f total oatd too ladlrldaal f ra*«aatly aloaod taa oapltalloto 
for all tho trouolo la Moola, aad ooaataatly pratood ftvaata ao taa ldoal. 
So far at I know, ovorythlac la tola tadlvldual*o fiio ladloatoo that aa 
la aotlvaly aoraiag *tt* *** f •* tho Caaoaalato." 

Pooatala laaattflaatloat 

Ihia ladlvtdoal apparaatiy to fororll Mateo. Saa Baraau'a 
f lloa rof loot that aa aaa lavoatlfatod ay tho Buroau la May aad Juao 
of 1M* ao aa appUoaat for tho paoltloa of coodraphor alia taa t>f floo 
of tao Coordlaator of Xaforaattoa. laqulry at iatoa Boaco afcoro ao 
aad aooa oaployod ao aa laotruotor la gooKroftar. a* latiloloaa Stato 
Valvartl^r durlac taa aoaool yoar lfJa*lM9 # dtooloood that ao aaa ooa* 
oldorod radloal la Mo rtooo altaoaia ataooro # ladUoroot la taa 
oayraoolaa of Mo vloao* aoolallotlaaUy laoilaod, tory aottva la 
Callfarala politico aad aarriod to a ooaf lmad ooolallot. laoalry at 
Ma Praaotaoo* Callfarala dovaloyod that jrof oro ao oa ooaaldorod Motgo a 
ooapotoat aad axaoUoat toaohor oat Uaaral to »pUk" la Mo polliloal 
vtoaa. Xotfhaoro aad ooafldoattal laforaaato doolarod that Motgo hold 
radloal polliloal vloao aad aaa a Cot*ual»t. Sovoral othor ooaftdoatlal 
laforaaato atatad that Kotfo aoa a aoahor af oavoral C aaaaa lot f roots aad 
opoaly aooooiatad atth Coaaaalato. Coptoo of tho four roporto arlttoa oa 
thla taoaotliatlaa aoro farMshod tao OCX la hay, Juao aad July, IMS. 
(TT-M1U) ,. f ^ 




la jr«M» # l*U, tao Boportaoat af atato yo*»ootod that tha 
feroou *l»oo Xolfa aado# fhyoloal oad toohalool anrvoUloaoo m w« 
m irMUtftbU, •d^»in« *t too mm tl*o too* ao mm wp»rt«4 to *o 
woaldoat of tho Stoto t*o*rtaoat loool of tho Uoltod P&tUo Wwicora 
of Aaorloa. Soaovor, It mm dotoiaiaod hy *ho ItoitM 8ootl« that 
the EUU Dofortaoat had tooa lavoftltatlag *»!*• oImo l»ril* 1944, 
oad hod dovolopod iaf otaatloa to tho affoat that ho hod ham MOOtiatod 
with known C—unUU mi tho *Mt Com* oad iroaftlaftea, D, C« Slaoo 
It oaaoorad that tha ttata Doportaont *o* o»*ofaatly tryia* to dotoloo 

MM CO tholT «Mk 00*000*01 M »M «OM tO tM IhWOMl COM, tho 

Sanaa dooliaod to *adortok« tho ottroUloaoM x******** aad Molatoat 
Sterotory of Stato Mi IE, foiarlfor, lgrjHMnii»4iM 4«ly If, 194T, 
«m M oavuoa. *ha **raa»»a atooor Jarladiotloa ia loyalty aattora «M 
oloo foiatod ow* to ala at that tlao. (if-SOltS) 

Oa*aaaiy *, 1944* too Iter 3ooartaoa* ro*u».to4 a loyalty 
laxooti|atioa of Mlto toaoMO of lafosaatloa xooortodly aoallohlo ia 
tho Jfcfortaoat of itata'a filoo, ahloh rolotod to *oi«a» aoaharahlr ia 
Tortoua €oaa»alat f *oat or§oaiiotioaa. laoa oa iaaoatitatloa MM la- 
atltatod oa Jaoaaiy 14, lHo. fhia iavaatlgatiaa alaalaood oaoag athor 
iafoittftUoa tho followloci 

tfolto oatorod fioaavaaaa* aarvloo oa *a» 1, 194* aaroaaat to 
a mm aarrtoo ooootataoa* m a taosiajaor alia tho Offloo of tta Co* 
ordiattor of Xafaraatloa, lator haaaa m tho Off ioo af Iteatoglo 
Sorrlooo. Ia 1944 ao w datailod w aa oooooiato hoord aoofcor aad 
oiitor of tha Jaiat SatallicaaM Study ?»hlioaia« Jtoora* UWr solas 
«ool|aotoi m lottor la AMT af ^ala Baort. »1|» vaoalaotf la hU 
oofMlty *oa tha faaotloaiof tao »8 aora Moaatd la; tao Baporaaaa* of 
Stata. Hioa tao «aov« mm alaoolaaa la 1M7 aa* Ifolia 1 aoao «m 
satalttaA alaat al4k otaora tw t«aMfor to too CIA tha lattor rofMo* 
to Moaat alt tvaaafar oa tMnrllf vrvmi *. A* ao otbor fooltloaa aofa 
avaUaala ia taa I4ata Uofarlaoat to aaioa aa ooul4 to troatforrai* ho 
m 41aalooo4 oa Xovoator U t 194?* tao Toaaoa «lwa aolac 'roduotloa 
la foroa** At «ao tlao of ala i i taia aao fraa 4ao gaaart aa at of JStata* 
ilolso mi «*ploy*4 m a voMOfoh aaalyat U tha Off ioo of latolllcoMO 
aooMvaa, (ltl-tU-44) 

a fotaar aaoMloto 4oootrlaoi ala m a aaa of al«* yi^mI#1m 
aai oxoaUoa* oaaraatar aho ao«ld, If fat to tha ta*t # to ooaolotaljr 
lojol to tha ttelto4 ftatM hut aho om fathor naivo aai aallovai tha 
haiiM ayotM to bo aaaMratla. JaotMr ooooeUU oooorltoi lolfo 
oa hoaoat aaa oloooro aa4 a|»r»thotia to tho •aaaat* aaa. Talo aouna 
•tatod Mita aoM aot aaaoMto ravaliitlaaavy ar vloloat ohaaiaa af 
aothod hat ihat Jftiga mm atatod alo frlaada da aollavo la mlutlaaaxy 
ohoacM* Aaothor oaoMUto aald Koi*a hoooao oafafod la oolltloal 
oatlvltlM of a aoalaUotlo aataro oad oada aoajr Ofoo oh M la hoholf 


of Stotoft Ciaolaor daring tba lattnr'a easpaign iter tbn C o v or n orabi P 
of ftOlftssniA* lost «f Saiga* a<K&aian de£Lt with i?tibUa control of 
utttittea. bai»£ aotlveSy oapoaad to tba «feaar StaaW (Ibid* Ssr* ?) 

Another aasvciatn ;r«farr«d to fteigs an baire an a sfcr t n a 
liberal who had «a aoadanio intaroat la social ro^om *ni wan a ottotai 
ndvooata of jnnid^O. ctmtrtblp of j)onor f joet Jl oqaality awl er&sniaad 
labor* Jbia aunroa rafor^id to Jteige w having dafoaa*i tba aoasiaa 
point of via* during orld >sr II bot oa ImiW daniad anobarabl? in 
tba Coommlat Sarty* Hs doolarad ifei^a* wMla *»apathatia to tba 
oooicado and aoolal ftapaota of tba 2aaaian a**ta% aa* oppoaad to ita 
political atroatara* Jfe aald IWga «aa oritiaal of ti« unltod Statoa 
Oaoraoat but loyal to tba Onitad Stataa* (2bid* *r. 17) 

Maigonaa dopiotad aa *Xibawa« and "toft of oantor* *r 
f ©naar OSS aaoooi&toa nbo daftaad tboaa tcraa a« wooing l&iga ballavad 
in tfai Jcial of aoodal thouabt nhiob *aao3tod in SofjialatloB dorine tot 
•How Baal** tfeiga vaa <|U0tad oo saying *b»t tba aetivitina of Um 
Coaaell of iaa-toiai-Covint friao*^ oora «*tby of aops»rt* {add* 
Sar* 20} 

Jtwaati^ation in Haahtegton <«bel<*od ttat migi *a* * ,., 
nanbnr f tba Saabingten Boofcabop AaooalaUon in l&b owl 1&6* ^umar 
aolGhbow obaroottriood blnoa ostraaaly jvo-Roaeian bet boliovad hi* 
to bo * fttdanantal 3^ol Aanrteaa* It «m olio dotorainad that bo 
deniod Oaaannlat a&lttationa at a Civil Sorrioa Oom^oiots bora in 
October* 2#a aa4 too atatoooat to tbn 3ffioa of Ctntrola in tba Stata 
papaytaani in Ifavoafear* 3&7« ^r^foaaienai aoaociatea i» tta^iafftea 
obaraotariaed bio varlvoely aa a "obanidno of o$$rea od jpaoplaa** 
loyal to tho tkdtod Ofcatao but alao «a an indirLAwl of aaab atrcag 
pro-Boo»im ayja^tbio* aa to aafca bJbi a oaourity risk in too haoacuac 
of confidential Ooww ant sattara« 

Saaolxar at ^oa Angeloa ittaolcood that mifia bad boea liatad 
aa a »>?*(*• on tba 1?1*1 lattwbaad of the Jtaarioaa.iteaooa mi? Maalon 
whloh naa roj^tadly « ftaa! rsiainc o»pal^» taxkr ^ariaaict sjwtaKtoblp. 
(Ibid, jor. 20) 

fiia San l^oooiaoo >ff loo d«tomlnod tbat 3fti«a» ahila an. 
inatraotor at Chioo dtati ^olloft in Oalif owiA froo 1^8? until 15^2 
(oaaapt l?33-l?a?) r wo knoan to bawa Joatatoa *aool*aiatio iooaa.t* 
fia had tba raputatioo aloo of anpfiorUof Oxouniatlo iooala and ma a 
oloao aaacoUta of »2jt> iriadaan. latar idootiflad aa a Oavaatlat V*tf& 
orwmime. Oat Individual adviaad ba oo\0d idantifjr Itoigs aa .having 
boan in ottandanoa a* a aaating in Chioo of tba Coaaoniet Party* 
(Ibid. Sor, 31) 

£o££fts of itpevta on tho loyalty Imoatl^Uoo of Ifelg* 
«*?» fSat&abtok to th» <5M1 orric* tbm&Mten ty latter d*t*i ;pril 
1?» JL&a md ty *•«•* d«tod Afowgr 23, 15ii? -to Aetictant Attcrooy 
Qaatx*! JU&C£tdter M* OftapboXU 

Ob ^priPL !$• J&9 tfa» Civil -wvioe Comiifflon* ifith xoapect 
to Qbm dUpi^iUoQ Mdi of Ifeiga* i/VJity oo»*# *M»ed thai li»i#i &** 
bout xotainnd at m aapaoyft* of tho Qepartaont of tbs Aaay in tbt mpaoSfy 
of oooncsiat md odttc*tlr4»l »j*ciali8U A* tho y» qu^et o f teoiatarffc 
Attorney Owwm£ ONRgfctU oopi^o of th© ob&i9t io4 <wjbmv thtvoto, io» 
terrogfttortos «m! aunoi* tteato md * taewicaript «f tbt x*eord of 
prooosdine* l*f o*» tht laytlij Board «ero f umiebwi to bin on <&a» 33* 

OR Jur* 17, J&o. AosSftant At&orar Oemrml CMg**»21 achriaod 
tfe&t tb« Buxoaa report* in it* Jteira <mmw jtellfttl to &jk&>m w ttrailablo 
«vM no* of * -tita&fc&Mi of title 29* wotioo 3DC8* or of any otter 


oxa&M mxmaxwmz 

Ulegatlon h/ Senator McCarthy 

Case mafeer - 4) *2h« individual can* to the United States £ren Hungary 
in 1?44* He was employed «e a translator an) script writer for C'«I, and 
later by tho 0,'fise of International Information and Cultural Affairs* The 
report of January ,3* 1047* indicates that ho la an aotivo a w ab t r of a 
Coaounlet front organisation, and that ho lest Mo former Job because of his 
constant argueents in favor of coa «utt lea« A foraer eaplcyer* according to 
tho file* stated that this individual boasted of bang * nesber of tho 
Cotiauttlst rarty» \ third ii dormant also statod that this individual boastod 
of his Comunlat connections and argued that coswmis* was superior to desoc- 
recy» 'ho fourth infomant said that hs conataatly arguod politico, and that 
eeawunisa was tho ideal syste* for this country* Too of tho rof oroncos on 
hit application for eiUsenship were aosbors of at least ono Coaaunlat-f root 
organisation and contributor* to Cewaunist periodicals* Another roforonoo 
refused to reooanend hie, questioning his loyalty, and saying that ho was a 
Comi«unist* \n<;ther reference, of April 24, 1947* shooed that this eeployec's 
eupervlsor in the State Separtnent felt he was a f •llo*-trat«l«r. This Indi- 
vidual has been contributing to the Hungarian Coawnantst nagsslne, H* (•» *, 

Various awaorande and reports by the State Department Security 
Agency in the files indicate that no one was found to question this employee's 
coa&unlstie connection and beliefs** 

Tolson ^- ri — , r 
€ls gg 

NlChOlS ^_ I JX . 3J | . 


Talc.froo ft 


rosalblfi Ratification 

this individual apparently is Glsella Ill/of alvi-^Tiies, Ucordltig 
to toe files of the Bureau Inquiries concerning this individual were conducted 
in connection with the case entitled *&eholas Torss, special Inquiry - State 
Departaent, rubllcXas 402, SOth Congress (Voice of America)." This indi- 
vidual wis identified as the sister-in-law of forte, Inquiries revealed that 
Vitas was esployed in the Hungarian lang age Section* International broadcasting 
station, United states Department of State* 224 >est $?th street, tiew fork City, 
as a Hungarian tra/iolater* She «u transferred to the PepartBont of SUfce 
fro* the Office of far Jnforwtion. She was described hy former eeployers and 
asoociates as m active flenber of the International Workers Cider end eontrie* 
uted articles to **agyar Jore* * Hungarian language paper sponsored by the I- . 
Mtseoiate* also stated that in the event of war between United States end 
Rueeia she would undoubtedly follow the Russian line* dot allegedly openly 
criticised the United States Oevernasnt and advocated the Ideals of Coanawian 
and the Russian Gevernaent* 




fites resigned her poeltioa aith the Depertaent of State on 
March 5> 1948* According to the filca of the Bureau ah« has not fceea r*» 
aaployed V the Dspartaent of State sines that tl&c, (123*43-15 and 18) 

Vitas aas investigated by tha Civil Service Coaaiesion In 1944 
•no 1?45> for a translator position with th« Of flea of lar Information* 
She tras declared eligible on March 8, 1946, b/ the Clyil Sarvlea Cottdssion 
loyalty Rating Board. , (62-17S90-607 paga $181) 

In April 1946* tha Dapartaont of State «as advisad that the 
files of tha Bureau contained no inforaation concerning Vitas* this was a > 
routine record check aade at tha tiae all C31 eaployees ware transf arrad to 
tha Depertaent of State* (62-80335-34) 

Tha investigation of Tors* wee eoapleted in May of 1948* It 
wjs during this lnvsstigation that tha abova inforaation eoncernittg Vitas 
vas obtained* Vite* haa not bean tha subject of a Bureau lnveetigatlcn* 

Investigative reporta sontaining the above inforaation concerning 
Vltea *sre furnished to tha jDcpartaent of State on Jons 1, 1943* and to tha 
OlYll Service Cosaissiott on September 30> 1948* (123-43-ip* and 18) 



J AT BOtl W O i 

Caaa Bo, 5 

"lit waa bom In Jorth Carolina in 1900, 8* waa onployod by too Foroign 
Boononin ddnlttiatratlon fro* Aaguat 1942, to Aiguot 1945, *nd wn* thon trano- 
forrod to tho Stata Btpartoont and plaeod on Baaoareh and Intolllgono*.... 

•ft* import datod Bay 4, 1946, in tola unnta fll* ahow* that oight par- 
NDi, including aix aollogo profoaaora at Barvurd tfolvoralty ond tho Univoroity 
of California, agroad that this individual hit •iron* oonaunlatle loaning*, and 
that in thoir opinion ho noo aithor a oiqrd-oarryittg o o nhar of tho Oonanniat 
party or a f allow<4rarolor« That i» tho opinion of aix profoaaora at Barrard 
flnivoraity and tho Vniroraity of California. Bono of tho opinion* aapraaaod 
*y hia aaaooiatoa night Kill ho 

•A prof oaoor at tho BniYuraity of California atatod that ha waa aaqpalntod 
nith thia individual ainoa BoptonWr 19*71 that ho did not traot Mn| ho oon- 
aidorod Ida in tho alaaa of Marry Brldgo*| that undor no olreuwatanaaa would ho 
hiro hl», and alao that thoro wan aonothlng about hia that aronood hia intui- 
tion, and oauood hint to bo afraid of hia outtldo oonnoottona, and undor no 
would ho roooonond W« to tho fl o v or na ont . 

»A fallow ntudont atatod that ha had known bin ainao 1939 *nd that ho 
know hitt dafihitoly aa a Coaonmiitj that h* folt that thia individual waa 

gottlng nonoy from tho 9a— it forty, and tho other atudonU did alao, bo- 

aauaa thoy would oay that thia individual una not proaching oo n aunlan for 
hia hoalth, but that it waa a bualnoaa with hl»| that hi would not t u mm M 
thia individttal to tho Oovornuout booauoo ho f oola that ho ia a 






•thia individual naa dlaabargod from a Bavy oohool during tho war for bad 
gradaa and for Ooamunlat aotivitlao. A aaoomndm, datod Bay 15, 1946, fron 
CftA to tho Of fioo of Control*, ataton that an *invootigation diaaloaoa ovi- 
donoo of a natorial naturo tonding to of foot advorooly tho loyalty to tho 
tfaitod ttatoa and lta lnatituUoMU* lhio roport rovoala that thia individual 
ia unaiotakaably idontifiod with oawauniatie aotlvitioa, Hdlo tho rooorda 
of tho Buroau of Bavnl Poroonnol anew that ha waa givon a apooial ordor dla- 
ahargo in March 37, 1942, undor honoraol* condition*, ovidenoo In hi* fllo. 

:*11 of wnieb ia, of oouroa, available to tho Bocrotary of ttato, rovoala that 
3* waa diaehargod boemoo it waa found that ho wao an ardent student of and 
, a dvocate of 



TC»« ^^°*U— NW 



"A report, dated March 25> 1947, indicate* that thia individual had been 
receiving audi from the Soviet smbeeey, aa will ae coeawnietie publications* 
in official of a Washington, »♦ C* univereity stated thai he had hired this 
individual to conduct a claee in Chinese, but later laarnad that ho waa closely 
connected with communistic groupa on the west coast* Four members of the 
faculty at tho University of California confirmed thia individual's communistic 
leanings* All of tha abora information waa brought to tho attention of tha 
top officials in tho State Department in a memorandum summarising tha caao In 
1947, Kith tho recommendation that ho bo immediately discharged, tho State 
Department refuaed to discharge him beceuee it i*aa not proven that he had 
committed any overt act* Subsequent to thia tine, this individual argued 
often and heatedly in favor of a Communist regime in China* He admitted 
having been a aubeeriber to the Daily worker**** 

"Ihe State Department's om Security Board then submitted four subsequent 
reporta, the first one dated September 12, 1947. in an attempt to oonvince the 
Department that thia man waa dangerous and should be discharged* Subsequently 
this man's position use abolished* However, he nee not diecharged*«**Hc waa 
tranaf erred to the Division of Reeearch***** 

feasible Identification 

thia individual apparently la Jay Robinson, also known as Jakob 
Babinoidts, Jacob Rabinowits, Jakob Jftebine, Jack Robins, Uu Tu-ti»ei* 

the Bureau files reflect we conducted the following investigations 
of thia individual* 

Internal Security - Hatch Act; April 16, 1943 to April 22, 1944 

loyalty of Government Baployeej May 2ft, 1943 to June 11, .1948 

Espionage #• Bj March 9, 1949 to^fe^^n*:':,', 

the Bureau files disclose that Robinson waa born in New York City of 
Russian-Rumanian parents in 1900, under the name Jacob Rabinowits, which he 
legally changed to Jay Robinson in 193ft* Ho waa educated in colleges in China 
in 1921-1936, receiving .a B*A* Degree* thereafter, he took graduate work at 
the Univereity of California, Columbia Dnlverelty and Harvard Uhivereity* 
From 1942 to 1946 he waa employed by the Board of Bconomie warfare, Washington, 
D* C, as an authority on Far eastern Affaire* From 1946 to April 16, 194ft, he 
waa employed aa a Reeeareh Analyst by the State Department* In Ray 1949, 
following his resignation, he departed with his wife for China, where he waa 


laat ra.crtod in aovaabar* 39k? an within Qomanlet territory* r agr na an t lng 
Chioago an4 Ha* *«fc buaiawa **»»• <JW(W^13i 323^5^1 acQ-36S;8li) 

lU&tfon vac thai *fc jaot of A Stata D*i*rtoont Imeati^ttion of 
tllagwi Alteration of bis Onitod States ;ttsaport in 1?21-1?22. <ltO-^l8-32 Itod.) 

tMl* in Chiaa in 1#1-1?#> febiaeon tias known to aaaoslata* «• 
a Joaauulst and alait&d to haw oat* a trip to tosla* Hg tow for ddnaaa 
agrarian rafora and iwry o^oialiafc^JndadU At tha Umv^raity of California 
aad at Jwrvard, lit km nctad iter Ma outapokan adalrati&n of Oacwanlaa and 
tha SwUt Ot^wroaantf and hla Uctloss ai^jeawnti antogf aiaad «a»ar j*r»o»i» 
Urn resaor that hla aduoatton at tha Univraity of califarcda *aa paid for ty 
Ooaaamiata ni not «&et*ntlated. £t 1* noted ha «■* tfiMfeariad free tha 
Saiy £ohooi at HArvard In 1&2 for poor grades and suapaotad ComadiA 

^.fclnaoa'a aaabarohtp in tha Oewauciat jttrty* SSA# «M »av@r 
diraotty altaead or indlaatadU Iiaikramaa to paracaa of tha aaaa or aladlav 
nw»a # who had aienad Ceanunict aarty patlidons in tha JSav Tork viainlty is 
l$3?-39iiO # could j»t ©a idantifiad with KoMaata* ?ollow oerA'^ydna and aupor- 
lora at tha Foratgn «ooncdto Adttlniatraiion and in tha Stata 3aparta**it ragardad 
hla fanarally as V;lorant» broadtaSnded* mi 3Jb$ral in Ma via*** and l«yal 
to tha United 5tataa* laat ra, <.,rta fros China indie ta Bobinaon and hla wifa 
aa being favcrabXa to tha Coatstealst r& 1 a. fiwaatleation in tha Richard Sorgi 
aapionaga aaaa "baa ravaoiod th&t r <obinsen ia rot idsntifiabla as tha ntfrooan 
^aarlnao aoras^sriiaii nanad "Jacob* aahtionad in that intastigation* 

!Jhe r&aolta of tha Hatch *et imeati^atdon -aara rafarrad to tha 

Faraien .'nan;*2o ^fedaiatratiaoj but no adainiatrntivo action raamtad* 'Iha 
loyalty investigation vaa flavor a^«t4atad nor tha rewlte dlsa-taivvstad, it 
baing rav©nl*d that Sobliwoa tad r^s^ntd frcai tha Stata aqpartwmt At thAt 
tia»4 tha St&ta .wpartt*»ot haa boom j^risad that a number of dtcuaanttf acna 
of ahieh »ar^ cluosLTi*^ oaliaaad t. as t2w wparty of tha ^tata D tp erta an t 
aara found at a forssar aaahJngtwt raaiionoa of jtoblnoon in Auguat* I5w9# 
ftrasarit imasticatlon ©aalcato dataraina if au'4«?t .la anga^jad In ear-ion&ga* 

Aaecrdla* to tha Buraan fllos, thla nan itea «r lwj-ad by tha 
Dtpartaaunt of 3t*ta froa 23^ to Ajvil 16* l?u3, and! hla ■arajOayaatA «aa 
ainatad by raatjnation for tha rmpom cf ratwnine to privatw bttaioaaa* 




i ■ i 

la^e^atlon lay Senator %Catffty 

Caw Jfcu 6* *Xhl* Individual ia *itfa the lftrifftefti of Central s enrioe«. 
A security report dated 33eo**ber 31* 194S, describee -her :afl bein- *piak* mid aa 
advocating that $» aubstltute conditions In !&t»aia lo? Uioss in -She Batted Statee. 
She takes a Yery active part In the conferenceo of the UfSA, ishich has been picked 
tip by ^he CZQ, actively opposed the Jfceaident 1 a Royalty order, but has been rgiven 
top secret olearance. 2hia individual has a' sight to soe all the top secret 

Soeaible Identification 

"3h« individual in apparently ?rame* Ifyr&e tfcebeohar* 160 a* of Tebruary 
4$ 1949* »a« mployed oft Editor — Uriter Employee, 9 # 5* Department of £tate, 
Iteahtogtoa* £♦ c« 

.iSumu reoord* rtllMt that a Idyalty iwreatigaOon niis conducted con- 
cerning Kranee* Jtyrle Tuchsoh«r tutor ib« provision* of iacocutivo Ord*r 9835 and 
ih« rotultt of this inreatigation, ifttioh wa» eonduoted during February aod Jfexuh, 
1948* *oro transmitted to tb© Civil Strvio* Ccmodaaion fcy latter datod UaraU 13 # 

2ke loyalty inyeatigatioa ro&eota tha Xollowiag pertinent :Ui£onaationt 

3hat dances cCuehsche* liad xaa&a -renarks thAt $he finis Aoxgr things 
objectionable in the Capitalist eyatm followed in this country and has 
pointed out the superiority la the £ om of ^wenment issdatJig in 
fiuttia, particularly the abeence of racial prej adioe« artd jt*eedoa Xro» 
the influence of ^^CLthj 

that on one occasion ihe stated that in hetf opinion £uoftla had borne 
the brunt of ihe *ar ag^^ 
ierere ww setting to prertent £uaeifc*£» recovery by ganging up on her; 

i i ' . f 

3ha* sfoe is presently Chaimau of local f$ $ State Department Ssanchj 
United Public Voricera of i&erioa Dnionj 

That she i*as against the President 1 * ^eoutive Order cowerning the 
loyalty of ijovormeat perao»nel$ 

'Ewtt she adaitted that aha *aa a twaber of the Southern Conference 
JEor fiawm Welfare daring 19-W>; 

J» Jt. Greely:maij.^<N/ 

16 . 

tthat aha it haaieted to be * doee ft&low of the CamurUt Burty 
line and supported a motion during a matting of the CFPfA to aend a 
delegate to a concert featuring PasCL Bobeaao* and on another occasion, 
supported sending a delegate to a convention of the national Ifegro Congreaa; 

Biat aha is listed aa a stockholder of the corporation o*ilod 
H i i reaenta$iofc Associations Incorporated"; 

Bxa** aha formerly rocoed with Katharine Stayver, a aeabor of tha 

Cooaiinist Party* 

Tho Ccwwniat Party, SSA* and the KatiLosutl Kegro Coagreee wore oiiad l>y 
tha Ittoraay General aa oofcing within tha purvie* of B&ectttiv* Order 9835* 

She Southern Conference fbr Houn Welfare *ae cited aa a Caanunlat front 
l$y tha Special Cowaittao oa Un-Jaerioan ictiritiaa, United States ilouae of S«preeont~ 
ativae, 79th Congress, on March 29 # 1944* 

It i«a* reported that mmbw* of tha Presentation Unit of tha State Xtepart- 
meat foaaed a corporation called "Presentation Aasoclationa Incorporated* and it 
*aa believed that thia corporation *ae being need aa a means to develop official 
information of the State Department and to disseminate it to outeide nnauthorisad 
nwro**0 It *aa further reported that jaeabera of thia corporation nere Coa*urdsts 
or Coocuxniat ay&pathi&era* 

She Xoyalty Eevien Board ^driaad by letter dated Tebruaty 4* 1949* that 
the eoployee iiad been "retained** (12L-2117) 




Allegation by Senator McCarthyi 

•Case mater seven* Ihls individual vaa an associate business 
economist to August 1944j with FE* from August 1944 to August 1945, and then 
transferred to the State Department as an economist* This individual is a 
member of the Toung Communist League* He was affiliated with four other 
organisations which are named tor the Attorney General as having been Communist 
fronts* This individual admits membership in the Toung Communists, and in 
the other Coaaaunist-front organisations, but elates to have changed his view 
since that time, and therefore was given top secret clearance by the State 
Department* I nay say incidentally 1 am using the pronoun •he* in all these 
cases, although sane of the individuals are not of the male sex*" 

Possible Identification ! 

the individual apparently is Harcia 2uth Harrison* Bureau records 
reflect that a loyalty investigation was conducted by this Bureau under the 
provisions of Executive Order 9835 regarding Mss Harrison* who, as of Jane 
7, 1949, was employed as a Divisional Assistant, Division of Commercial Policy. 
Department of State, "Sashington, D* C* 

,„,„ ^.^ aa B*™**™* *up1«8 the course of a Jatch Act investigation in 
1942, admitted to Bureau agents in a sworn signed statement that she was a 
member ef the Toung Communist league for tiro or three months in 1938 while 
she was attending Vassar College* Kiss Harrison stated that she stopped 
paying dues as soon aa she left college and ber opinion has changed since 
that date. Miss Harrison also admitted former membership in the American 
Student Vnion and the Washington Committee for Democratic Action in the 
referenced sworn signed statement* 

Kiss Harrison admitted to a representative of the Security Investi- 
gations Division of the State ,flepertaent In 1946 that she was a former member 
of the Washington Boofcahop, the American student Union, the Ifashington Coaaittee 
for Democratic Action, and the young Corasuniat league* 

A reliable Informant advised that Xareia Harrison was in the Toung 
Ccmaunist league at Vassar College and was one of the most active members of 
the library of Congress unit of the Communist Party in 1939* According to 
this informant, Miee Harrison was also r*xy active In the Comeoniat Party 
generally and was closely associated with David labl, Philip o* and Hary Jane 
Xseney, Paul Beswell and Ogden *elly, all of whom have been reliably reported 




as being jaeBbers of the CoasBuniat Party underground group vhich operated in 
Vaehington, !>• C, In -the late 193Q<« and early 1940**. 

Ihforaanta further advised that enqployee 1 * name appeared on the 
active indices of the American Peace ifobiliaation in I.940 and on the indices 
of the TJnited American Spanish Aid Ccaaittee in 2942. 

Ssployee endeavored to Justify aeabershlp in the various mentioned 
organisations by stating that ahe has always been interested In social planning 
and methods of solving social ana, econoaic problems; therefore, ehe had parliei-. 
pated in various organisations in order to understand their ^respective points 
of view* 

?he jCamunist Party, the Xoung Caaaonist leagtfe, the Washington 
Bookshop Association* the Washington Boaadttee for Democratic Action, the 
American Peace Mobilisation, and the United American Spanish Aid Comittee 
have been cited by the Attorney General as organisations cooing within the 

jtccview of 'Executive Order 9$3jj. 

Ihe American Student Union was cited as a Coanunist front liy 
the Special Coraaittee on TJn-Aaeriean Activities. Jff. S* Bouse of Representatives* 
March 29, 1944* * 

She reports reflecting the ^results of a loyalty investigation vera 
transmitted to the Civil Service Coaaission on April 30, 1948 and by meaorandua 
dated Jfune 7, 1949 the loyalty Beview Board advised that the employee 3ms 
•eligible on loyalty." (121-1163) 


mSSSj iffimiff in mTXi i h 

MphLoytd mi Mi #Mradft% MMd ADAljrffi idth ibt 098 lift ib* *Hwfct X^pttriMttk 

(••JS^K^S ™^»Hp flU^Wp^^iP ,/p wWVAW^W ^p tI^p^^WF ^PJk^MK -jMWt Wl^^^WI ,*e*^'ei eM»«^P If^BMpt * ^f^^JWenHpfc^^ea 

Beesd* Hi Tern aeeljpaed iupMin Ho Heeeorch end 3oteUl£enee in the State 

aetlte aenber of a nunber of ('— ■■iJjit-fyoot orfeniiatlono» «m « *e*y 
olnee friend of unrwol wen ifco are under euopleien by the FBI of being 
oecneehed with thieaiaa eenlnieiw eaeMi vnA ham too hge tiuMf ifa> hova Ijma 

^T^i^ppwe^PF ^p*^F^F^P »^iPe>W^»» »^^ep^^^p^e^e^r « ^P'^PJBen'BP^^^P^nP^^Q^F ^FeePPJWPr^F ^P™e»»^^^ ^^P^^^P «rWl^ ^F'ew ^» *^*P^P"flp iHf WPWr WP^Ww^P ^P^P^PP*^ 

openly working for the Cenewilet Tarty** 
Feeelhle XdsttdllonMxei 

nd« IndlrSdoal *tperently ia Stanley Crase* bam So 1933* nbo 
*»e the entgeet of • Ujmlty SJoreetlfetiOB oonplotod in Keren* 1948* 
(Bureau file 12L-63#)» end of n Seoorlty iSetner -» G InvaetigeUon* opened 
Jttttt 30* 19#* nhien ie prooently in « oloeti etetue* (Sarenu iHe 100-363593) 

5be iottenlttg iafetemMtw At contained in too loyalty filet 

She inr e ftigatinu «a opened *t the reqpeet of the 3tate Bepertennt 
#il fh nee dated Janowy 8* 1948* end inioh adfioed theo "the nenjeot nee 
a Bet te r of the Jewlotaa Stndent Qalon i&ile * otodonb at the College of 
the City «* *•» ^"^e *»d nod elgned a petition *hich «ppeeyd in the 
"Daily decker 4 on Aqeaet 6* 1940* Ae a further Wie for requesting en 
toeeettfet ioBf the State iJepertnoat acivieed the OTC had jreriouely reported 

Victor ?erlo» end 8e»y £♦ Ifcideff * end that the eebjeeVa brethere* 
CyaAl end Oerold Qreee neve reported Cenemlet 2»egrty rjacbere. 

Tba roeoUe of the LojwJLty lwroeti«etian em ee feXtaen 

!i W . I »< W.*»tl 

Tha fftdt>.1#ot listed Harry Ntadoff m a nteim in t ao t o nfe lag 

.»uvi, to *etfc for the Stote Sepevteent In 0eteber# 1945* U«do£f wee eleo 

oe e er e ed oy Bereen Apoto in the «oojeot*e oe e peny et a perty on Kov«fcer 3Cf 
1946, at the hone of fee eribjeeVe brother, Genld dvnee In AxOtngfeon* 

The eubjeet and hit wife were also determined tp be friendly 
with »ery Jane Xeeney and rhlllp Xeeney, who have been identified ae 
Coaniniat Parly seabera in the late I930»e and early IftOie la 
laahington, ,D. C Mary Jane Xeeney waa observed to vielt the apartaent 
of aubjeot and his wife, i&ldred, at Arlington, Virginia en October 26, 
191*5, Ueceaber U, 19U6 and April 2?, 19U?. (121-630-15, p. *) 

Oerald Oraae and hie wife ftuth Gordon Grata, brother and 
aiater-in-law of the subject, have been reported aa neabere of the 
Coawoniat Party underground group in f*ehington, £• C. during 1533 and 
1?3U. (121-638-1$, p. 3) 

Yaahiegton Held Office I ~l eaid the subject and hia wife b7D 
appeared to be Quite friendly with Sir. and Mrs. Victor Perlo. jfegdoff 
and Victor Twrlo ware involved aa prlneiplala in a Soviet eepionage 
eonapiraey in laaniagton, C. C and lav lork City in the early 1910 « a. 

Parlo waa alao reported to be a friend of subject' a brothera 
Cyril and Oarald and of hia father, Alfred Oraae. On frovenber 2h, X9li5 
and govaeber 28, 19U5, the subject and hia wife were obeerved to viait 
the how of Victor «rlo. (121-633-1$, p. 3) 

the eubjeot'e brother Cyril waa reported aa a Ccaaunia t Tarty 
neabar in 19hu and to have been a delegate to the 1'ay, 19UU ftaamaiat 
party Convention in He* *ork dty. (121-638-15, p. 3) 

Beeorda of the aty college of Jew Tork, where the subject 
attended fro* September, 1935 to June, 193°, refleot that one Stanley 
Oraae waa a amber of the American student Union In 193$. (121-638-124, p. 1) 

the nana Stanley Oraae appeared in the "Dally lerkec* of 
Auguat 6, 19l*0, aaong thoae nambere of the CC8I Staff who signed a 
public atateaiant opposing A&erlean entry into the war* Subject waa 
on the etaff at CCHX at that Use. (121-63^-l2t, p. 2) 

A hearing waa afforded the subject by the state Department on 
Septeaber 12, 19W, at which tine he admitted joining the Anerioan 
Student Union and having been nade l!eaberahip lireeter of the Eaecutlve 
Committee of the ASO in 193? or 1938* With reference to the "Daily Yorker" 
article mentioned above, aubject atated he could not recall aignlng the 
atatenent, bat that if he had done ao, It waa without fall knowledge. 
Be admitted that he and hia wife were acquainted with Kr. and Mr*. Philip 
Xeeney and that be waa casually acquainted with victor Perlo daring 
19U3 - 19h7. Me denied, however, that he waa a eloee friend of theae 
pereone. (121-638-lh) 


Ttoprta of the loyalty lia«*t£gaUon mm famlshtd to the 
CItH SfWioo Coadoclon .«n Ifcvqh 3# 4948 and to th# Attorney (kaonO, 
on l&y 39* 1&9. 51* ifcpwm mwitod Akm too Xoynlty Itevfew BottM 
a tfLupejdUon atett <l*ied Ifcrch 25 t 19<9# i*fl»©tH* the disposition of 
this oaoo out fflofiasod or othernlsa ©op»i*t<»d J*on F©4or*l (fervloo** 
f^rinX two .of 100-363593 rof IwAt that Cfcdl Swnico Cowdasion rooordt 
A«/ tbo otibfrot ra*0»d ffce« tho kt*i* -topartewnt Oa April 30> 19/*** 
to enter private fetainM* and this s«m ftl« reHoctn th^t h* io primtoly 


W f 


Allaaatloaa by gjaator McCarthy 

*Caaa B*. 9. thla ladlvldaal, aftar lataatlgatloa, aao not *i*on 
aoeurlty alaaraaoa by tha Stat* Bopartaaat. ift«r falllaf ta obtala olaaraaoo 
by tha Stata &*parta»at ha ooourod « job la tha Offloo of the Soorotary of 
Befana*. Ami aaera da Beaatere thiak *«et w i* today? »<«Mfl«NA 
arlter la th* Ihlte Beee*. mat la aeee Be. 9. I *1U atoira a little *ere 
lnf eraatlea aa that oaaa if X may. 

•Be that there aey be no ojteetien ahaat thla, a* alU r*f*r dlr*etly 
ta tha lejeatlgatlv* file. X thiak X aa doing Jr. treaeB a favor ay telliag 
hla tale. X 4o aot thiak ha kaewe it. I do aot thiak aa neald here thlo 
individual there witiag apeeohee fa? him U ha know it. 

•Both tha individual referred t© and hla el f* t hia if In tha fil* 
•f tha iaveetlgatlt* afoaoy— ara aaaoora of QeaaanieWfrent ergenleatieae. 
Ho haa a relative aha hao a flaaaoial iataroat ia tha Belly 1*rker. Bat la 
aay event tho Stata Xfcpartaeat aood food Jedgaeat aot to eleer thlo individual.* 

•Ceee BO. 77. fhle yeeag aaa applied for a poaltloa la tho Stat* 
Bopartaent, tho fila iadieat*e h* i* a wry olooo frload of reported Ceaaunlete, 
and that aa ie eloeely aaaoelatad with aeabere of Coaaunlet-freat ergenieatloae, 
Tho fllo ladloat** that hla aife beloage to aa orgaaieetlea llotod aa eubvereive 
by tho Hoaaa Ba-Jo*rieaa Aetivitiee Coaulttee, and that a relative of hi* Jiae a 
financial iatotoat la tho Billy Barker. 

•Mr. Fraeident, X believe X have oovered thie oaaa before* aad what 
X have jaot eaid aooaa to bo a repetition. Thlo le tho aaa* of a young aaa aha 
oadad up ae a apeeeh arltor la a uelWmoea hoaaa la mohlafton," 

Poaalblo Idoatlflaatlaa 

Gum Be. 9 aad 77 appareatly rolato to Devid Baaaroot llayd. 

tha Baraaa aaa eenduot*d tho feUeeiag inveetlgatlaae of XOoydt 

- BepartaeataX Applicant, 1937-193* (report* »•»* *© *«• I>ei>ertaenth 
.«.„ Z Xataraal Security, 19U, (raport to Depertaent}) 

** Batah dot. 194a, (roport to OBX, May 1942, ahloh advieed lleyd retained 

la envleyaeat at GPA) ropart aaat to State BepertaeBt, Boooabor 194a j 
to Mr. Beeaea, Bhlta Houoo, Beveaber 10, 194*1 aad aaaaary of iafor- 
aatloa feralahed orally to Secret Serviae, Bhlta Boaoo Betall, 
January 3, 1949| 


— XJ.B. GOTS'CHAiLrhke//^' r V 




W « I 

Special Inquiry ~ Jhite House* 1943, (blind meooranduai of information 
.furnished Mr* Pawson, Ifeite House* ifoveaber 19, 1948, ana oral 
sua&ary to Sacra t Sendee, IThite House Detail, January 3, 1949) 1 

loyalty of Government Baployees, 1949, (repcrta to CSC aid Department, 
Say 9* 1949* Departaent advised no criminal jroaecution, May 26, 1949* 
Jfo disposition received in file fro» CSC to date) 

The loyalty investigation which was initiated at the specific request 
of the Civil Service Commission disclosed the following informations 

Lloyd was a member of the national laeyers Guild in 1933, aid his 
wrife, Charlotte, was a meaber in 1940* Froa 1937 to 1941, Xftu Lloyd likewise 
was alleged to he a maaber of the league of Women Shoppers, and in 1941-1942 
she was said to be a representative on the national Executive Board of that 
organisation. Xloyd himself was alleged to have been entertained on one 
ooeasion in 1940 by this Xeagae* 

m m interview in January, 1943* with a representative of the Office 
of Kaval Intelligence, Hoyd stated he had joined the Washington Bookshop* He 
said he had read at one time the * JJA 3ulletln,* official publication of the 
International Juridical Association! the *Daily forker* and *»ew Masses •* In 
this latter connection, he said he had studied CoBwunism quite a hit and enjoyed 
watching what they had to **y "but certainly did not agree with theou He also 
mentioned that he and his wife hai once attended a meeting of the Descendants 
of the American Revolution* 

Lloyd's great aunt, Caroline Hpyd Str obeli, an admitted meaber of 
the Canonist Party, who died in 1940, was formerly one of the "duaay owners 11 
of the *Da!ly Worker •• A second cousin, Tillia* Broes Lloyd, was convicted of 
syndicalism in Chicago previous to 1920* Hoyd is also said to be distantly 
related to Jessie Lloyd 0*C©nnorj wife of Harvey O'Connor, both alleged Cemunists 
in Chicago* 

A second cousin described Lloyd's ideas from 1927 to 1935 as "radical 
to the point of bordering on Coaraunism* and characterised Lloyd as a * radical 

Lloyd's associates have included allcgid members of the Coamniet Party 
and front organisations. For example, in an application for employment in 1938 
Lloyd listed as a reference the name of John Abt, ishc has been identified by 
i ^ Klis abeth Bentley and Ibittaker Chambers as being involved in Cowonlst under- 
j ^^gp und espionage activity in Washington during the late 1930 *a airi early 1940'$* 
^awjiagther good iiriend of Lloyd is said to be lake Wilson* an alleged Cottonlst* 

*"» yp m 

The national lawyers Ouild, the League of Tfcaen Shoppere fend the 
International Juridical Association, above-mentioned, were naaed ea CosMuniat 
front* by the House cooalttee on Xta-A»*rican Activitiea In March 19U* 
The Descendant* of the Aacrican Revolution was aluilarly daacrlbad by the 
saae Coasalttee In Jttne 1942. The "Dally worker • la an Beat Coaat dally 
Coawmiat newspaper, while "Jfcw Maeeee" hee been characterised by the Houee 
Coaa&ttec as a "nationally elrenlated weakly journal of the Communist party.* 
The naahlngton Bookehop was cited by the Attorney General a* being within 
the purview of flcacutive Order 9835* 

In the Hatch Act £ntarview with Uoyd in March 1942, he stated 
he had never been a seaber of the Coanuniat party or knowingly aubacribed to 
any Coaaunlet organiaation or oeuee* Various associate* of Uoyd conaider 
biM leyal. One aeeoolate etated that Uoyd wee one of the initial organieere 
of the Americans for Daaooratlo Action and that Uoyd had expreesed pleasure 
at thla opportunity to fight Ceamniaa. Other peraona who consider Uoyd 
loyal are Senator Hubert H. Hunphrey of Minnesota end Governor Adlai Stevenson 
ef Ullnola. 

Donald Dawson, pf *the Khite Houee, confidentially informed a 
Bureau representative In April 1949 that the Unite Eouse was faadliar with 
Uoyd* a background, and that it waa the conaensua of hineelf, Matt Connelly, 
Clark j&ifford and Chariot- Rots that thla did not preclude Uoyd«* use In 
the work he was doing, that lie, preparing drafte of legislation, speeches, etc 
Mr. JDawson indloated that Uoyd waa a very valuable man and that nothing of a 
disloyal nature had been' observed in hie work* 
(77-9063 j 100-2155 j 121-16509) 


* '* .. 

K\max S« POSKER 

3U«Mfalf of Senator Mggfrtfer 

"Case afaaber lot Thia individual ia in the Biographical 
Inforaation Division of the Stat* Departaent, Her hatband signed a 
Coawoniet Part/ alaotlon petition, eUting ha *as a menber thereof* 
She is active in tha UPWA. The itore fact that her haeband waa a Coaewniet 
nay net make har a Coeeainiat, bat aha alee haa baan given tap secret 
clearance •" 

frqsflfls IdaatifiMisn 

thia individual ia apparent); Margery S« Poanar, A review of 
tha Baraeu f ilaa diaoiaaaa no information Identifiable eith bar other than 
tha information furnlehed to tha Bureau on a confidential basia by fonaar 
Special Agent Bobert Lee on January 2$, 194* which refers to Margery 3* 
Poaner aa "Case Ko, 7" and eats forth substantially tha acne infonaation 
aa alleged by Senator, McCarthy* In thia oottnoetien it ia noted that the 
Bureau obtained photostatic copies of the tastiaony before the House 
Approprlationa Coiaalttee concerning tha Department of State appropriation 
bill for l%$> Under the taatiaony of Hanilton Roblnaon, Director, Offiee 
of Control, Division of Security and investigation^ on January 23, 1948, 
there appaara inf omation to tha effect that the individual involved in 
•Caaa *©. 7" (identified in Iee*e material aa Uargerjr 3, Poanar) vac not 
eoployed in tha Bepartaent of State, having resigned on January 9, 1948. 



Cle at - - - 

<Uvto.. Jx ... 


trac y r ---^- 

Mohg x rir rv 
.Tela, ftoott^ 
Vnm mmmmm 

Stead y, . , 


/ tit* t^M 

.rawRss psant 


Allegation t ar senator MaCarthy 

Caaa lb* lit "this iadlYSdaal was an analyst la ass froa AOgr, 
2&>* to Aygaat, 1#£* md «rm «af&qp*d in tha Z&riafem of ttap 
Jntalligwwa in the Stat* D*pwtaaat afta? Auguat, l$i£ # Ha la * 
eloaa pal of 4 fcaa» Ooawdot and baa stated it aould be a £co4 
idaa if tha Coaxxmiata arald tefca wr to this country, Ha 5* a 
zagiOar raadar of tha "ZaSlf fortcar. 3!4a JLndUfftaial ia not in the , 
State Dapartaant at thia tlaa, tat has a job in tha G2& aa of today* 
Has* ia whatiw find* &**> ii*JiY2ds*aa.s uw tha Sta*a Papavtnana 
aa a atappittg atone fe> ***» • ther agency* Ihia ma, *hj •»&« around 
with Qoaanniata* aho is aatiafiad, aosordiag to tba fUM of tha 
SUt* flanartaaat, that &**<wsist9 afcould Uics ovar thla onunt^r, ia 
tt» in ta» Oaniral inMUJ^inoi Aeaaey*" 

jfoaaibte Idantl"laa.tioa 

2hia indifidoal apjaaaaatSy la ftanoaa ?*rqr* a moan* it ia 
aota4 that Sooafccr Mabarthy jmf <*• to this individual aa a aaa« 
Tho Baraaa filaa r fXpct at ocofaotod a loffalty intaaU^Ktdon firm 
tfcor 5# l#i8» to sopfcaafcar 2, 3&&* % also oorsOuctod aa applicant 
irrwoUcction for tha Saotral JtatolUganea *g «oy fro* £aptaatoar 3G» 
XA7* to Hevoabsr 3ia 39t»7» ^w* iBWWtttsationa diaolsaod tha* 
iiabol Ktanoa* Bwqra *!*> fc**w* «• frwwt* awry, vaa last aaplfryad 
aa a dSagrsoesatia aap tadaxar for tha laatnO. latall l^janoa iajeaagr* 
3t» aaa ori^inall/ antvUgad by the Office of Hattvanay .%*nae«a<mfc, 
Sar aanjwaar feaadaafea an 9*t©be* 27* 2&2 and traoafaxvad to tha 
Of ,fioa of Stratwgio *mdoaa ©a «feOy 5* 1&3« %f aantfoe* vara 
torair^t©d with OSS oa aafttat 31# 25^f *» to a ro itwtdon of foroa* 
Iwiag port of t»r aa|sJx9»mt aith 358 aha *a# aesif»cl to tha 
Saaaoreb wsJ Aaa^aaa !»acwtj« ':?> ijpto&x**^ W-3* *» roafrtareo 
on duty *ith ass asd inmaflnred to tho dtata De^artaattt b/ « • rLiva 
■'4nt«r «s» Baptaafaar JQ» 1A5. Uar aarvlaaa taaaiaata4 aita te& ^tato 
apa^te*nt on Oaaaebar 28* ^t7> ani aba aaa taanafaatad to tt» 
Oaatial IttW»llifi«Ma /^aaa/» auring part of th» tiaa *ha» aha aaa 
aarOaj-oa l^r tha State ikiparteaat aha aarwd aa a diapaaaatia aap 
iadaaar* ^viaififi ai mp Mallicaooa and Cartopapfcy* &V Ubrary 
Uranoh* ."Toaaa aing Coct&aa* 





Hre. CoraeH* S. *uditeky, 317^6 Colw&la 'oad, Sorthweet, 
Washington, D. C«, who bad known the subject tinea 103$, atatad 
that Frances ftors? had aade reference io »Jteppa Joe Stalin* 
during the early years of their acquaintanceship. At this tine 
Jerry »e attitude towards 11*0 was Coeswniatic and aha fait that 
everybody should ahara da thla world »a goods, Mrs. Yuditeky 
stated that subject wee a clow friend ef Mr. and Ifrs. John 
Butler who lited la Ifaae, Virginia, and that aha hoard *r. Butler 
say on one occasion soaathing to the effect that ha believed a 
revolution would do thia country good, fhie statement was m#fo 
during a ©onveraation between Mt. Butler and lH.Be frrxy* She 
reealla that Miaa rerry believed that everybody should have tha 
.???? a 5? B, *J >f mm * ** sporty. Mrs. Inditsfcy atatad that 
while Mies Jerry resided at 171*1* X Street, florthwest, Washington, 
*. C., aha observed several copies of tha "Daily Worker" In her 
reo* and that for thia and tha reasons that aha previously oentioned, 
aha eonoladed that Jilss lorry waa a Coeauniat or at laaat a dafinita 
Conaunist ayapathlaer* 

Xr. Say c. Hills, l&ll street, Xorthweat, Washington, ©* C, 
a son of Ufa* luditsky, atatad that Frances farry spoke on varioua 
eeeaeiena abont equal distribution of land, aoney and clothing being 
a good thing and that aha wad Coaaanlet literature, but ha could not 
raeali tha Utla of any of tha publication*. 

Ihe raoorda of tha division of Security and Investigations, 
Separtaeat of State* reflect that the subject was ^aaattoned by the 
State Departaent at one tiae. ibe aubject denied any eywpathy for 
Commies or with tha Comawist Party and atated that aha had read 
the "Belly Sorter* ssrely for cariosity while living in *ew York 

Tha investigation by tha Bureau daring the loyalty investigation 
and the applicant Investigation failed to reflect any additional infor- 
aaation inchoating subject's disloyal activities w sympathies* iwustl- 
gation failed to reflect that Mr, John Sutler was known to h«va been 
ayspathetie towards Ooasur.iem. *U aseoclataa, contacte, and neighbora 
described subject aa a person who poseeeaed no disloyal eymethiee for 
tha United State*. 

Investigative reports in the applicant case were diseeaiaated to 
tha Central Intelligence Agency on Jtovesker lit, lcjtf. Ihveatlgative 
.reports In the loyalty case ware forwarded to the Civil Service Comiaaion 
on September 2,1»8, She Civil Service Coasdeelon adrleed by letter 
dated January 28, I9h9» that Frances Ferry had been retained in her 




Allcgatlona by Senator McCarthy 

"Caee No.' 12. This individual started aa a correaponding aaoretary 
at the ihite Bbuea. Irea thara ha moved over to tha Soviet lebaesy and 
obtained a job aa assistant editor* Jroa thara ha tranefarred to tha Stata 
Bapartaant and, ao far aa I can discover, traaafarrad froa thara to a amotion 
of tha Coaaeree Dapartaent, with which tha Stata Dapartmant works, where ha 
remained until aeveral aontha ago. where he ia aa of today I frankly do not 
know. I think thia ia a rathar intaraating shift, however, f roa Hhita ttouaa 
to tha Soviet Embassy, to tha Stata Dapartmant* to tha Caaaarea Dspartaent.* 

Poaalble Idantifioation 

Thia individual ia apparently Halana Tubas, in inveatigation 
concerning har waa conducted by tha Bureau in 1945 *t tha requeet of tha 
Stata Dapartaent. luhaa waa aaployad at that tlae in *he offioa of tha 
Aaaiatant Secretary af State, Mr. Clayton. Tha Stata Department advised that 
luhaa had bean employed f roa November 1940 to April 1944 at tha White Jftrose 
aa a oorraapondanoa aaoratary at $2700 fr annua. Her dutiee oonaiatad of 
anawaring lattera for Itra. Booeevelt and handling oonfidential aattara for 
tha former president and Mrs. Rooeevelt. 3h Hay 1944, aooording to tha 
Stata Department, Xuhaa waa aaployad by tha Soviet fiabasey, TSashingten, D.0»> 
aa Aaaiitant Editor for tha "Soviet Information Bulletin." She raaained in 
thia employment until February 1945> when aha applied Jfor eaployaant at the , 
Stata Department. They were unable to employ her at $2700 per annua, but 
aha stated that aha would be willing to accept |1800 in order to get into 
tha Department. After one-month* a aaployaent in the Stata Departaent, **»• 
;aeked apacifically to be placed in Mr. Claytonia office and received a poeition 
aa paraonal aaaiatant to Edward S. Mason, Deputy to Mr. Clayton. Tha Stata 
Department requested the Bureau to plaoa luhaa under a diacreat eurvcillenee , 
for a two-weeks" period to determine her contacte outside tha Stata Departaant. 
Tha Bureau inveatigation failed to reflect any pertinent contacte outaida tha 
Stata Dapartaent but reflected that luhaa regularly received the "Soviet 
information Bulletin," that aha had a copy of the "Conatitution of tha BSSB* 
in her rooa, waa a recently enrolled member of tha leehingtoa Bookahop 
Aaaociation, and waa allagadly engaged to a Brigadiar General connected with 
P | U.S. Army* Thia lattar allagAtian waa nater subetantiated. A copy of b7D 
^Ee FBI -report waa forwarded to the Stata Dapartaent. (100-343051-1,4,5) 

Tha September 12, 1947, laeue of tha "auehlngton Evening Star* 
publiehed an artiola reporting the resignation of luhaa froa the Stata 
Dapartmant* The artiola stated that Tuhae aaid that aha had resigned from 

CM, Noone:hke 

29 : ■■;-'■ -* 


the state Department because she could not fight any longer againet **itoh hunta.« 

A loyalty Investigation concerning ttthee **» Initiated by the Bumu 
In Jiey 1948 ahlle aha vaa easployed aa « olerk-stenogrepher by the Department 
of Oonaerce, mehlAgton, D.C» the loyalty inreatigatlon waa predicated largely 
on tho foregoing facta. luhaa resigned from the Ooaneroe Departaent in ' 
March 1948, and the loyalty investigation was, thareforOi diacontinued. 
Ho reports had been submitted V the field. By latter dated June 11, 1948, 
C8C *ae adriaed of the resignation of luhea and that no farther Investigation 
being conducted under the loyalty program, <m-4757-A,2,9) 

During April 1949, Bepreeentative Oeorge A. Dondero (R.-Xich.) apoke 
in the Houae of aepresentatlvee eonoeralng the "frightening and alaoet unbelleirahla* 
story of Helens Jtahea. Bla reaarka received eonalderable publicity In the press. 




Allegation by Senator McCarthy 

•Cass Number 13 1 This individual la a foreign wwrrt officer under the 
information and cultural program. Re was appointed to this position in 
September 1947, and Assigned to Milan, Italy* where ho took part in the 
educational program* This Individual spent tine in Soviet Russia in 1927 
as a member of the trade-unions delegation to Soviet Russia, which delega- 
tion man repudiated by Rilliam Oreen, president of the A* F. of %. He 
wee the sponsor, organiser, and member, respectively, of various Communist- 
front organisations, fie has been cited by the Belly tbrksr a number of 
times for his work. The resords of the industrial detail of the Chicago 
polios department list him as a coomunist as early as 1930. This man's 
file shows that members of the churches In Italy and high officials of the 
Rational catholic Welfare Council objected to his bsing assigned to 
educational duties in Italy* basing this objection upon his communistic 
netivitiee. Lt. Col. Geyre, of the British Any, v/ae mas this indivlduslis 
supervisor in Italy, indicated that he mas a •wild leftist thsorist, t who 
would veer entirely to the left it given the opportunity. This individual 
Is described as a pedantic, tedious, conceited, impraotioal, pompous man, 
and this appliee to so many of them, a man who would enjoy the pleasures 
of the right, but popularity with the left.* 

Possible Identificat ion 

Hii i mmmmmmmm ■ n 

This Individual is apparently Carleton Rolsey vaehbumo. The 
Bureau riles reflect that we conducted an Internal Security - C investiga- 
tion of Carleton volsey saehburne from December 9, 1941, to January 23, 
1942, and * loyalty of government Bmployees investigation from Hsrch 4, 
1948, to }fty IS, 1949. OOO-^OOJj 1&4863) ' 

The investigations disclosed that Waehburae was a member of a 
trade-union delegation to Soviet Russia in 1927* Bt was a sponsor of the 
American Committee for Protection of foreign Bom and the Teachers* 
Committee of the Spanish Refugee Relief Committee, both of which were 
described as Communist Party fronts by the Rouse Committee on Un-American 
Activities. Rs was a sponsor for the Chicago Committee for Rueeian War 
Relief in 1941, and the Chicago Repertory Group in 1938. A reliable 
confidential informant described those organisations as communist dominated 

*»»_ -*»* indicated that many members were not Communists* Re was a member of 
w the American Committee for pemoeratie and Intellectual Freedom and the 



Jforih Atttrtoiw Cottdttot to Aid Spanish Do«oci*cy. Both of thooo 
orcanitatioM wn described *• C<*aoniit purtgr front* by tht Houm Ccwdttoo 
on Vn~Jm*rlomn ActirlUti. 

tele, fccom^ 

0. W. Kuno 

2Zm K 31 iAPr 

Washburae was an associate of Nathan Beraen, reliably reported in 
1942, as a Coaauniat Party neaber* In 1943, Beraan and Waehbume worked to- 
gether in setting up an organisation, the purpose of which was to exchange 
materials and information between artists, writers* scientists, ausleiane and 
educators in the United States with those of * like profession in Soviet 

Washburae was a neaber of the Aacrican Civil liberties Coaaittee 
in 1931* which was described by the Fish Coaaittee on #n-Aaeriean Activities 
as being closely affiliated with the Coaauniat Party* Six teachers caploytd 
by hia while ha was Superintendent of Schools at Winnetka, Illinois, have 
been reliably reported to have been engaged in Coaauniat Party activities* 

the "Daily Worker $ * a Coaaunist doaineted laerspaper, lor July 2L # 
1940, liats hia as a signer of an open letter sent by the Xaague of American 
Writer* to. Secretary of State Hull and the Pan Aaeriean Conference in behalf 
of the Anti-Faeciat Refugees *trappe^i , » in Jranoe* Hie league of Anerieaa 
Writers has been described as a, CaawuniBt front by the House Coaaittee on 
Vh-AaarioanActivitiea. The "Daily Worker" for April 20; 1929* publicised 
a speech which was to be given by Washburne* Records of the industrial 
Detail of the Chicago police De'partaent were checked in 1948, and were found 
to contain no, information regarding Washburne* 

the Majority of people interviewed in connection with the loyalty 
investigation considered hia loyal^ but two people considered hia not loyal 
because they believed he had hired Coaaunists on his teaching staff Jit 
Winnetka* One described hia as antl-Oapitaliatie And as favoring Socialisa, 
and another described hia as having Coaaunist Party -tendencies but probably 
loyal to the tttited states. 

Reports were dieseainated to the Intelligence Division of the Amy 
on larch 28, 1949* Tour carbon copies of the loyalty investigation were 
distributed to the Civil Service Coaalssion on June 7> 1943, and one carbon 
copy of the reports was sent to the Attorney General on June 7# 1948* 

On October 1, 1948* the Civil Service Coaalssion reported the 
following disposition of his case, •retained," 

According to this individual* file, he worked for the State 
Departasnt froa Septeaber, 1946, to Septeaber, 1948* She State Departaent 
on Septeaber 27* 1948, advised that Washburne had been terainated froa his 
position with the Foreign Servics because of completion of assignment, 



|^agaM2B fr Senator McCarthy 

*Caee Ho« 14* This it a oasc of pressure from a high Stat* 
Department official to oVtain secxtrity clearance for an individual with 
a bad background from the standpoint of security* He was appointed in 
December 1945 ae a translator in the State Department* 

*Thle is an interesting case showing tie extent to whie!^ some of 
thslr superior officers wiU go&wrhen they find that some of these ve*y 
unusual individuals are going to lose their jobs* Th was appointed in 
December 1945 as a translator in the State Department* A report frost 
another Government investigating agency under date of January 9» 1946# advised 
that the subject should be dismissed as a bad security risk because he in 
flagrantly homosexual* He had extremely close connections with other 
individual! with the same tendencies* and wVo were active members of Communist- 
front organisations* including the Young Cortaunlst 1 eegue* 

*I think this is interesting, (ftp* President* 1 asked one of our 
top intelligence men in Washington, one day, *Why do you find men who are so 
fanatically Communist? Is there something about the Communist philosophy 
that attracts them?* 

•lie said, •Senator McCarthy, if you had been in this work as long as 
ire have been* you would realise that there is something wrong with each one of 
these individuals* Jou will find that practically every active Conr*uniat is 
twisted mentally or physically in some way** 

•The Stats Departments own security agency recommended the discharge 
of ttils employee on January 22, 1946* On February 19* 1946, this individual 1 * 
services were term nated with the State Department* Subsequently on April 1, 
1946, the action discharging this individual was rescinded and he was rein* 
stated in his Job in the State Department* In this case a CSA report of 
September 2, 1947* is replete with information covering the attempt of a high 
State Department official to induce several individuals who had signed affidavits 
reflecting adversely upon t-e employee to repudiate their affidavits* the file 
shows that that high State Department employee even want out and personally 
contacted the individuals who signed the affidavits and asked them, tron f t yw 
repudiate them?* 

•This individual, according to tVm security files of the State 
apartment, was a very close associate of active Soviet agents* As to whether 
he is in the State Department at this time or not, I franktydo not know, but 
in view of fact that he was reinstated, 1 assume that he is** 

LFK:jpa,jo 33 

This individual apparently is Trial Theodore Arndt, The Bureau 
files reflect we conducted a Loyalty investigation of Arndt from December 14> 
1943, to March 3, 1%9| a Departmental applicant investigation fron June 15, 
1933, to December 12, 1933j an Espionage «- Q investigation from February 20, 
1940, to August 26, 1942$ awi he was afforded an interview under the provisions 
of the Hatch Act on March 4, 1942* (121-13297f 77-9361$ 65-800) 

Investigation has disclosed information that Arndt was reported to 
hare exhibited pro-Hasi sympathies and to have associated with members of the 
German Bsbassy, Investigation developed no evidence of espionage or subversive 

Investigation reflected infornation indicating Arndt possessed hoao~ 
sexual tendencies. In 1938 two acquaintances of Arndt furnished information 
concerning an inoldent indicating homosexual activities on the part of Arndt. 
The ease files revealed that one of these acquaintances on March 2, 1946, 
executed an affidavit for the Secretary of Sate to the effect that this 
acquaintance had never seen Arndt engage or attempt io engage in any immoral 
conduct at any tine, this individual subsequently advised that he afflraed 
the infornation he previously supplied the Tureau in 1933 concerning Arndt 
and stated that the aforementioned affidavit had bam urged falsified by Mr. 
Joseph Fanuoh, who identified hlaself to this Individual as deployed in 
Assistant Secretary of State Russell's office. A sinilar affidavit had been 
exeouted on Heron 13, 1946, by the other above-mentioned acquaintance of 

According to Bureau files, Arndt has indicated he was enployed by 
th« State Departnent from December 6, 1945, to May 13, 1948, when he resigned. 
Be had also been enployed by the State Department in 1936 as a German translator. 
Iron 1936 to 1939, he was enployed by t'-e Peperlaaent of Justice in the Alien 
froporty tivision. In October, 1946, inf oraation was received fron the Office 
of Naval Intelligence t^at Arndt was enployed by the State Department in the 
Special 1?ar Projects, German Ttobasey Croup, in the Office of Beseareh and 
Feeords, It was rerorted by Olfl that at the tine Arndt applied for a position 
with the State Department, the division of Controls disapproved Arndt" s 
appointnent, but this disapproval was overruled by the then Acting Secretary 
of State, whose name was not known, and Arndt was subsequently appointed. 

Case files reflect ttiat Arndt has stated he was dismissed by the 
State Department on February 19, 1946, and was subsequently cleared by the 
Secretary of State who had delegated the case to Deputy Assistant Secretary 


~ 1+ 

or State J* Anthony famieh* Arndt has furnished information that ha was 
f ©marly cleared hy the State Department on April 1, 1946* as to loyalty 
and security* Arndt was appointed aa a research analyat (tranelator) on 
August 3, 19^j $&th tha ??aparto*ent of tha Air force,, Feshingtonj % C», 
which ia hla last Jcnowa emyloyaent* 

Reports reflecting the results of tha loyalty investigation vara 
furnished tha Civil Service Ce&miaslon uncler data of March 3 f 1949* She 
Civil Sendee Comiasion under date of November 7, 1949, advised regarding 
the dispoeition of tha case that Arndt was "eligible on loyalty** 

In addition to the Civil Service Commission, information relating 
to Arndt has been disseminated to the following! Hie Attorney General, 
Office for £«ergency Tknegeaent, Department of State, Senator Sbser fhoaaa 
of Oklahoma* Department of the Arwy,and the Office of Haval Intelligence. 

(121-13297; 77-93615 65-COO) 


» * 'M 

aOb^IvI T« 




*^* *ai»r Jain* 

Allegation b y junior ^-CaHUy 

Case ;:o« 16* ** # u A^rt*| utner ihiagc* the filua reflecta iuat tide 
individual f urniehed mterial to known Coviot 'espic^ge agente and thet 
ho had constant c antacid *ith a iong list of &OMU*d$te and suspected 
soviet agents. On July 24# 1^> a reco&aendation of dlsadasal was oade, 
Noticing #a« done. In ^epteaber, 4946 iter* m&s a requeat for further 
information* t*ver* though at that time the records showed that he wee 
furnishing secret iit&terl&l to know toaauniat amenta. 

M un July 24* tne itate !<eparteient*8 own security unit furntehed 
detailed evidence -©hawing th»t this «aa waa furnishing secret material to 
known espionage agents. He had iofvsecret clearance* 

n Xn September further inforja&tion *aa requested. As of October 15j 
1947 1 nearly a year and a quarter later* there vraa nothing in the file to 
indicate father the individual **as with the t**paruaent or what the tinal 
action was in hia case. I later learned titat 6 months after the original 
recommendation of dismissal was isaae* he finally resigned* Ha was not dis- 
charged, fie resigned on Pecenber 13$ 1V47* for what Federal agency ha la 
working at thia iim $ 2 frankly do not know. X have attempted to got that 
inforaaation from the Civil service Goteaisalon* It has bean vsr$ helpful, 
but there are so many incdviduals of trie B&m mm that the Demission hae 
had difficulty in furnia?iin£ the information*. ff 

Poaslbls Identification 

Thia individual la apparently hobert Talbott filler, III. The 
Bureau 1 s files reflect we conducted an "Internal Security - Hatch Act* 
investigation t roa August 8> 1944j on l&Uer. At that time h» was an employee 
of tne flea* hast livision of the State Cepartat«nt# The investigation was 
based on the Allegation that he wee a i3o«a«inlst. thia Investigation contin- 
ued until jfoveiaberj 1945 $ when alee Elisabeth Bentlqjr's allegations were 
received by the TBI, urideb included information on l&licr. Thereafter* he 
was investigated ae a suspected toviet espionage a^nt. The investigation 
la presently continuity aruior tl* character ^Internal Security - Bj £egistra- 
tlon Act#* 

According to Killer 1 * flle^ tie accepted .an appointment as an Analyat 
for the Coordinator of Inter-Aaerican Affairs on os about :#pie«ber U> 1941* 
He aubaequentli became Director of the riviaion of oports of the Coordinate* 
$f lnter-a«rican Affaire* In Jul^, 1944| idller traneferred to the State 
Department wt^ere he wae later aaagtmd to the Sear East rivielotu Killer 
re&lgned effective Deceirfuer 13^ 1946# (It Is noted that the Con^reeeional 
Record reads feat Miller resigned on Deceai>er 13# 1947* i filler if preeently 
aaaociated with J* H# Randolph Feltue in a public .relatione business at 12S 
,£a»t ?6th ^treet 4 jlew lork City. 


On July ,31, 194$» KUaabeth P-entley testified bofore the House 
Coanittee on Ua-A&erlcan Activities re^ardin^ £o«suxnlst espionage -in the 
U« S« Govornnent. She admitted aeabcrship in the Coosumist Party and af 
serving aa a courier for a Soviet espionage conspiracy in the early 1940U. 

iiiea l^entley testified .Villa/ was 'i <Jues-j?aylrifi Cor.uunlstt and included hla, 
ajaoag others, as a acaber of tbo "evict esplcase f.Msplrac,) • rha stated 
in April or Jay, V)l(l 3 'Jacob C-olosi, her superior* i*ti ; oc'u^cci her to ,i.dbert 
J'iller, "who then operated the Latin A^iican xjoks L.-rvica 'M.utibphere. - '! 

After i&ller tos employed by ihg Coordinator of JCnter-^aricaa 
Affairs, Klsa Identity stated *!« obtained fron hiu paa^'.lots unci otnar 
i'tforMaUon tfiich ha &tainnd throuji official At t is Use 
Millar informed ;,lss tootley ha Lad the opportunity to sea reporta .froa t!»e 
Oi'fiao of Java! jhtelli^eneg, Aha ;aiitwy Intelligence, tl.e .Office of 
f-trate^e tervieee a/.d the i-'iH eoacomi/y Latin /^orican i.attora, ;hu atatod 
during h» initial contacts with j&Uei' in ..■at hlu t on h<j uavo .«r typewritten b7D 
auacuirlaa of Infarction t^rtux-Liz. i.i Wi <: I, I [ and 'KU files, 'ihie 
aatorial always concerned jCouruttist or xiosslan aeuvifciea in latin Vwriea. 
iuiea j3©n&Gy stated ,. v ill«r aubso. .uently Wcaiae over giving her type- 
written notes and, th arc alter, itould verbally i»ifora I^ittty oi the «iaturial 
he had ob sowed in the above-; . Uavcru.4anl. imports, her last contact 
"with Millar nas in bec/aber, 1*44. bha never -received JauV.uati^i iroa 
«iiller after he "was employed by the ..tate "bgpurt.aent. 

She .investigation of ;aHev v£v:lo;>ad t.^t ho *we in ire * i-ontact 
with Joseph B« Cre^j al-a ciyloyed, t'e jIoQrt'iaalor of "uUt*»..-3Maean 
Affairs JLn-hashi.vton. Has eeatle,y advi3od Gre^ isaa a duta-cayta^ jaMbe* 
of tha Cod-iUttlat *-x\# alco forniruu-d -."tolcs titii itofaraaUou. 

On T'acc-iLor % 1945, 'ZIUlw and Ida wifa vlait^d 1- the hoiue of 
Maurice .Ilaiporin. iisa lontley afcatod sho *as introduced to halperin by 
Jacob Cioloa in 1942 and alia latar «alUct«d i'.aa .unist i\,rty .da-ja froai 
Kalporln. fha further tlatsd tint Ilalporln delivarod to her iniorf-at'lon 
froa iaporta prepared by the Office of strategic Services and also sapplied 
her «lth excerpts from State 'epartrsent tables to which la had acccua. 

It was ascurtilaot! tlmt on several accasi^-a Z&XLot vifdUid ^ith .Paul 
Milan Ilaraalka* 3317 M Street, :.'* ',/., ..?a»hi i^ton, 1\ C* In 1941 .arsalica 
«» dJa^SBed froa the Office of Price AdalniatwUon becau&e of char^a of 
bein/j a Comaunist and of having Coauunisfcic tendeAaiet« 

On April $, 1946* the following J«reon« sere observed entering the 
*eaidence of Robert i. r illerj 3-^23 Northampton ftreet, ::. :„, .^raeisln^to/^ D.CJ 
Jfr. and ilra. Bathan Gregory .^ilveiwaster, a ma believed to have been 
$UUa* hxdsdz .UlLsan, rauriee lUlperin and his wife,, : dith, L'ra. Polya J. 
liabicht and Plorcnco tevy. 


Mise Jentley advised ti&t gllvetiaaeter m* the hoad of a *roup **ho 
supplied Information to hei* *hich she,, in turfy gave to Jacob Ooloe* She 
further advised that the Silver&aatera and Ulliaan i*ere dues-paying maaibere of 
tf*e *?a:&mnist Party* Po^ya Jtablcht is a Saseian-born woman ifeo, at one time* 
usaa Interned by the Russians as a political prisoner^ and in 1941 was exchanged 
to the United ^tatea for Calk I$* Itaaklolanj tho allssod .head of a Soviet 
espionage organisation in the U* 5* Xro& 1934 to tho tio$ of his amst An 
1941 as an unregistered agent of a Xorciga principal* >lo?ence levy la thai 
Mater^ia-laif of Robert Millar and ^a3 dies&sscKi from the a tale Tepartmcnt 
on June 23, 194?> for doubtful loyalty* 

On April 13* 1946, MHer ^aa in contact with Yictor Perlo* Mi$& 
Bentiey advised that in early 1944 $h* aet the alleged head of tha espionage 
group In "Saahinston Uxo w&a identified as Fictor 2*erlo> also a riuo3-payIng 
aeaber of the Cos&unlat Party* I#ter Porlo aup;:Oi£d j&sa Itentlcy with informa- 
tion concerning aircraft activities -nhich ho procured f tm the v;ar ?roduotion 

On Itowmber 19 , 1946. a reliable source advised that Miller had Invited 
David and $dlth viabl to hla .bom for dinner Hovedber 52, 1946* She sourco 
advised that 1*ahl ima a iae$>er of ttte Cottauntat i&rty underground &ovaaent 
in tashingtonj P* 5* 

A farther review of Miller** ille reflects tut on August 23, 1946, 
Miller was interviewd by m^ibere of the Security Comlttee of the State 
Department in ctmnection with hie further employment* lie ^aa ^oeationed 
concerning his connection vifh Corounlst activitiea isl&ch he denied -and re- 
vealed nothing* 

On April 15, 1947# Sobert Mllar waa interviewed by Special Agsnta 
of the JBI* Be admitted having been employed by the Spanish loyalist Govern- 
»ent Sews Service la Paris easneaelng la July, 1937« Re *aa amre that 
Joseph Gregg* previously mentioned* m$ Jack Yahy, JlHer's associates An 
the .Hemisphere Corporation, irere truck drivers for the Spanish loyalist Forces 
in Spain* J&ller could not recall aeetius Jacob C0I03, alias Jacob Haialn, 
*nd ^ascribed as ^ridiculous* tLe accusation that he had boen a Coviet politi- 
cal a#mt* He &d&ittod he aad his *if e texm ittea Bentley ns* "I&len 11 in Item 
Tork, and she later visited the& In Washington* B* denied ai# had been 
sivan reports* Re denied being a laeaber of the Communist Party. 

Copies of the TBI raporta hearing the character ^Intertial Security - 
iiatch Act 11 if$re dlseeminated to the Stata T^eparteoat* fiiereaftar, euamritfs 
of the imreatigation conducted In the Nathan Cragoty Cllverjaantor ~ ^aplona^e - 
H* eaee wre furnislied intermittently £ torn Itocoafar U* 1945, to Koveabt*r 27* 
1946, to the raiito House, Admiral ^jUlias* 1% Leahy, Chief of Staff to the 
Cofcraander in Chief of the Awny and JBavy 4 Vihite House, thft Attorney Oe.^eral and 
to 24r* Seer^a Allen, IVcaidentiisl Adviaer, all of #hich ^coxvtaiaed Information 
on iLLllcr* 

-On »ove.iher 25* 1945^ tlrie mrector of the FBI laet tdtb tho Xecretaty 
of £tat* puraoant to the request of President t&fttsan in connection with tto 
allogatione of Elizabeth 2$eatlo;* At this ti'aa the Secretary of 5tate ^raa 
f urniahad inf oraatlon ooncernliig I£Ua Beatley f J5 allegationa and ?<aa adyiaed 

38 ' 

of the identity and mtfLoymnt in the U. *. Government of individuals 
alleged by itiee Beniley to .Uv* been engaged in Xoviet espionage. Included 
in thie group ma .Jller. Slareattftr, ftoaiDeccaiber 5* 1945* to L'oveaber 
25, 1946, aiuanariea nere burnished to the State r-ep&rfaacn' * vhich included 
information jon LtUlor and Ma .activities and connoeUona uttli the espionage 

rin& ' (101-6631) - Summaries dated August 24, 1948 

(4.V. Li*rrkE./t 



AXXcgatlons by Senator McCarthy 

Case Ho* X? - »thie individual signed an affidavit spying that hi 
was a menber of the Cattuniat Party. M did this on severaX occasions* This 
iras not a non-Ccwwunl«t affidavitj it was ft Coarouniot affidavit, this f iXe 
is rather aigaificent, in that the reviewing officer in this ease indicated 
that if tiiis employee had testified to a ehenge of hear* he wouXd hate 
received top-secret clearance. In other words* if this man had said, <X have 
new reforaed, » the security officer feXt he was bound to give hia top-secret 
oXearance« Shis, of course, see** unusual to us, but a Coonuniat, who has, 
of course 9 no respect for the oath, which consists of swearing before the 
Creator that he wiXX teXX the truth, the whoXe truth, and nothing kit the 
truth, is educated to the idea that there is no Supremo Baing, so, obviously* 
an oath weans nothing to Msu I think the reviewing authority in the State 
Department shouXd hear that fact in wind," 

possibXe Identification 

^mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmm m m mmmmmmm m 11 ■ 11 m iwi i n 

this individuaX, possibly identical* is mentioned in the confidential 
investigative flXes of the U» S» ClviX Service Ceemlesion, their XiXes 
refieeted that one Jeanne Taylor, l& Union Square, Hew Tork City, Jew Xork, 
regietered and enroXXed as a member of the coraauniat Party in X935j that one 
Jeanne TayXor, Mi leet 20th Street, sew Xork City, Hew Xork, was a Ceroanist 
petition signer §$399 for Anter and Santiago on September XU, X#iX, Third 
AsseefcXy HLatriot* ?wenty*-eeoend Election Watriot* Mew Xork County, Hew Tork, 
and that one Jeanne tayXor, W4i West 20th Street, was a Ooawanlst petition 
signer (Page 99k) for candidate CarX Bradsky, Septeaiber Xh, X9WL, 


Jeanne tayXor resigned fron the State Departaont in April* X9h7 and 
was classified in the state Dspartwnt as an undesirable cefOeyee* 


Ho investigation was conduoted by the Bureau on this individuaX* 

J« t« Harrlngton:nk i 



- U — > n »W>*il W k 

motion by Senator McCarthy 

Caee Ho, 18t "THie Individual nas thoroughly investigated before being 
hired on Decea&er 26, 1%6. Sblle the til* indie .too that this woaaa 
««s a Cooeunlst, I aia not too iw« that »ho Ms not * I I 

She sea hired shen the file ehowed a great deal of Coammistie activity 
on her part.* 

Possible Identification 

This individual ia possibly J 
has bc*n conducted concerning her by the Bureau, 
reflect any iafoiwatlon shlch can be identified with her other than infor- 

I So investigation 
bureau files fail to 

aation provided to the Bureau oa January & 9 1948* 
Robert ,?>. Xee oa a confidential baaia herein H~ 
'Case Ho. 16** and is described aa [ 

V foraor Sp ecial Agent 
~l » referred 


.though no 

to as ^Casa Ho, 16* and is described aa | \t 

information concerning Coasualst activity as alleged W Senator JtoCarthy 
ia set forth* la this connection it X* noted the Bureau obtained photo- 
static co, lea of testimony taken before the House Appropriations GoMdttes 
ia connection with the State Department Appropriation Bill for 1949. Under 
the tcstiaoay of Hamilton Kohlnson, director, Office of Control, Division 
of Security and Investigation, on January 28* 1948* there is set forth 
information to the effect that t he Individual invo lved la "Oaea Ho. 16* 
(identified in lee's material as 1 __^~\ ™* ** •*plo*«l ia the 
State Lepartaent, having reelgned BeveaEer 28, I947» 






Allegation by Senator McCarthy 

Caee Tfc* JOt *Thle individuate file shows elofe connection* with a number 
of Coi rauniet^front organisation** The individu al, hi* eictor* ana hie 
father I I The repo rt* which it dated 

July 7, 1947, show that | | Thl* aan 1* atill in 

the *Depertoent aa of today* 

*Xr. DOKJTBLL* Mr* Freaident, will tha Senator yieldt 

*j£r* KCCASfHT* I yield* 

*jfr* POMJBU-* Dee* the Senator hare any information as to the type of 
reeponeibility the l**t-»a»ed individual hae in the State Jfcpertaanti 1 
In other word* doee he do janitorial work, or euperrieory work, or ju*t 
what kind of wort doe* he dot 

*Kr« 1ACCAOT8T* I do not knew* The information wa* not in the file* 1 we* 
ourloue about that particular queatlon nytelf * X we* told that he had top-' 
eecret clearance* That would indicate that he wat handling xather important 
document** frankly, what he wa» doing* X do not know* 1-et a* cheek on the 
actual ee*e # if X mey # »o that we way have any information on it that may he 
available* He ie in 1ke Offioe of Info mat Ion and Educational Exchange* 
Tfljat he ie doing tber# # I do not know** 

Poeeible Identification 

Thia individual la apparently identieal with[ 


I | Bureau main f ilea fail to ref loot that we here ever oondueted an 

iwreatifmtlon of thi* peraoa* Bureau filea fail to refloat any dieloyal 
information on hie complete mm ether than the information provided to the 
Bureau on Janucty 29 # 1948 by for mer Special Afont Sober* '£♦ tee on a confidential 
baeia* In Xee 1 * **tori*l, I I ie ntemi to aa *Ce*e ITo* 20* and the informa- 

tion if *et forth ^hat he ia an applicant ;f or a poeltion with the Offioe of Infor- 
mation and ^duoational Bxohcngc. It ie further indicated that *in an evaluation 
import of February 19, 1947 it ie indicated that he had been en employment riek* 
Se belonged to numoroua * liberal* organisation*, euoh aa the 'American league for 
Peace and Democracy* and the * national Federation for Constitutional Libert lee* 4 
Hi* aeaoelatee eay that he la a liberal, not > Red t but rather unet ablc* He # hie 
titter, and fathey l ~ I A report dated 

July 7, 1947 ehowe that his I I Ae of September 29* 1947 he waa 

•till being lnvectlgeted* In thia inatanee* there appear* to be ne purification 


Tilt* H^o*^^ 

<*#*^ — 42 j'* 

J,' * ■<*** 

tor :eottti&nins thi« investigation. - 

la oonneotlon with th© afcota. It if not«d that the Bureau alt© 
jtoatatia oopias of tastiaony taV«a hofora the JSouea Appropriat 
Cowdttaa'ln aonnaotlon *ith th© Stata Dspartnant Appropriation Bill far 1949* 

©htainad photootatia oopies of tastiaony taV«a hofora tha JSouea Appropriations 
Cowdttae la aonnaotlon *ith th© Stata Dspartnont Appropriation Bill for 1949* ** 
tinder the testiwony of Hamilton ^ohlwoa, Bireetor, Offiea of Control, Division 

of Security and Inrestigation an January 28, 1949, there appoara information to 
tha effset that the IndlTidwl involv ed in 'Case Tte. 20* (identified in £©e*a 
mtsrial as I l mae not enployed hy tha Stata Dspartnsnt, 

heing an "applicant ander aonaidaration," (62-39749-1109) 


r i 

1 ■•' jA'-UDgaaaitiCTai. . ■ 

Caac Xo« 23i »lHXi individual hat been with the Stat* Dopartsiant a* a 
foreign Sorvioo career officer since 1936* flo it atill holding a bi$h 
•alarlod Jib with tho fiovernaant, and to tho beet of ay knowledge ho J* xumt 
at&tioned at Frankfurt* Geraany* 4 report of June 33 # 1947, indicates that 
ho li « j»o*ber of tho Coassuniet J'arty, thai ho attended the Youth International 
la Bueaia in W$* while working in the State Deftartnent* tho filo indicate*, 
ho ahowed an intente Interest in getting inf oraetton on anything pertaining 
to Ku»«ia, including any Jig *oa and roeorde, whether or not tho inf emotion 
had any connection irlth hit particular Job* Ho had hoon discharged previously 
fro* tho iFJL Federation of Goraraaant iiployaea, on tho charge of eo*iuniotie 
activity* Both ho and his wife have boon smtow* of a isiaber cf CottaunUt- 
froni organisations, and ho hat hoan vary closely associated with iaewn oea>- 
aunlat-froot Yorkera* Iho filo diaoloeot tho interesting information that ho 
la a aeabar of tho cantraX group, whose task it U to spearhead an attack on 
4* Sdsar .Hoover and tho Fax* Thoao fellows do not like J* ftfgar Hoover at ell* 
the nan la a aeaber of tho central group which li tho spearhead of auoh an 
Attack, Ibis is all in Ma filo. Ho la otili working for tho Coveroaent*" 

fasstbfr IdajB^fiOatlOB 

Ihie individual arparojAly is I<eand«r 3eU toVell. Iho Sumu 1 lies 
reflect that we hava conducted several iov«ctisation* of thia individual at 

1* Special Inquiry - tho Advleory Co ii««lcu to tho Council of 
National Defense which we* opened Jfevefiber 5, 1940 and co&,.4«ted In August, 1941. 

2* Internal Security - iinteh 4et which traa oponod October 21, 1941 
and closed In January, 1/42. 

3* Special Inquiry * state Sopart«ont (Greece-Turkey j&A mil) 
which was Instituted Auguet 19, 1947 «nd eoftpleted 10, 1947* 

4* A loyalty of Ooverneent iaployees Imreatigatien wae lnatituted 
Iprll 19, 1946 which was soapleted in Hay 194*, and roporta transmitted to tho 

*w* Civil Service Ccmlsalon Kay 27, 1948. A for* lottor 4ated Auguat 19, 1949, 

**• received fro* tho Civil 3orvico Co«ial»aion in conr.oation with tho U&% invooti- 

*>m gation of Xovoll contained tho notation n m t loyoo elcarod on aocurity*' . 

•WW*..,,.-. ■ 


***mm ....^ 


5* On Seeonber 30, 1%9, Ihe Scens&le Cooperation Administration 
•revested tbst as coquet an investigation of lovell «ho 'nee then aoj&eyed 
by the :Keon;«ie Cooperation Administration in a civilian capacity at 
Frankfort, Osraany* 1he investigation *ea ceaplsted and results treneaitted 
to SC \ on febraary 6, 1550* $bie lnvestigatl a has sines been reopened at 
the regaeet of JCA for further Uqulry And is currently jading* 

Bureau files reflect that leander Soil lovell w«n reported .ae a 
■ainlw of a group in the American federation of (fovernaeat Sapieyees Union, 
•ho tried to sake the Union ^Ce^sunleUo** and that ha -sat active la union 
deacnstratiea* with individuala aith Coswuniat reputations* Hs was hsUeved 
to be a Ceaeanist eeeacee of these association* and ha reportedly attended a 
young Ceaasnlst acting in afoseew in 1<$$ » lovell signed a petition in Vftk , 
protecting tha sespensiea of a student *ho ass an iietivt Communist* 

Curing no Investigation of lovell ne was described >y fallow 
enfloyees in tha flepartaenb of $tate as an impractical idealist aith srtrcsely 
liberal social ideas and radical political beliefs add it vet alee etited that 
lovell ate Intensely latereetsd in everything pertaining t j Busaia and had at 
Varl ;na tiaes cought confidential inforaaticn foneeralf^ Russian affaire ehish 
was net believed pertinent te the type of nerk he *as doing for thd State 
Seearttient* levaU'a nana appeared on the active indies* ef the .feshlngton 
Chapter of American ^eaee Keblllsatioa, fashlngton Ceaalteee for Aid to China, 
United African Sjxwieh Aid Coaaittee and the Xarian Andersen Citiasna 
Cosdttee* In l%t t lovell denied under oath being a Coantoiiet or going to 
36*eev* Passport reoorda failed to reveal a passport Issued to lovell for 
travel to Basele* Ha aleo denied belonging to the A orlcan Peace agbfeUisatie* 
or the Coaaanist Party* (lOX-lOSoj 121~50iaj 124-4205) 

- — ^ 

lovell *ee eaplcyed by the SepartaMt ef State fro* Kerch 31, 1936 
to 3e jtenber 3C> 1940 > at which tine he resigned* Be *at enple/ed in October, 
1W>$ by the National Sefeaee Council and later the Office of gaergoncy 
Managenentj being affiliated with the Wie* of irlee *dainieiretien* lovoll 
reelgned ire* the Office of 11*00 AdalniatraUen vn lw,h 1%1$ due te a 
reduction in feree order, Effective Septeaher 21, 1947/lcveU aaa appointed 
Coasercial 3oecialiet, Office of the United States Military CoYerna^nt, 
European Coneand* assigned to Geraaagr* Jtt* <ats of tersdaotlett froa this 
eaployaeat is anknowt and he is preeentl/ ae^lcyed in a civilian e.paettjr by 
the Sconcalc Cooperation ^daiaiatration in frankfurt, Ceraaigr* 

Suaaariee of information da Serosa files or lnrestigatlvs reports 
ocnoernlng lovell have been f ornishsd io the folloaiag individuala and 


organisational Sidney Sherwood* AieiHant Secretary It* tit* Council of 
National Defense; S^jrn* Coy, Cfflee of ikerseney Man*#tf»nt> Katthew F. 
HeGuire* Peyartaent of Juaticej Ta» \tUrnoy Ceneralf TH« JDepertieifc of 
State; DonglAt f • 'ieGrr^or, The Assistant to the Attorney General, fb« 
Intelligence 231 virion of the Any, the Civil Service CottftUelon, Congresasan 
Taber of I3«w Sork (oral), and the ^^^J^#^^^ 1 ¥<4^ t ^'fB« 

So identifiable information applicable to Lovell was located 
relating to "the central group, whose task it is to spearhead an attack 
on J. JSdgar Hoover and the FBI," mentioned by Senator McCarthy. 




osraud arjiZE 

Allt|ttiM by "anator McCarthy 

•Case Bo, 29'* 

* H« is still working in Owsraeeat work, another he 

is in the State Departaent or not I have not bsen able to nodi out, oat , 
2 know ho «u in the State Department not too lone ago, and be is otill 

in too Oovemuent service * Ihis individual according to tho utete 

£ep*rtasnt*s om Security U vision is • know Coaaunlst *e»ber. * file 
dated April 23, 1&7 shows that ho As a asaber of on underground 
Conaunist group in fashington, l. C. Both ho ond hlo wife nave boon la 
olooo touch with « functionary of tho Soviet espionage ring in Washington, 
I . c« ..*.... hlo brothor who oithor was or it in tho ftate Department 
'M o monhor of tho Vackson Heights, long Island, How lork Branch of tho 
Coawroiat party, jnis file indiootot that thio nan io not only vory 
active as * cosaanist hut is a very dangerous Ooaaanist.* 

Poaalblo Identification 

this individual apparently is Cerald grass who was tks subject 
of a loyalty invootigation which was completed in May l$ti8* (121-1521) 

£s is also tho subject of Bureau file 62-8286? reflecting a 
olooed security Hatter - C) IAB invootigation. 

the basis for the loyalty invootigation was iaf omation furnished 
by fcre. ttthryn tills Perlo, former wife of Tie tor Perlo, that Donald 
Oraae and Ruth Gordon Ura,e were neabers of the Cowwwalst Party under- 
ground in Washington, C. c. during 1933 and l?3li, at a tins when Mr*, 
Perlo was also a member. This infomatton was furnished in lSbfc* 

the results of the Loyalty investigation were as follows 

Gerald Grass and Bath Gordon were aarried in 1537* Gerald 
Oraso did not novo to Bashlngton until 1935* 

*-• Bis brother, Stanley 5rase (an eaployse of the state repartoeat) 

■ <a * B t mas a asaber of the Jaerieaa Student Union while in college. Mother 

!!"": brother, Cyril 3rase, wee a aeaber of the Jackson lielghts Branch of the 

;oawualst Tarty in Bow Tork* Gerelc' £****- and hlo wife, Ruth Gordon 
Oraso were a c q uai nt ed with Bsrry tfagdoff and Victor Perls, who were 
involved ae principals in a Soviet espionage conspiracy in faahington, 
D. C. and Hew lork City in the early 19U0's. 

tolot ^oo a rJl il> 


-<*■>» rr p 

/ 47 

It mm developed that Gerald arena had dating 1947 anaoeiatad 
oloaely nith Am Boean* a {knamtist Farty netiber for ai&ht yeora tad 
alth ^Leaner Callen Balaer, 1*0 x»i»rta<ay aotad In the opacity of 
eecreUury of the imitarground gro^j of tha Coaunnlet i-axty in t&atlngton* 
D« G # (taring part of 1946* (3»-352WL5| 33) 

It la notad Senate* McCarthy atatea tha anhjaet "ana in tha 
State iJeparteant not too long ago." .She Loyalty itnreitlfiatlQu, hoenvetf* 
refleoaa no information to indieate Hut tha eubjaot ha* bean enployad 
by tht ateea IJepartnent* Ifon tfebraary 17 # 1947 to jfecll 1, 1947, ha ale* 
howefer* enployed by tha Of flea of 5 ©r.porery Control* and it la poasibla 
that tha OTG at that Una nlfiht hava haan under tha Stata Les*rteant* 
Tha Loyalty invnetijptlon leflectad that Oerald Oraaa baa tear* employed 
by tha Faderal Security Aganoy* Ifaited stataa Bihlio Health 3enrloa froa 
October, 1947 to tea preeant Una* It ia ballatad that tha f acts ralailw 
ta tha aobjeaVe Caananlat oanmatlaae jdgbt haw apjaarad in senator 
JtoCarthy»o fllaa by *lrba» of the fact that tha subject** brother, Stanley 
araaa* «ae a State Sepertaenfc eeployee fron October* 1945 to April* 1948* 
Stanley Oraaa «ea alao tha aubject of a Loyalty InaeeUgatlon* raporta 
of abloh alao reflaatad Coanadtt activities by Ma brother* Oerald areas* 
Therefore, tha f aota relative to Oerald Oraaa would appear in tha State 
JPa pe r ta a n t filaa only for thia raaeon and apparently not booauac Garald 
Cfaraaa was hiaaalf a 3t*te Dapivtaant eeployae* 

Deports of the Loyally tavaattfgatlon of Herald Oraaa ware 
furnished to tha Ciail flawlaa coaaLaalon Jhy 8# 1948* to tha Attorney 
Oanafal Oatobar «* 1948 and to tha Jfonorabla Matthew Connelly, Saa»at«y 
to tha SresMantt ft» i&lfca Bouea* an ^auuery 19» 19(9* 

2h January, 1949* tha Sadaral Security Agsucy deolarad tha 
snbjoot inellgibla on tha grounde of loyalty to oontinna hla et^oyatent 
with that Aaenay* -Ha aaba aqa s nt ly appealed and on learati 25* 1949* ia 
reporting tha diepoeitlon of thia ansa* tha loyalty KmUm Baard advised 
tha ar.ployee had been "rettdnsd-reatored attar appeal to Loyally Havie* 
Uatxd* " 




*<Jaee lfo« 30. 1WL* men wee « production auperrleor of action 
pictaree Jfor *ha Olfy thai 1*. the Voice of Aaeriea* Ha aleo had 
previously signed an aff idavit to the effect that he i**e * aeaber iof 
the Coranoniat Party, thai !• pretty such the picture of ell that QIS 
crowd in Hew Tottu* 

this individual ii apparently Joseph Josepheoiu Bureau file* 
fail to reflect that Joseph Joeephson was investigated by tho Bureau* Ho 
disloyal inf oraatton which oca bo identified with thlo Individual la 'con- 
tained in tht Bureau files, however, thle individual i» apparently identical 
with *Caee Hoaber 38" referred to in tho aaierlal furnished to the Bureau 
on January 29j 1948 by foraer Special Agent Bobert loo an a confidential 
basis* It la noted in this connection that tho Bureau obtained photootatlo 
copies of tho teatlaony taken before the House Appropriations Cowalttee 
concerning the State Separtaent Appropriation Bill for 1949* Under tho 
testimony of Hamilton Boblnson, Director, Office of Control* Division of 
Security and InVestlgetion, on January 28 f 1948, there appeara information 
indicating that the individual Involved in *Case JJusber 28" (identified in 
iee 1 * naterial aa Joseph Joeephson) me aot eaployed by the State Departewjit 
by reaaon of reduction In force on Deoentoer % 1947* the Material provided 
by I*e shove only that a aan by the aane nana froa 1746 Seat 13th Street, 
Kings. He* 3ork City, signed a Conanaiiat petition in the State of Hew York 
in 1942* (62-3^9-1109) 

A loyalty forx\ was received in Hay, 1948 reflecting that one 
Joseph Joeephson, 5302 15th Avenue, jQrealflyc, Hew York, filed an application 
with the Civil Service Coaoieaion* Ibis loyalty iora reflecte that Joeeph . 
Joeephson Mae eaployed by the State Uepartaent, Motion Picture Dirltdan, 
Hew York j 2Sew York frora Dceesnber, 1945, to Beeeaber, 1947* Ihi » *<*» fails 
to reflect that this Joseph Joeephson ever resided at 1746 Beat 13th Street, 
Kings* Hew York* Thie form was returned on Jane 4, 1948, to the Civil Service 
CoKwisslon stamped «Ko EUloysl Data, IBI lilea«* (121*4-631649) 

Bureau files reflect that one J» Joeephson, a dentist* residing 
at 1746 £aet 13th Street, Brooklyn, Hew York, aent May Bey greetings to 

I* :*"*— ?.C.2inckttg 

<»w ,- 



< fA 

the Daily Woricer in 1943. (10O-3-4-A Daily Worker 5-23-43) The files also 
reflect Ifehat a <?• Joeopheon. DBS, 1?4© £eet 13th Street, Brooklyn. Hew 3fork, 
corresponded with the Soviet Esfcassy In Washington. D. C« in 1949. (65-30092- 
3569) TUa individual nay he identical with the abo*e-«entionod petition 



Allagattoo to gapftUr HoUrthy 

•Goto HO* 31* Thin ladi/tdaal hao boon ill Oowrmmt oorrloo flinot 
Joly 3#i2« Ho w atftt&saod la tho om«a of Jaforwittoo and Kdoootioa of the 
Ststo Doportnoat* tha Information mo not in tho flla, bo* tho hooriaso tefova 
tho lUHU»rle« Acttldtioa Coanlttoo Ohowd thwt ho ted nigim! o petition la 
few Tork la 191^0 to tho of foot U*t hi «a * nonbor of tho Caawmiat ?«rty # » 

imoiKLo ^ dootifiaotLoo 

A Ohock of our fiiao xoaoaln that tMo iaoividno* io pcwoibty tdonttnol 
with laoia Hmo* &raon fiSoa fall to raflmt that the ohom mo pttoon d 
individual ha* «w tMea lamotifiotod bar tho a**ao» and no identifiable infoioa- 
t&xt of o «&ooroim nottvo non o onttia g hia la oontoiaod in tho £Uoa of tho 
aawu othor than iaforasfe&oa poooltty yoferrtng to Mm ooatoiaod ia tho 
attorlnl ptattdod to tho somaa on Jamay 29 # 1$6» by fOtmr $*eiol Agoat 
sobart £• too m a confidential boola* in t*o»o notorial, tnwia Bom la 
idantifiod m "earn Do* 29" and information in oot forth to tho aft net thot 
•thio onployoo am boon with tho ckmomwnt ainoo *Oy» 19h2* Hit on*fto*riaoa 
Aotivit&oo comlttao mardi oacw that « piroon with tho oono am m tho 
oaojaet *eoidod ia no* totk City ond atgnad a Cfcnmniot ?orty olnctton potttioa 
la Itow York la tttoa A nom*andon furnishing thlo iaf ormtloa io dotod 
Ootobor 28* &1&, lfcr*wH*«looo> to data (Soptoabor 29» l?ltf) ao offort ta 
abnok oot this information hot boon aodo»* 

So oonmot&on with tho obum, tho laraon obtaiaod photostatic wptao 
of taotinony tokoa boforo tho tioooo Approj»-i«ttflm cowaUtoo la eomootloa 
nitfe tho Stota Dapartaant AppraprlwU« SU1 for 19l0» tUdor tho taotiam? *f 
HanlXtm ffadtaaav Olmernr* affioa of CmtnaV mviolon of 3ooorltgr m* 
lavootl^otlont on *mamr *» »W» thoro ia oot fteia laforootloa ta tho af foot 
that tho ladivJdool imolved jn «Cooo lfo« 29" mo mplogM V tho S*ota laport- 
amt hovlic how w op|«wod # » (63*39?J»£"WQ9) 

«x«on OJAueroTfaldjtgjim 

,l'« IL-M1M 

-'J -. \* 



Allegations of Senator McCarthy 

"Case No. 32. lhie individual has bean 
with the Oovernaent aince July 1942. 
Be was stationed In the Office of Education 
and Information in the State Department. 
It will be noted aa I go through that 
hlgheet percentage of these indiriduala 
vera stationed in acne information branch of 
the Government. According to the th -American 
Activities Coenittee, he had signed a petition 
in 1940 to the effect that hf was * mestoer 
of the Communist Party. lbs State Department 
took no action whatsoever upon this caes, 
and ao far aa I know, the inveatigative unit 
there conducted no further investigation aa 
to him, tmleaa It ma fairly recently. n 

Possible Identification 

A review of Bureau JT ilea indicatee that the individual referred to 
in the above quotation by Senator McCarthy is apparently Aobert Roes, alee. 
Robert %aenfeld« 

Die Bureau's records reflect that an investigation of this individual 
was conducted aa a Special Inquiry for the State Department under Public 
Law 402, 80th Congress (Voice of America). The request for thia investigation 
was received from the State Department on May 15, 1948, and the results were 
furnished to the State Department on July 15,, 1948 • 

Ihe Bureau's investigation reflected that Robert Hoas was bom Robert 
Hoaenfeld May 27, 1920, in Brooklyn, Hew Tork> and that Ma name wae legally 
changed to Sober* Soea on October 5$ 1942. Hoes waa employed ^uly 1, 1942, 
by the Office of Iter Information, $ew lork City, aa a Junior Editorial 
Assistant; was transferred to the Department of State on January 1, 1946, 
and mas serving as Acting Chief, ftadlo IVogram Branch, International 
Broadcasting Division of the State Department, Item York City, aa of July 15, 194#f 




* e ** ^ '■« 

The indices of the House Committee on Un-American Activities 
reflect that a Sobert Ross was a Section Organiser for the Communist 
party in the 18th Assembly District, Kings County, ihe source of this 
information was given as the February 19, 1941# issue of the "Daily 
Worker" page 5. 1*gs 5 of thia issue of tha *Dally Worker" contains 
a reprint of a telegram received by Farl Browder protesting the decision 
of the United States Supreme Court on February 17, 1941, which resulted 
In Browdar being sentenced to a four year prison term. 3his telegram 
was signed by Robert <toss as Section Organizer for the Section Committee, 
18th Assembly District, Kings County* 

Investigation "by the New Tork Field Division revealed that the 
subject of this case has always resided in the 13th Assembly District, 
Kings County, New lork, wbioh is the 15th Congressional District of 
Weir York. No other Information was developed by which it can be 
definitely proven whether the Robert 3ese mentioned In the "Daily 
Worker* is or is not identical with the Sebert Hoes employed by the 
State Department. {123-977) 

Information contained in the Bureau's files on Robert Ross was 
disss *inated only tc Mr. James T. Lewis, Division of Foreign Activity 
Correlation, Department of State, 515 22nd Street, Northwest, Washington, 
D. C. 

The Bureau^* file on Robert Ross indicates that he was still 
employed by the Department of State as of July 15, 1948. 


ft-.:/,i i.flL 

vtO? 191 '♦ 3w T^ofcafe i« Tifttly rpsoh tha ^.no ns la *ho latt 4?»«*§ t 
oso**t th t Ju> 4* la ■* lO^wml-fiad Toattiwi 'it ti*??M*rt tit* 
in «i* 3flfie# *# lafoittotiia an* 'amtiiNw "?hit mn, l temt 
t'«fUUd?« ia la *ho tffioo of X&fttn'AlMi m& ttodntlta of iho 
7 tPta ■.**»*. ■*»*• »o alensd m aT?1&yU in 1540 thrt ht skw d 
ctaniKtf -?f £•© -C^ismvii«it Frdrfgr* Ha J*,« &5©a la $1» "wtmiMai 
sdfvia.j -;lno4 ifH»l« Amtnwil|r ro chooh vna mute on hin at Id 
J4« otuof 3«.rmnrt fwiiTUlM, aad 1 iv-wt ne> fttrthas' iAftomtiMi 

. Jiirto af *2i* :^w«a»f» fUfri ifidlftatftt %te % it* Individual sioaU'afld 
i>y tfa* ©fiu'^? la ^irtbly l*«Ktla*il saith otptixiaA *ubj#et it n ? >lw of 
>/3eiiea ionttstlc tloiu 

•Wi* i*e&a t»iao« iWsr*, l?41 f tat b**ft *»l-$Nl »« CbWP 

itt«n%'ifUA r^oei'B fidtor, »»a?« iotf»l, fi8 iht ilfiwj «f a ^wi*» »*«rty 
wntoitlne rofcUtoa in iW' ; . "tiUw «rX0jr«*« rt*t«a ««rt>,}*Jt *w« « £oe«anlgt 
forty Xiao to*w*« m #»i& *h&« >l«x?&X fc*ft J-aovX^dd thr* om ^f »l* 
flcpl yeo* iw tKponrlMft mil a CaoMiUt* Aaothtr f alldv vz&Uyo* **14 |h*t 

i«fi»l Jted et? t«A *h*tt o:* «f -jiMl'ft r®t*r*m* km n Comnnittl* '.'o TjeorA 
»f *jy dhf'^,.i It i<x*l'« «B5a$3i««aft wltii tt» *lnU ;«>*rt«lttt *?■$**• ia tho 
.rarau't, fila# ^j;.io| of VeiiM of Marten -»r*fft# wim tr/»n»rUte4 t? tte .tf|i« 

WJftnont oil t:aiy -:6» , «3«alio» 6, Tiia TootMnr B t 10A&* -?«piw of y»«orl9 
:w«r« trvm-'-nt^a t * tha fiifil ilertic© ^rftisiiio^iugttst 5, 1S48 m& ^'cy ;>3» 
1345. (Xi^SlS) 

•toliot „ , , - 


!■»>»■»— ^ 


^ |M (HWl» »il» »Wt l W 

T*l#i Itoo tt. r ._ 

0M to Jl;in| JJ|r f . 


i rf n»w «»iw<» rw n r u* 


All^ mticn ft Tag t^nator t &darttg t 

»0*» tte« 3U tfcia latUvldoal aaa bo*n In Bwsla io 2d?6» 
and tooaoe a aatoirallaad batted States cltlaan la J#3S* hrcw July* aaja 
io April, l&O, to WMfctd for *atorg Eroding Ocaixaatlon***** fhJa ana 
sasarfced for thai oavparAtlta wttdl l^UO, U* votfcad with tba Jteritisa Union 
froa &sna to -ug-^t, 1&2* wan with tba mi fron Psbraaay, 1#£ to Stitoaat?* 
1&6, than was tawaferwd to tba 3tate DopartraeaU His f tla ehaea tbat 
ho fcea Tasy doe* oomdetlta with th* Cotwaaiet eeaioaega agonte** 
%»« I fretfclor do not knew oheth r ho is still in tba dt&to aapartaaat or 

jftHWibio Idotttlf tytlflft 

A rsvSev of itanww f Ilea indio*t*s tfeot aaas So. 3fe Is appatanttgr 
fctentiool with ma Parade 3fentagaa« this Indlvidaal nao Ixneatl&stsd by 
tbe3o?«au itticfertbs Lcr/al^ ^agrttn dor 2t« tho early partly* of 19i*fl. 3* 
nea tban an assOc^es of th§ of ilea of a^ocaaUon and Sdaoatloa of tha Stata 
fiapavtaanU tha l rt w sti«atio tt wlftad her date ana jOooa of aicth «a est 
Xcrta afeovo and har fewer enpXag?noftt witb '** *otorg trading Cotpcretion 
£wc 2$3li to I&l* ibo national aarittoa fctfon In Ma and vltb tha Qfflea 
>£ i-ar Iafewatioa Croa a&g io 3$iiD» B» l«»eti#rtfc** further jaflseted 
that tor fcaabaad *as at one tias an an:0^«o of the Scuriat ftarohaeinB 
Cas&leeloa* tjneHbat&nUatad m tt-o shloh wore tToa:*ibls of t»lae oorrotoeretsd 
tfaroetft oatoootaa laaestiGatlon ladlo&tad that bar r-ujbaad had possibly at 
oas tlaa written an artlola or articles for the «S3et Jy Soaker* a&d coe un- 
aubetaetieted allegation In tha nature of a row.efciob extensive lnssptigottai 
oould not oorrobarato, Indicated thai h?r hasband was a Cocawdat* *m 
trwoatlsatlon otherwise failed to substantiate er ladlaaie any Ooansiat 
Barty a»otacsftjlp on tha part of tha oav^aat «7 OoeamJM htrty aet^rlVa 
or aiy ocataet »ith Sgvi^t aop&aoaaa ac«nt«, 

tbo aoperto i^rop«cod la tea loyalty eaaa tam f orwardad to 
tha &y11 .'-arfftat coaaiaaloa oa Hareh 27* !St3» and oa ttr l* t ^^» «■ 
aaaa xapcrta vara foaaarstad to tha State ffepartaant laaaaada aa tbi ixAUiAaH 
km than aa apf^amt far a poaiUan alto tha V«ioo of %*rlxu <te Augoat 17» 
1^# t*» eiTll sarrloa Comlaal£a ladloatad tsgr ita fow lattar ttet ilia 
-aafOflgfM had baaa Xowd %Ue£^a ca loQfalt^* 4 ^*»aa fUaa do not ladloata 

^ that tMa l««llrldtaa lias tonalaatad har dowaaant aapa ujaant* (12W3?1| 

*.« X2>4»60) 

.^* c y ,«„.. 

Karbo . 




Olfla *V OSHAICa 


mi* individual hs» been in the United Statee iince 1930 
and *aa *»ploy»a by th« Office of Xnforaation and Education on 
*pril «* 1947. £e worked for the Ituaaiaa Sabaaey in ffurkey for 
throo yearii. ?*o* 1944 to 1947 ne *« nitn * ftteaian welfare 
eociety. »hia individual 1« » wry oloaa aeeoci&te of a known 
Conauniet now also aith the Voice of Aaeriea broadcast. Jbe note 
eaya that thia individual is atili with the Voice of A«ric« broedcaat.* 

Ihe 8ureeu filea reflect an iwreetigation aaa conducted 
ooncer»in* thia individual under hiblio lav 402, 80th Congreea 
(Voice of iaerica) In May and June 194«* 

Copioe of report* in inataat oaae **x* eeat to tha 
Departaant of State on Juna 24, 194a. 

Oanatoh «aa aaployed in Conatantinople, turkey at tha f or- 
•er Rnaaian Wtweey about 1921 «• a welfare worker to care for 
refugeee* by the Itaaaiaa CWldran'a Welfare Society. Vev *<** City aa 
a eocial worker 1944* 1947j by tha international Broadcaat Diviaion 
(fiuaaian J&yielon), Department of State, ainoe 1947 to May 1948. 

the inveatlgation did not reflect any derogatory infornatlon. 





xhthur icasat uwmi 

Allegations of Senator McCarthy 


"Capo gnpfeo* 38» Thie individual i« employed in a wy roeponeible 
poeition in the aroadeaating Divieion oJT the Toioe of Aearioa* As early m 
Deoeifcer 10, 1946V investigation by tht State Department fa eeeurity agency 
•honed that tnie am wit fanatioal Coemniet* that he wae anticapitalietic* 
And definitely followed the Cenenmist Party line* In thii eaae there were 
reports froa teo different Oovernaent investigative agenoiee* Another Oovero- 
nent investigative agency advissd that a reliable inforaent reported that 
a weU-tawm Coasanist in Newark, Hew Jersey, gave hia the unqualified infor- 
aation that this individual was a paid-up fellow party neaber* Ibile aoting 
as a newspaper reporter prior to his present eaploysent with the Voice of 
Arteriea broadcast he was reported by his superiors to have colored his nsws 
reports with Cossnsdst theory, and did not give oosplete and unbiased coverage 
to each reports* That is important beeauee it ie this individual vho la now 
handing out nsws reports on the Voice of America program* A vry doss 
friend of this individual and Ms brother stated that both ere definitely eonemniet*" 

Poaeible Identification 

Thii individual apparently it Arthur Milton Kaufman* 

J The Bureau filee refleet that a loyalty inwatigatlon mas conducted 

1 from February 14, 1948 » to March 18, 1948* concerning Arthur Hilton Kaufman, 
Policy Information Specialict, Department of State $ *hoee esqploym&t idth the 
Department of State we indioatad ae hating begun in Kay, 1943* flgh 1g1T| te , 

This inr cetiaation dieoloeed that on Hay 3> 1945* Confidential 
Informant I l of known ireliabllity, adrieed that Joe Pearitaan ifeom he 

deadribed ae Mwabcrehip Director of the Coraxauniat Party of Hudeoit County. 
Hew Jersey, had told bin that Kaufman nme once a Party member* The aaaa 
information nee furniahed by the Department of State ae an addendum to 
Kaufman's loyalty form, nhieh information **e indicated «e baring been 
developed during the oouree of an lnreetigatioa of Xaufiaan by the Chief 


DHP:mp mod seal '( 


~^mittit » ^w T TkLt> il«l^> 



Special Agent of the Department of State. Kaufman, tftio formerly worked as 
a reporter la Newark, Hew Jersey, we an off leer of the Hewark Chapter of the 
American Xewspaper Guild and wae active In aeveral American Xewapaper Qatid 
strikes against two New Jersey newepapers during the 1930s. Sditore of the 
Km Jersey newspapers involved in these atrikee described Kaufman as a 
Communist but were unable to farnieh evidence of such connections. A former 
President of the Xewark Chapter of tha .American newspaper Guild advised that 
during these strikes, a radical or leftist faction developed within the Guild 
which faction was aidad iaaeaaurably by .Coomunist Party nenbere from Hew York 
City, this Individual further informed that tthile Kaufman associated with, , ' 
voted for, and took an active part in the affairs of this leftist faction of 
the Guild which followed tha Communist Party line, he had no definite knowledge of 
Communist Party membership on the part of Kaufman. JSr. Herman lazarus, a Bayonne, 
Hew Jersey publisher, stated that Arthur Kaufman and hie brother Sam Kaufman, both 
were believed by him to be connected with the Communist Party but he had no direct 
evidence to support this belief. Arthur Xaufman admitted maabership In the 
United Public Workers of America, CIO. While aeveral former fellow employeee 
and acquaintancee in New York City described Xaufman as a "liberal thinker" 
they regarded him ae loyal. Arthur Kaufman' a wife Beatrice, was lieted as 
a member of the league of Cornea Shoppers, Hewark, Mew Jersey. 

The results of the loyalty investigation concerning Arthur Hilton 
Xaufman were furnished to the Civil Service Conmiseion under date of Harch 18, 
1948 and under date of f ebruary A, 194V> the Oivil Service Commission adviaed 
that Kaufman was retained in hie position. The Apartment of State and Alexander 
U. Campbell, Assistant Attorney General, were furnished the reaults of tbie 
loyalty investigation under dates of June 14* 1943 and March 24, 1949, reepectlvely. 

Under date of Xovenber 23, 1949, Alexander II. Campbell advised that 
on the basis of available evidence, prosecution of Arthur Hilton Xaufman wae not 

According to this individual 1 a file, he was employed as Sadio Information 
Specialist (Shift Chief), Oil, International Broaddsating Division, Department of 
J State, ae of Xovember 9, .1949. 


max wmu vouh 

Allegation! by Senator McCarthy 

*Caae Ho# 39* This individual vae appointed on January 2, 192*7* 
as an economic analyiat in Research and Intelligence* Again we find the 
old pattern back 1ft Intelligence* He Had been employed by the Soviet 
Purchasing Qoaolasion for a period from 1932 to 19i£* In other word** he 
worked for the Soviet Purchasing Coamission for 13 years. It was established 
by the State Department t a own Investigator that this individual could not 
have qualified for a position with the Soviet Purchasing Conmission unleaa 
he were a aeaber of the Cowauniet Party ♦ Despite this f act, this individual 
was given a Job in Intelligence) which, as may have been noted* seems to be 
a favored spot for the C&anunlflta* 

*A* to this individual, I frankly do not knew Aether he is no* in 
the State Department or not* 11 

Possible Identification 

yolla it apparently identical with the person mentioned Tjy Senator 
McCarthy. "He was the subject of a loyalty. investigation whloh *raa ooapleted 
by the Bureau in Maroh, 19u8 at which time reports were sent to the Civil 
Service commission* 

This investigation disclosed that Tolin was born in Germany, 
emigrated to the United States la 1921 and was naturalised in Detroit, Michigan 
in 1929* Be was employed as an interpreter by agencies and affiliates of the 
Soviet Government from 1932 to 19li$, including "Autostroy, - Dearborn, Michigan, 
Commissariat of Medina Machine Building Industries, Detroit, Michigan and the 
Soviet Governaent Purchasing Commission, Washington, D. C. Vlotor Kravchenko, 
a former Aatorg official, stated that X« Xarzov, who was the head of one of the 
bureaus of the Soviet Purchasing Commission which embraced "Autostroy" and 
"Medina Machine Industries" was In charge of economic espionage for the USSR in 
the United States* Kravehenko said that Tolln could nww have been pttoaoted 
to Xarsov's staff without having been either a Coaaunlst Party aeaber or a very 
strong sympathiser* Another foraer Amtorg employee stated that he knew Volin 
when the latter worked at "Autostroy" and that he *as sure Volln was a Communist 
Party member} furthermore, that Volln must have enjoyed the complete confidence 
of his superior, Karsov, vhowas believed by the informant to have been an OOPU 

Volln was employed as an economic analyst by the tf. S« Department of 
Commerce from October 2h, X9h$ to December It, 19u6 when he was released due to 
a reduction in force* He was employed $» a research analyst from January 2, 
19h7 to February 22, I9I18 and as an economist froa the latter date imtll his 




'• -V 

*&m^ m ^^*9^ m ~*^^'***B^e>*? 


resignation, both in the Office of Intelligence Beacarch, Department of State* 

On April 28* 1948, Bob Ut* advised Mr* Gordon Seaae that Congrcssiiaa 
tabor waa contemplating eending a latter to the State Department Inquiring aa 
to why no motion had boon taken concerning four of their employees, including 
Max Volin, who were of unsavory background and who had been mentioned in Lee' a 
investigative report on the State Department* tee wee adTiaed that a report 
of a loyalty investigation of Yolln containing disloyal data had been forwarded 
to the Civil Service Commit aion# 

On September 21, 1948, the Uyalty Beview Board adviecd that Volin 
had realgned or waa otherwise separated froa Federal servioo* (121*1745) t 

On September 29, 1949, the Waahington Field Of floe waa instructed to 
institute an eaplonage investigation of Volin* This eeee la presently in 
pending atatne* lo evidence of eaplonage activity haa been developed thua far* 

^gg „-.-.,. --,- 

ttUvl fl L 

lllolioli r t r . 

*<**»,».„>■. „,, 

Trac y 
Hart * 

vat * 





AUeaetloae by SffiftUl *toC»»*to» 

Cat* # 40 

•It thai «f aatthtr iadlvleaal is letearah, la the state Separtacat 
tiatt 1947, X do not fear* too auth lnforaetiea or thit, except tbo general 
ttatcaeat by the agency that there it ntthlag la tht f iltt to dltprevt bio 
ooaannlttlt eenaeetioat, Bo it ttill with tho «evera*eat,« 

Fit tttU MffiH*l«iHw 

fhie iadlTidaal it pottltly Mito Sotellc Gordon *he, early la 1943, 
vat known to ho eapleycd la tho Frograa Settita, Itfalrencatt J5 ranch, Signal 
Corps, ia Vathiagtoa* 9* 0., and vac la Wovenber, 1940 v vat oat of ttveral 
ladlvidaalt roetaatadtd for traatftr to tho Departacat of State by tht Awr, 
Very Uqaldatioa Coaaittita. (100-205866-1) (62.80866-4) 

tho Jarotn filoo reflett no iavattigatloa vat eoadaettd eoactrnlng 
thlt iadivldual. 

Thla individual It poaeibly identical with tht Individual rtforrtd 
to at "Cat* Ho, 45" in tht atttrlal provided to tht Bureau on January 29. 1948, 
on a confidtntial baeit by f oracr Special Agent Robert E. tot, although vtry few 
£i°J5 EV**/*? 1 4* s «~tw JloCtrthy't allegation upon which an identification 
««Od &• bated. Loo'o material Identified "Cast 8o. 45" at Katell*. Gordon and tot 
forth information that the had been a Corrttpoadtnct Rattarch Cltrk In tht Divitioo 
of labile liaison alnoe torch, 1947. She wa* JTomerly with tht Offiot of Fertign 
liquidation Coasilttea and with the War Department. It vat further indicated there 
war* no indications in the file (apparently State Department file) that any in- 
vestigation hae been conducted regarding her background, however, information wat 
reecivtd on October % 1947, fron a fox-mar supervisor in the War Department to 
tht tffaot that aha la a Cosaunlst. It wat furthtr Indicated that tht file was 
reopened on the basis of thia Information, but no report wac submitted at of 
October 31, 1947. 

«•« ■* *In''cShhtetion with tht abovt, the Bureau obtained photoatatio copioe 

•U'«^flf-ttttlaony taken btfort tht Eoute Appropriations Conalttot In connection with 

Z"^.?J aU « I) ??* rt * w ^/ p|3 r ,prU ^ l0,ia Bm **" XW). Under the tottimony of 
^-flaallton Robinton, Director, Office of Control, Divlalon of Security and Invatti- 

^OSSS S^ *?*•,£ ££ r ?S? **«***■■ *• ^ •«•<* that tht individual involved 
Ma g — Hr "Cata Mo. 45" (identified In Lee's aaterlal aa Bstella Cordon) was employed by 
t.i.7^3^ State Dtpartotnt "pending further Invettlgation." (©2-39749-1109) 

Z Z W. F. W00DS:raa:js 3t 


Allegation by Sanator McCarthy 

•Case No. 41 is of an individual barn In 1910, in Cleveland* Ohio, appointed 
to a high position with tho State Department drawing the sum of $8,478.75 as «n 
Assistant Chief In tho Division of Occupied Areas. Ho is still in * high-paid posi- 
tion in the State Department. Investigation by the State Department's own Security 
agency disclosed that nest of his close associates and friends have records as fellow 
travelers and Communists, lie admitted having contributed money to a Comwunlat-front 

"There is a memorandum In the file to the effect that Joe Fanueh had made 
considerable efforts to gst this man out of the State Department. He was unsuccessful, 
however, and incidentally, the information 1 get— and this is not so much from the 
files— is that this man Fanueh triad to do a Job of housecleanlng and was given aome- 
what of a free nand wier Jimmy Byrnes in starting to accomplish the Job* However, 
when Byrnes left and Marshall took over— Senators will recall Acheaon was then Under 
Secretary— the * irat official act of General Marshall was to discharge the man, Paunch, 
Obviously. General Marshall did not know anything about the situation. Some one of 
the tinder lings said, 'Get rid of this man.' It would seem to be only the logicsl 
thing that he would not, as his first official act, discharge a man, unless the Ohder 
Secretary said, 'Get rid of him}' which is rather unusual. Here is one man who had 
tried to do the Job of houaeoleaning and tho ax falla. B 

Ppjjiblc Identification 

This individual is apparently Daniel Franks Margolies. Bureau files disclose 
that Margolies was inveetigated under the Hatch Act in 1942. Subsequently a loyalty 
Investigation was Initiated in 1948 and information developed during the Hatch Act 
investigation was utilised and reported in the Loyalty oaae, The investigation dis- 
closed he was bom April 13, 1910, at Cleveland, Ohio, Margolies transferred from 
the Department of interior on January 10, 1947, to Assistant Chief, Office of Economic 
Security Controls, Production and labor Section, Department of State, Washington, D. C, 
which position is presently designated as Chief, Production and labor Section, Division 
of Occupied Areas, Office of Soonomie Affairs, Department of State, 

Margolies' loyalty Perm shows affiliation with the American Leagae for Peace 
*»«*-««*• Democracy and the national lawyers Guild. During a Hatch Act interview on Jtme 
«•*— *fcr 1942. Margolies admitted to Bureau Agents that be was a member of the American 
J^— isigue for Peace and Democracy and that he had made contributions to the organisation, 
w*>3P amounted to less than $10.00. 

«m An informant advissd that Margolies chose friends In 1937, who were either 

ww— party members or extremely sympathetic to Communism and named the friends as Charlse 
""x-Fleto, Charles Kramer, John J. Abt and Ben Allen. Plato and Kramer were involved in 
«i*. ftoo^gOT^ agpionage conspiracy in Washington and Hew Tork In tho early 1940's and 



. — 301-5132 B. 3. Rasmussentcgssg/^t C? „j,t- 

121-787 i Jt 

wars Coaaunist Party Banners* Abt was also inrolrsd In the atove-aentioned espionage 
conspiracy and vu a aenber of the Coaaunist underground in Washington, B* £•* in 
1936 and 1937* Ben Allen is an adaitted Coaaunist Party aeaber and worked with 
Margolies en the Baeeutlre Conaittee of the Aaarinan federation of Gorernnent 
,&sployses, Lo ca l 20$ • 

A reliable iaroraant adrisad ^ergoliea was an intiaate friend of om Blisabeth 
Hala ami resided with her In an anartsant where meetings were held which tha informant 
characterised aa Cosaanietic. Uergoliss was also described as a olosa friend and 
assooiata of Sol Rabkin, a aeaber of tha Washington Coaaittee for Deaoeratic Action, 
Aaerlsan league for Peace and Deaocracy and tha Washington Bookshop Association* 

Another reliable infonaant adrisad nargolies was a olosa friend of lOaanor 
Kelson while oonnsotad with tha Aaarioan federation of OoYarnsant laployaaa* Eleanor 
Kelson has baan dasaribad as a oontaot hatwaan tha Cawannist Party noreaent in iraehiagten, 
D* C», and tha national Cosooniat party heodquarters in ntm York City* 

Znforaenta also adrisad Hargolias waa friantly with to. and Krs. aortimar 
Wolfs* Dortiaar Ualfe waa an aaaooiata of indiriduala involved in Soriat aapionaga 
oonapiraoy in 1940. and his wife, Ann, waa a aaabar of several Co—mist front crgani- 
aatlons. In 1947, aapXoyaa and his wifa wara olosa social aoqoaintanees of Allan and 
Bros Rosenberg and Harold and faye Olaeser* Rosenberg snd Olaseer wara involved in 
tha Soviat aapionaga conspiracy in Washington daring 1940, and wara aaaooiataa of 
knoan Coaaonista and Sanaian gppathisers* 

Investigative raporta aant to CSC Uarch 3, 1948, and to tha Dapartaant 
Febronry 20, 3949* tha Civil Service Coaeiaeion adrisad by lattar datad July 27. 
1949, that Hargolias had baan *rstainad« and tha Dapartaant adrisad by lattar datad 
tiay 9, 1949* 1&at no oriainal prosasution was contemplated. 

Tha Aaariaan Zaagaa for Peace and Daaoeraey, tha Washington Coaaittas for 
Daaocratio Action and tha Washington Bookshop Association hare baan declared within 
tha purview of Sxeootive Order 9935, by tha Attorney General* tha national Lawyers 
(Jalld haa baan oitad as a Ceeaualat front by tha House Conaittee on Tto-toerioan 

Boreen file conosrning Hargolias Indicates ha ieeHH aaployed by tha 

State Depart— nt. 


Klcnol s^ £ 1V 
*<"»*>„,*„ „» „, 

***»**.-„ „„, 

narb o. , R . .. . 

Tsle. ftoo n 
Meas e , , 

Qsnd y 


-t " • 


Allegations by Senator MoCarthy i 

'This individual came to the United States in 191*0, and was naturalised 
in Alabama in 19l*3. Bo return*! to Germany *» a civilian employe* of the Way 
Department in November, 19l*6. He was appointed by the State Department to one 
of our intelligence departments. Both bis brother and sister ar* listed as 
poaaible agent* of the Comintern* and are active in Communist circles. There was 
evidence reoemwending dismissal. The report is that the evidenoe is sufficient 
to recommend dismissal. There is no information that indicates anything other 
than close Communist connections. Despite this fact, this man was never fired, 
but finally resigned in June, 191*7.* , 

Possible IdenUfioation i 

This individual is apparently Gottfried Thomas Mann. HO investigation 
of him has been conducted by the Bureau. 

According to information in Bureau files Gottfried Thomas Mann, born 
March 27> 1909, la Munich, Germany, applied in the spring of 191*2 to the American 
Consulate General, at Vancouver, B. C.» Canada, for, an Immigration Visa to enter 
the United States as a permanent resident. He was scheduled to reside with his 
parents, Thomas and Katharine Mann at pacific Palisades, California. Cm May lo, 
19l*2, the Interdepartmental Visa Committee ruled unfavorably on .Mann's application 
because he was excluded as an alien enemy by reason of his birth in Germany and 
because of derogatory information concerning one of the sponsors who had Communist 
connections. (hO-2^39) 

The files further reflect that Gottfried Thomas Mann is the brother of 
Erlka Julia Hedwig Auden, also known as Erik* Mann, and Klaus Henrich Thomas Mann. 
It is further reflected in Bureau files that according to information reoeived 
from OKI in 19l*£, Krika Auden was reported to be an active agent of the Comintern 
and reportedly was active in Berlin before Hitler oame into power* Her brother, 
JOeus Mann, was allegedly Stalin's agent in Paris and in 191*1, was editor of the 
imblieation, 'Decision,* supposedly anti-Nazi, but reportedly an actual Communist 
Party publication. (o$-1739*-32) 

This individual is apparsntly identical with "Case #1*7* referred 
to in the material furniehed to i.he Bureau on January 29, I9l*8j by former 
Special Agent Robert :P. Lee on a confidential basis setting forth substantially 
the same information as alleged hy Senator McCarthy. It is noted in this 


connection that the Bureau obtained photoatatic copies of teatiffiony taken 
before the House Appropriations Conaaittee concerning the State Department 
Appropriation Bill for 19h9> Onder the testimony of Hamilton Robinson, 
Director* Office of Control, Division of Security and Investigation, there 
appears information to the effeot that the individual involved in "Case fkl* 
(identified in Ue^s Material as Gottfried Thomas Mann) urns not -employed 
by the State Department, having resigned Hay 26, 191*7* (&-3?7lt9-110?.) 



»rqh.ola g 


dot Stm 7ishb#di 

AP-tnttta 2z Smlftg Htfarthy 

•Cm* #43 1* that of aa ladtrldaal m* 1* a romaroh analyst la tho 
Slvtsloa of Etiw«li for tho far Jaot, Bo woo * *oo m* ad * d for tho position V on 
iadlYidaal*mm*Uit*d hy thomaoapriaoipal to a Sort* B*ploaaf» 
Cm*, fho waord iadloat** ho i« jroaalag Tory olomly with a paok of Omnuultt*. 
Thl* amla la th* old pattora - om dmaaalat «*t* lata a dopartmat, aad ho 
loooaaoad* aaoth*r, Xa this out tho m mid tho ma mo va* trying to g*t hla 
la i« a priaelpal la a S*rl*t ocploBaf* oaoa.* 

ffffttlt HmttftotttM 

tola iadiwldaal it apparently Sm fishhook aka 3m Ylskbaoh. 

3trm rmord* rofloet that San ftshhsnk aka San n*hoaoh, H*s*ar*h 
Analyst, 2HLri<ilon of Bamaroh for Ih* far last, V. 8. I*«par*n*nt of Stat*, 
Ymhlaftoa, D. 0. was lav**tlgat*d moor Jbcoeatim Ordsr 9835 at tho r*<ia*st 

of tho Stat* D*parta*at.froa March to May, 1HB, 

fho lawtlmtloa dlsolosod that ttshoaok V Mo ow amission att*ad*d 
oeoasloaal aostiagc of tho Jaorieoa I****** Imiaot War aad Taoolm aad th* Aaariesa 
Stodmt tJaloa. Yorthor that Saa flshosok, 1840 tfashlagton iw«a, How Tork City, 
Mat a pott card to District Jtttoraoy fhoBoa S. B*woy la 1842 prot*stlag th* per- 
Jary prosooatlm aad ooavlotloa of lbrris IT, 8*h*pM*, a mahor of tho Conmalot 
Farty and a pr*f*sser at 0*ll*co of tho City of S*v T*rk. Sehappoo *» Mf* **• 
o*ariot*d *f p«rjary la eoaa*otl*n with tho Xapp Cmdort Coanltto* lnr**tl<*tl*n 
•f Coamaist aotlrltloo la **w fork Schools, 

¥v* Termor follow oapUy*** la th* **st Offlo* JJ*partmat, low Tork City, 
wh« faralsh** olgaoa statramts adrl**d that nskhaok froomatly dlsonss«d Cmmalm 
•ad dofoodod Bassla, alwoyo opok* la far*r of Conmalm aad rldlenl*d aayoa* *** 
was *mlast aaythlaf mssla did or oatd. A farm? aolthhor aftrl**d la a sln*d 
statmmt that J*Ua Tlthoaok, *Utor of **, had toM tho a*l#hor that hor 
teoth*r^ Saa Ylthhaek, 1* a C*am*l*t. 

Booordo of Collofo *f th* City of **w To* rofl*et that Sm flshoaek, 
aSSO Wathlagtoa Avomo, 3»ro«a, •!*aod a potltloa for approval of tho Asorloaa 
Stadoat Cal*a Charter la th* Sprla« of 1938. thorn rooordo haro *lao* h**a 

3. r. KIUOUX:poy:ee 


T9l*. =R00 B. 

r* — ■ " 66 

., *.f 

Johft X»» Jtaret, ItaMr Direeter ef tha Jliad Sehool of Social Solaace 
la Xe* Toric Ctty t **rtee4 the State ^p&rteant that ?iah**elt had $eeft dawrifced 
te WL* ae oae ef a ttuwh of ftet^gltei mud tfcet 7i*M>ac)c felleved the gmwualit 
Tarty U*e# 

She Awarloan Leacoa J^palnst Var aad Taaeiaa aad the Oammivt Party 
hare %ee» declared V the Atteraiy <*a*a*al te eoae vlthitt tha Tpttrrta* ef Sxeeutlre 
Order 9836. ^he iaarlean Student ifelea vaa eltad nt OninUt ffcaat or*aaliaUa* 
hy the 8a*te OeaMtttee :o* W*-*wrleaa Setlrltiee* 

R«S*H» mat i» fli-rll ftanrta* Qtmittloa Xiy 13,1949. 

loyalty S«rl«w !««*& «»r Ugg, »» gg »«rt«r 30, 194$ *b»* fl«Waak Haft 

ttaa «3«taia«**. Source : 



Strata f 11m do swt rsflACt tfcat FiaKbacfc «w raccnrnklad for a poeitlon 
by a principal In a SorUt Xtplcotjs caaa ma aUagoi "by iSeoator JSeCarthy. 



Allfrgfttionf bv sonata? McCarthy 

"Case Ho, 44* This Is a rather Interesting caae of an Individual 
who vat sent to Paris to represent the State Department* A note dated 
September 15, 1947, listed bin as cleared for Unesoo placement. JHe was 
described in reports by various witnesses as interested in communism and 
by his rooa mate at the International Rouse as a Communist* He pals around 
with a friend of two individuals known to be either Caaaunists or fellow 
travelers* There is something in his file which 1 think is rather interesting* 
A note addressed to 'David* and signed <M» inquires as to whether there is 
danger of this individual having another mental breakdown, which he had at 
one time in the past* While I do not havs the exact wording of the note it, 
in effect, says get rid of this man, otherwise he may break and cause embarrass- 
ment if Congress gets ahold of bin. The note is contained in the man's private 
file* It is a pencil note, Reading such stuff as this, one is not surprised 
at the {resident's action in signing the order, lowering the curtain," 

possible identification 

Ibis individual is apparently identical with William Prapsr Carter 
who was investigated by the Bureau in 1942 as an employee of the Office of 
the Coordinator of Inf oxmation* Carter was a member of the league of 
American Writer*, fie had formerly resided at International Rouse, Uew Xork 
City. An official at International Kouee characterised Carter's political view* 
as "to the left of the middle* and stated that he was an ardent Hew Dealer, 
This official added, however, that Carter oould not be classified ae a Ccamunist 
or as a radical* Another official at International Bouse stated that Carter *s 
political views were those of the left-winger but that he was not radical and 
certainly was not Communistic* (77-243U-4) 

William P. Carter was employed for one year a* a private secretary 
to his father Xdward C, Carter, lareetor of the Institute of Pacific Halations. 
Edward C* Carter was on the Executive Counoil of the American Russian Institute 
and was head of Russian far Belief, Incorporated. William Carter's mother was 
Chairman of the China Aid Council* (77-34311*4) 

£" William Carter had a twin brother who committed suicide in Hew Tork 

Ju l C ity around 1934* Tble incident caused a very serious reaction on the part 
«- J o f William Carter and, thereafter, for a period of five years he was under the 
»o W n p are of a psychiatrist and was finally declared to be completely .recovered in 
*•« 1939, '(77-24311-4) 


Copies of the reports in this Investigation were furniehed to the 

r^'Hjffiw of the Coordinator of Information in May and June, 1942* Copies of the 
~~~iame reports were furniehed to the Offioe for Saergenoy Management in October, 

3«* ..• 68 ,«^ 



ff °° o* 

This Individual i« apparently identical trith William D# Carter 
nho i§ described in material provided to the Bureau on January 29, 19481 
by fomer Speoial Agent fiobert E* lee on a confidential basis at ^Case 
Ko# 50«» Information set forth therein is substantially the same at 
alleged by Senator McCarthy* Zt ie noted in this connection that the 
Bureau obtained photostatic copies of testimony taken before the House 
Appropriations Committee in connection *ith the State Department 
Appropriations Bill for 1949* Voder the testimony of Hamilton Robinson* 
Director, Office of Control, Division of Security and Investigation, 
there Is set forth information to the effect that the individual involved 
in "Case So* $Q« (identified in Xee's material &s William D# Carter) was 
not employed by the State Department having been terminated by reduction in 
force July 26, 1947* (62-39749-1109) 


HORUV 7H30B0R $m 
Allocations ay foaator MoCartapt 

"Oa«0 Jo. 46 it -tho ea«o of an ladlrldn&l who vao a ranking 
official la tho Off too of flaanolal SoTolopnant Poll 07. ft vao ap- 
polatod la incut, 1946. Xarotticatloa indleatoo that ho vao Tory 
olot«ly ttod up with at loaot throo ladlrldoalo *ho haro hooa naaad 
•■ Ooamaloto* 80 aloo roooaaondod for appolntnaat aa IndlYidoal 
Tory oloooly tlod up vlth a Ooaaaalot, who hao 000a aaaod a* aa 
ooploaafo acont. So far ao I caa dl«ooror ( thlo aaa vao aoror dlo- 
ohargod. Vat apparently roolfnod later, whether to tako other gorera- 
aeat enployaeat or private enployaent, 3! do aot kaov. 

Potolhlo Identification 

thlo lndlTidaal peeethly It ldonttoal vtthloraaa fhoodoro 
lees slaoe teee vao eaployed ao Jftreotor of the Of floe of finance and 
Development Polloy, Pepartaeat of State, August 14, 1946, and it 
roportod to have aseoelated vita Harry Boater Whlto and frank Ooe, 
hoth of vhoa vere reportedly oagagod la toviet espionage aotlvltloe 
la tbo early 1940' e* 

A loyalty of Ooromaont Vaployoot lnrottlgatloa vat ©oa- 
duotod ooaooralnf Voraaa fhoodoro lost la January t 1MB* loot vat 
hora at Voroott, Klnnotota. Docoahor 8 # 190S* fhlt Inrottlgatloa vat 
fcatod oa a lottor froa X*« Haalltoa VoMnooa* Wrootor f Offloo of 
Ooatrolt, Stato Dopartaont, la Doooafcor, 1947, aAvitlag that Vott hat 
>oon aotiToly attooiatod 9 hoeauto of hit prorlout oaployaoat at tho 
Troatury Dopartaont, vlth Barsy Boxtor Whlto and frank Coo* Portoat 
lntorriovod ttatod that Vott vat aot ac^ualatod vlth Barry Doxtor 
Whito, Attlttant SooroUry of Troatury, prior to hit oaployaoat vlth 
Troatury la Soptoahor, 1943t that ho vat ono of tvo portoat tolootod 
hy Vhlto who voto aot "lltoralt*; that ho vat oqployod hy tho Troatury 
Dopartaont fcooauto of hit roputatlon at aa assort oa Latin Aaorloaa 
oooaoalot, and that hit attoolatloa vlth Vhlto and othor ovployoot of 
tho Troatury Dopartaont vao a rotult of tuoh oaployaoat only* All 
portoat latorrlovod during thlo InrooUcttloa roooaaoadod Vott hlgMy 
at a loyal citlion. oxoopt ono porton vho ttatod that ho attoolatod la 
1987 vlth portoat of Harxltt tondoaolot vhllo at tho Vhlvorolty of 
California* 1 our ooplot of tho rotultt of tho Loyalty InrotUgatloa 
voro furnlthod to tho Olrli Sorrloo Ooaalttloa March l t 1948* fho 
Loyalty lorlov Board lndloatod Soptoator » t 1948, ttait Vott vat "rotataod*." 

*•*•»**»._ Ro I. MILLARD: $l»/oJj ^0 131-1772 



Allegation by Senator McCarthy 

"Cam »o. 46 i» the ease of a men who holda a high position in 
the Stata Department. He had been af filiated with the nagaeine Ameraaia from 
May 1937 to flovember 19a* This megaeine eoneiatentty followed the Communiat 
P*rty Hue* it wee md«v the direction of Philip Jaffe and WUUan Vtaderbilt 
Field* field hae been a leading Communist and wee one of the heads of the 
American Feaoe Mobilisation, which the President and the Secretary of State 
publicly labeled as a tool of eommmlem. Jajffe, aa Senetore will recall, wae 
convicted and fined in connection with the John Sendee incident. It will be 
recalled that the FBI picked up Serriee for hating delivered secret Stata 
Department document* to Ameraaia. The State Department filee ehow that thia 
individual haa been working iwy eleeely with these two sen* On March 22, 
1946, the State Department's own security agency rceoamanded aa foUowai 

"It ia recommended that action be instituted to terminate aubject'e 
aerrice with the State Department. It ia auggeeted to achieve thia purpoee 
that an appropriate officer of the Department ahould infom hia that hia con- 
tinued preaenoe in the Department ia eabarraaaing to the Department and that 
he be given an opportunity to resign. If he ahould not reeiga voluntarily, 
action ahould be instituted under Civil Service Rule Ho. 12, to terminate Ma 
aervioea with the department. 

"The Department, however, took no action upon thia recommendation. 

"After that recommendation, the filea ahov that thia individual 
requested a fellow traveler to aeek a petition with the Beard of Boonomie TJar- 
fare. the file further ahowa that thia individual haa been viaitad on aeveral 
ocoaaiona by an alien fellow traveler. He haa aleo reoeamended tan former 
eaplnyeee of the Ameraaia Editorial Board to position* with the State Department. 
In other worde, Mt.< rreaident, the ueual tactica of getting into an iaportwit 
poaition and then bringing in fellow Communiete. 

"A report dated August IS, 1947, recorded an interview with a 
former member of the .Editorial Board of Aaeraela aho labeled thia individual 
aa 'far to the lefV-awfully close to a fellow traveler.' Thia individual 
wee a subscriber to the Daily Vorfcer. The file nanee a Communiat Party 
member who haa twice worked for this individual. The Biographical Register 
of the State Department ahowa him to be etill in a poaition of importance 

mm B.B.Reddyttg ■& Ia - x\l} 

I *V r ,\\j 



A review of the Bureau's files indicates that this individual 
is apparently identical with WITH am Treadwsll atone, i«ho, as of Uay 27, 
1949# *aa employed aa Director of the Office of Uaf enaatloa and Educational 
Exchange Dcpartaent of Stata* 

Ihe Bureau 1 * records reflect that a Loyalty of Government .Employees 
investigation together aith a Voice of Aaarica investi?3ation was conducted 
concerning TTilliam Treadwall Stone "which developed tho following information. 

from 1924 to 1941 Stone ms connected with Foreign Policy Association, 
Xnc«, 22 last 33th Street, Haw lork City« E* January, 1927 the foreign Policy 
Aaaociation was reported to have bean eponaored in its inception by 1ke A»sri- 
can Civil liberties Union and at that tine favored flnited States recognition 
of the 0SSR« In June, 1927 the Director of Bastem European Affair*, Depart- 
ment of Stata, advised that the Foreign Policy Association was considered to 
be pro-Soviet in ita views and propaganda* (62-80315-5 pg 2) 

3n October, 1945 a reliable inforaant advised that Rath S. Bifida, 
who bad been employed as a eecretary by Stone and others at the Foreign 
Policy Association, had transferred her awaberahip in the Cenwunist Forty 
from the .rater Stuyveaant drib, Stv lork City, to the undercover "Government 
Oro«p«' in Washington, D. C. Ruth Rlfldn so cored euployaent With the Foreign 
Belief and Eehabilitatica Administration. Department of State, May, ,1943 and 
was transferred to the Foreign Econosdo Administration ttm thia administration 
vAa established* Wffliaa Treadwell stone »aa at this tima employed as 
Aeaistant Director of the Foreign Soenosdc Adsdiiistration* Ruth Rifkin Is 
presently employed by the nations! Lawyers Guild In Washington, D« C. (68- 
80315-4 pg 41 12H097>M pg 3) 

In February, 1942 William Traadsell Stone was listed as a reference 
on an application filed with the Foreign Economic Administration, Department 
of State, by .lost Xuaning. lAsmtag v«a reliably reported to have been a 
known contact of numerous subjects in the Gregory case and sea later discharged 
from a responsible position at the Department of Stata* (62-80315-3) 

Xn 1937 Stone became a member of the original Editorial Board of 
"Aneresia" of Which magasine Frederick Vanderbilt Field was Chairman and 
Philip Jacob Jaffa, Editor, in 1946 Jaffa was Indicted and fined for the 
possession of secret Stata Department documents which had been delivered to 
Ma by John, an eaployee of the Department of State* In 1941 


Frederick Vanderbilt Field *aa head of the American Peace Uohniaatlon 
and at the present tine, according to reliable informants, la a mriaef of 
the Forei©i Affairs Cowsdttec of the (Joaounist Party, USA, and a writer 
for the Daily Tforker, (121-1097KU pg 6| O&-S0315-8) 

On JKovestoer 19, 1939, awhile Stone *aa employed as the Washington 
Correspondent of the Foreign Poli<y Association, he me visited by Adaa 
Ton Trott Zu Zola, a Gerjaan Hita xrho was auepected of engaging in Oeraen 
espionage and Cowwiiat activity, (121-10973-X4 pg 2) 

Curing an interview tdth Clinton Hartley Orattan, conducted bar 
epeeial agenta of the Bureau in connection mth a Batch Act Investigation^ 
Orattan advieed that he had been aeked by stone to tike a position trader 
bin nith the Beard of Beoncmio Warfare, Department of State* Jhe records 
of the 8C0A refleoted that Orattan had written m article for "Fight" 
magaalne, the official publication of the American league for Peaoe and 
Democracy, and nas a contributor to asdan advieory editor of the a e ge e lns 
"Chsapion,* the official organ of the Xoung Cosavanlst league. Stone, in 
a subsequent interview, stated that he oonaidered Orattan a "liberal writer" 
but definitely not a "radical,* (XXlriOm-U pg 7) 

An lAfonaant of tatoen reliability adviaed in Deeeaher, 1945* 
that Stone «aa a friend of Jfeurice Halperin* Thia inf orasnt reported that 
Helperin «ae loom to have been in oonUot with several peraone suspected 
of engaging in Soviet espionage activities in the late 1930*8 and nearly 
1940'a in Washington, D, 0. and Hew Xork City* (121-10973-14 pg 2) 

A reliable infonaaat advised thet TliHlew T, Stone, Boon 1359* 
Rational Frees Building, Washington, D, 0,, *ea a aubaeriber to the Daily 
sorker in 1941* According to the Blograpn Encyclopedia of the World, Stone 
nee Director of the lashington Bureau, Foreign Policy Association, me,, 
from 1933 to 1941, the Washington offices of the Foreign Policy Association 
are located in the Jteticnal Press Building, (10Ck>-60-75-Wi3) 

Copies of loyalty of Oovernnent ftapleyees reports concerning Stone 
vera transmitted to the Civil Service Consisslon on July 30, 1948, and to 
the Office of Special Xnveetigations, Department of the Air Force on April 7, 

the Bureau file reflects that aa of May 27, 1949* Stone vae still 
employed as Director, Office of Inf carnation and Educational Exchange, Depart- 
jcsnt of State, Washington, D, C, 




Allegation by Sgnater MoCarthy 

"Cm* Ho. .1*7. This individual was oaployed i» jfarch 1?I*U, aa 
Division Assistant In the Division of Internal Security, the Houae 
tfn-Awrican Activities Coaaittee advised on August 1$, I9lfl» that 
an adaittad foraer Coaaraaltt Party aeaber was foimrly associated with 
thla individual In Coaaraniat activities in Washington, D. C, This 
Individual's husband adaittad having been a aeaber of tha Coananist 
Party. The husband now has a highly confidential poeltion with the 
Wavy Department, The file indicates that thie Individual has been 
associated with a group of known C peanut lata. 

"Keep in aind, a*. President, that aha waa given a Job in 
the Division of Internal Security." 

"A report dated July U, 19h7, states that in 1?«1 a Senate 
investigating committee had found that both thia individual and 
her hueband were awabers of the Coaaunlst Party. A report dated 
Septeaber 15, 191*7* hy * Qoveruaent inveeti^atlve agency, advised 
that a reliable inferaant reported this individual as a Coaaunist 
and that aha has been recently contacting a weaber of the Soviet 
espionage ring* Thia Individual ia still in a highly paid Job in 
the State Department." 

Possible Identifi cation 

A review of the Bureau's files indioates this individual ia 
apparently identical with Dr. Esther Caukln Brunauer.. The Bureau' a records 
reflect that a loyalty investigation was conducted on this individual In 1*1*8. 

According to inf oraation developed during the course of thia 
investigation, Dr. Bruaauer waa never known to be a aeaber of the 
Ccwmniat Party. JCarl B. Frank, who adaittad ha had bean a Coaaunlat in 
Oeraany during the IWO'e but broke away f job tha Cowuniats in 192$ and 
■has been very antt-Coaattniet since," advised that he had been connected 
with groupa with which Sir* Brunauer had also boon asaociatad during tha l?30'e 
On the basis of his association with ■•her,, Pflnk stated that he believed her 
actions ware "activated by strong anti4fe*i feelings rather than any wo- 
Russian ©nee,* ^ * ** 

~_ 74 ^ jp\ 

****• ^ i I ejr 


dandy 1 „ 

■ WW ilW im n Mmt»M C 


Dr. Joseph B. Matthews, foraer research director for the Diss 
Cosadttee, advlaed that he never had any positive inforoatton that Br* 
*Br*na«er was a Conmuniat party ae«ber« According to Matthews, Stephen 
Brunauer, husband of the captioned individual, inforwed Ma in 1928 that 
he wae a member of the Coasauniat Party, and Matthews "aeeuaod that aha was 
alao a aeaber in view Of har cloaa association with Stephen Bruaauer." 

It is to ha noted that on February 15, 19)il» the Bureau received 
information froa Dr. Itatthew* that Stephen Brunauer and his wife were 
Coawnnlst party aeabers. (10O-13835-1) 

Dr. Matthews atatad that both of the Brunaaara were aeabers of 
the American Frianda of tha Soviet Union* tbie organisation wae eitad by 
the Bouse Committee on Dh-American Activities aa a Cemmuniet front 
organisation in 19liO and in I9hk» 

' ■ ' i 

Dr. Matthews also atatad that Dr. Brunauer, while secretary of 
tha Aaarioan Association of University Women, was "instrumental in committing 
the Association to the support of various Coaauniet front enterprises.* 

The files of the Bouse Committee on Un-Aaeriean Activitiee reflected 
that tha proceedings of the American Youth Congreee bald July 1 through $, 1939, 
in Wew lork City indicated Dr. Bnmauer ae a signer of a Call to the Congrees 
of Touth. The American Xouth Congress has been cited by the Attorney General 
aa being within the purview of .Executive Order 9835. 

A confidential informant of known reliability advised thst the 
nana of Dr. Esther Brunauer, Aaarioan Association of Ifciversity Women, 
appeared on tha active indioea of the Washington Committee for Deaocratio 
Action. The Washington Coaaittee for Democratic Action hss been cited by 
the Attorney General as cooing within the purview of Executive Order 9835* 

Dr. Esther Caukin Brunauer wea employed by the Departaant of Stats 
?* ^f?* ci * 11,t °° mtornaUonal Organisation in March, 19l»fc. Bar position 
in 19U8 was that of Assistant Director for Policy Liaison, BIESCO Relatione 
Staff, Departaont of State. 

In 191*8 Stephen Bronauer was eaployad at the Xavy Bureau. 
Ordnanoa as chief technical administrator in the Explosives Beeeerch and 
Development Section. ( 116-2 363-U.) 


^f * >• ,»H 3 

Copies of the report* reflecting the result! of the loyalty 
investigation on Dr.. Bruiumer were furnished to the Cirll Sertice 
ComnisBion on March 2, 191*8, and to the Department on March 9, l°l#. 

By letter dated February h» 19liS>» fro* Seth W. Richardson, 
chairaan, Loyalty Review Board, 0. 8. Civil Service Coawisslon, the 
disposition reflected iras ^retained. " 

(Unless otherwise indicated, source is 



Allegations by Senator McCarthy 

*Ca*ee Ifoe* 48 and 49 « One of theae in- 
dividuals ie in the State Department in 
the Division of Occupied Areas. The wife ie 
with the State Department in the Division of 
Hesearch and Intelligence* The file shows that 
both the husband and wife are known to be close 
associates of individuals linked with Soviet 
espionage activities* jfevertheless* the wife 
was approved for top-secret material on the 11th 
of February 1947* The order approving her is 
rather unusual, in that it states , in effect, 
that the reason for her being approved for top 
secret Material was that there was insufficient 
Information to warrant her discharge en grounds 
of disloyalty* » 

Possible Identification 

*mmmmmmm*mm*mm m**mmmmmmm+mm*mm mmmm n 

A review of the Bureau files indicates that these individuals apparently 
are identical "with ftobert Harren Barnett and his wife* Jfetrioia Clover Barnett* 

Both Barnett and >iie wife are subjects of loyalty investigations 
conducted by the Bureau, Barnett has been employed in the State Department since 
Horoaber 1945« In 1948 his position was listed as Economic Adviser to 
Chair oan, Far Eastern Co««iasion> State Department* Washington, D« C« investi- 
gation reflected he also had a title of Assistant Adviser, Division of 
Occupied Areas | Boonoaic Affairs* (121-4022) 

Patricia Qlorer Barnett me enpleyed by the State Department in 
October 1945 and in 1948 her position wee listed as Research Analyst, Southeast 
Asia Division of Research for the Far Bast* By letter dated June 30, 1949, 
the Civil Service Commission advised Patricia Glover Barnett had been 
reassigned and her position at that tine was Foreign Affairs Specialist, 
Department of State* Division of He search for Far East* Southern Areas Branch, 
Washington, D* C* (121-3249) 

Between 1938 and 1942 both Barnett and his wife were employed 
W. W. KLEMP:,jgh 77 



^ 4 

intermittently by the Institute of Pacific Relations, '**w Tork City. 
A reliable source has reported that the Comwwist Party had very 
great influence in this organisation and at times controlled lta 
jxflliey. (121-4Q22-10j 121~3249-7) 

Beth Baroett and hie wife were associated with Fdward C. 
Carter j Chairman of the Program Committee, United China Rslief M New 
tork City, where both were employed by that agency daring 1941 and 
1942* Ihey were likewite associated with thia individual during their 
omploywsnt by the Institute of Pacific Relatione* Carter, according 
to a reliable source, was under Communist Party discipline 
(121-4022-10) 121-3249-7) 


During 1945 and 1946 Bcbert and Jatricia Barnett were reported 
to Maintain close contact with Duncan C. and Isabel Lee* JKobert Jaraett was 
reported to be a friend of Robert #iven Iheeler since 1937* 

A reliable source has advised that Duncan C* Lee and Sober* 
given Hheeler were involved in a Soviet espionage conspiracy that 
was active in few lork City and Tteahington, D. C*, in the late 1930»e 
and early 1940** and that both were close associates of known Communists 
and pro-Soviet sympathisers* The earn* source advised that Isabel Lee 
and Wheeler had been msmbers of the Communist Party* 
(121-4Q22-19j ia-3249-10) 

Investigative reports in the loyalty investigations of both 
Bernstt and fcie wife were disseminated to the Civil Service Commission 
on June 12, 1948, and io the Department on March 24, 1949* Bie Civil 
Service Commission advised by letters dated Septeaber 30, 1948, that 
both employees were "retained,* The Department advised by letters 
dated April 6, ( 1949* that the reports failed to disclose evidence of 
violation of a Federal statute, (121-4022 j 121-3249) 

The files on both Barnett and his wife Xeil to disclose the 
employm«nt of either at the State Department has been terminated. 
(121-4022) 121-3249) 



stlvia scmmi 


*Caae No* 50* 3hie individual 1# an executive eeoretary 
in the State Bepart»ent* He hae been reported toy another 
Ooveroaent inveetigative agency ae having been in contact with 
a Soviet espionage agent* Be ia alao a close friend of trro 
employee* of the Stat* Bepartinent who are tinder investigation 
becaua* of Coawwrtlat aaeociatee** 


A review of *fche Baroau»e file* indicate* that thia individual A* 
apparently identical with Sylvia Schiiaael* 

The Bureau* a record* reflect that investigations of Sylvia 
Schiiml vara made in connection Tdth the loyalty of Government Itoplqyeei 
and the Voice of America Program* 

Sylvia Schianel wae appointed en Sxecative Secretary with the 
Toreign Economic Administration en July 26, i$hS$ and waa tranaf erred to 
the State Department on September 27* I9k$* During the aonthe of June 
and July, 191*9, her poaiticn was Hated ae Adainletratlve Analyst in the 
Office of Wblic Affaire* As of Movedber, l?itf, aha waa an Organisation and 
Methoda Sxaadner in the Division of Budget, public Affairs Area Branch* 

(12M036-2j 121-8?53^) 

A reliable eouroe in %9h6 advised that Solvit Schiwoel nee 
Xriendly with Helen TOltte Silvenaater but was unable to furniah any 
Information as to the duration or extent of thia association* Helen 
Witte Bilvenaaeter la the wife of Nathan Gregory Silvermaster identified 
ae a Soviet espionage agent and a key figure in the Soviet espionage 
network which operated in Washington in the late l?30 f s and early l?&0*e* 


Joymt auperviaora of Sohiaimel were Juat lunning, S* Bowen Smith, 
"Albert *rat*raon and Merrill X« liibe* Iheae individuals are known to have 

ci ^ h ad cloae association with Coaaunist Party aeabers* tanning and, Smith are 
^««u~~*-no longer employed by the State Department* (121*9^58-5) 

CD: mac 

Ui):mac t 

C*.y^ ^) 



Kary Jane Xeeney $ras reported ty a reliable jscurce to bo a close 
associate of Sylvia Schirael* Hairy Jane TCeeney and her husband* Philip 
Olin Keeney* irer^jwritors^f a Catrtsauiist Party underground tsoveraent in 
Washington* D* G*> in the late X930 f £ am! early l£i*0*s» On one occasion 
Sylvia Schiaaael told Kazy Jane TtoQnty that she persuaded Just lunning to 
arrange for her transfer to vork under hia in the State Department. 

<121-S?5S-$j O2>4;036j 65-5&02-liJi8) 

Sellable informants advised that David R* ITahl *as a close friend 
and frequent contact of Sylvia Schisaael* Another reliable sourco has 
advised that ITahl vaa a aor&cr .of the underground novoitfmt of the Coxraoutiiat 
Tarty In Washington. D* C#, in the late 1930*s and early l&O's* (121-8958-2) 

Investigative reports in the loyalty investigation wre disseminated 
to the Civil Service Coat&aeion on July 22> l^liBj and to the Justice Department 
on March 23, 19l#* Dissemination of reports in the Voice of Arserica inves- 
tigation nas rsade to the State Departsaent on January 12* 19J>0* 

(ia-3958; 1234036) 

The Civil Standee Cown&ssion advised fay letter dated Januaiy 7* 
19h9* that Sylvia Schirael ym& retained* The Justice Department advised 
under date of May 26* X9h9$ that no prosecutive action iras being undertaken 
in the Schiroel case* (121^$8-13U0 

Sylvia Cchixsael was an employee of the State Department ae of 
Dacember, 19*$* <12>4*036-2) 



r * 


Allegations by Senator McCarthy 

Caeo Mo. $1 - **hia individual agreed that hi «w reaponaible for 
the State Department is having employed en Individual in one of the eaaea 
which X covered earlier today* It will be recalled thftt Ho, lh ma the 
casa of an individual having furniabed material to * known aaorat eapionage 
ring and who had conaiatent contacts with long liata of Coaawmiata and 
auapaotad Soviet agents. Ho is atill holding an iaportant poaition in tha 
State Dopertaent." 

Poaalblo Identification 

mmmm m m i i mm ■■ mm ■ m m mwm mmm m m m ww w .w nw 

this individual la possibly identical vdth tha above-oaptioned 
vonan. It ia noted that tha parson referred to in tha nawa article la 
deaorlbed aa * rasa. 

Kra. Rowan* Sbel<fen Ballows 8o»el was in February and March, l?h8 
tha subject of a loyalty investigation by tha Bureau in connection with her 
poaition as progran analyst, Offioa of Assistant secretary for Public Affairs 
Secretariat, Bapartaantal Comittee on Scientific and Cultural Cooperation, 
Depertaent of State, Washington, D* C. Under data of March 30, l?Uo, copies 
of all investigative reports were furnished to tha Civil Service Cosoieaion* 
By latter dated February h, 1%9$ the Ohaimaan of the loyalty Review Board, 
tit S. Civil Service Commission, advised that following a review of this ease 
i£r» M Ronael was being retained in her present position. 

Bureau filea and investigation in connection with the above caae 
developed the following infornatlon* Mrs. Roaraal waa born April 22, 1?11 at 
Providence, Rhode leland, of Aasrtcan parents* She presently resides at 
2700 Q Street, Horthweat, Ifaehlngton, D. C. with her husband) Wilfred Herser 

Mrs* Rowal urged the anployaent ef Robert t» Miller, HI, by the 
state Departaent* Ha was hired as an informational officer on Jane 7, W» 

and was employed until Boeeaber $, WW at which tiae he resigned to enter 

■»«■• private buainete* Mrs* Rooaal was aaid by reliable inforaante to have been 

■a close personal friend and frequent contact of Miller's during and subsequent 




^o tha period of hi* ws>lvyxm% at tha Stat* fitpartawatt A f ormar awwber of 
j&* ccwnmlet party of ««tabllahad raliaibiUty advisad that Robart T* Killajixi* 

«arb6 fc 

Tale.noo^^ / sJf I Q-i 

Mease * ^"* / M"k.. OX 




was involved in & Soviet espionage conspiracy in Hew York and Washington* 0. C» 
in the early l#«0la. The informant stated that Miller was an associate of 
itnonn Caiammiat Party aeafoere, of pro-Soviet eyapathiaers, and that no waa a 
frequent contact of an admitted soviet espionage agent. 

Jfrs« Roanel waa reported fcy the state pepartaent hecause of her 
reluotanee to change the wording of * report prepared hy or for her which her 
supervisor in the. State Department considered pro-Roasian* 

It waa reported that Hra. Eewel was responsible for having pro- 
Soviet speakers on a State Departeent training program *&*oh speakers Included 
Caen Lattiaore, Yera l&ehaele Dean and jfrederiok u Shuaan* 

Mrs* Rearoel waa reliably reported to ha a close associate of Alger 
Hiss and she was an admitted oestoer of the Washington Bookshop* 

It was reported that Mrs* Jtaenel was anueually friendly with members 
of the Soviet delegation at the Onitcd nations, conference at San freneiaco, 

lira* Boawel waa reported to he oppoaed to the »get tough* policy 
with Ihissia and was opposed to United States aid to Creese and Turkey* She 
was of the opinion that the United States should not Jceep our troops in China, 
It was reported that she waa of the opinion that the United States should he 
»ore tolerant of Cowawnistaand CorounisBf (12L4li3l») 




ttkgigaa te ggaiaae jfeflMEate 

41 Caaa Jfe. 52. Silt individual wvfca io* JTo.lG~ X think that it tha 
corraet ttnba*~iiho, r tha Stata Dapartoant filaa lndlanta* wai on* of tha seal 
dangaittoa aapionaga aganta in tha Sapartnant* Thia individual ma alao taapoanxtty 
anployad at a oorvaapondant of anothar individual liatad a« a Soriat agant V a 
Fadaral Invastlgativa aganay* Ha nod hia wif a ara alao cloaa aaaoclatna of tan 
otha* al^agad aapionaga aganta ano art aanad in tha Stata 3>aparfeaant filaa* Ha 
ia p*aaantty holding a hlgb~aala*iad and iapo*tant poaitica in tha Stata Bapart* 
sant and haa baan glvan top~aaa*«t aldtyanaa*"' 

TojglMi IdjfttJflajtJLflB. 

3hla individual ia poaaibly idantinal with fnilip Baina, aka, Philip 
'nann, eonoaroing whoa tha Bureau filaa raf laat an lnvaatigatlon waa oanduatad 
nnda? tha Loyalty fvogyaa* Ihia invaatigation, whiah waa aonalndad in Pabmaxy* 
1948, waa nana* upon inf ©nation from a «onfidantia& inf omant of know reliability 
that ffcina and hia nil*, Aliaa, «aa% in ffcaajaant aontaat and attandad aaoial 
fonaUana with fbbart f. Millar III and hia *Ma # Jannia, ovar a pavlod 
•standing f ron 1944 to 1943, Bobart f, Millar in waa rapartad by a raliabla 
Inforaant to na involvad aa a prinaipal in tha Sorlat aapio n a ga aanaplraay 
operating in Waahlngton, D* C* and lav Toric City 1* tha aar3y 1940* a and to 
ha a aleaa aaaoeiata of knew deamnlata and Soriat nyapathiaeva* 

lnvaatigatlon in thia aaan developed "that Paine'a elate* Bath* wna 
married to Korria Sfceraeff • ieearding to iafenaatien frea reliable oonfidanUal 
lnfonaante; tha naaee of *>♦ and lira* Honda Sharoaff were aontalned in tha 
active Indiana or nailing llata of tha United Jnerlean apaniah iid Coaalttee ia 
19431* »*th Sharnoff waa alao reported in February^ 1943* *» an aotive nembe* 
of tha ? aahington Bookabop Jaeo o i atl o n * Morria ahavnof f waa reliably reported 
to ha a nanbar of* and aotive in, tha CoannacLat *arty einee 1933. 

A fewer donaatio enployee In tha ladna houaahold adviaad that tha 
feinaa and JtUlara Tititad oaaaataaalty hot not f raquaQt3y# and did not *ppwe 
to ha vavy intlaata. Sba alao adviaad that tha aharnof f a vialtad in tha 
Brinaa hooa fraquantOy and appaarad to ba oloaa to Mr. iod lira* Mnn« 

J.J. TDRRHlOrhb 83 


It vu derolopod that Alio* ftdn* «U th* daughter of a Urm* 
Oanaan oar*** dJplonat, and in Fohruary, 1945# had boon in oontaot with 
lira* Ingabord Vargas, roportadly f rem Bra»U and a Haai ayvyathlsor* 

Ko additional portinont inf omatlon to aiapltfjr th* ****• Xor 
th* invoatigation wa* dwolopod. 

lb* flit r*fl*ot* that Mat b*gan anploynont with tha Foraign 
Barrio* Dfcriaion of th* Department of Stat* on #n3y 9, 1931, and *e*f*d 
until May 17, 1942, at whieh tine no ***ign*d. Jtftor a period of eaplqynant 
with tho Offioo of Coordinator of ?nt*9»Aaerloan iff aira and aorrioa in th* 
tWLtad Stat** Amy, Halna rai roaoployad by th* Offie* of Inforaetictt and 
ataoatlonal Bwfcango, Department of Stat*, on Auguat 36, 19A6, and wa* 
earring -with thi* egeney at tho tin* of th* abo** oaentionad lnraatlfaUon* 

Copioa of th* r*port« of imroetigation war* £wni*hed to th* 
CitiX 3*rrio* Canniaaion and vmdar dot* of Septanbe* 3>, 194S, th* Ciril 
Serrioe Caaaiiaion *dii*ed that Bain* had been "retained^ (121-1390) 




Allagationt by Sanator McCarthy 

Caao lo* 88 *» *Baro la a rather important oata* In faot, thoy ara 
all important* Thll la oaao lo. 88, InvolTing an Individual who haa baan nanad 
by a oonfoatftd Communitt tpy aa part of hit spy ring* Prior to that tlmo, 
on luguat 18, 1948, anotbar gorornmontal agonoy racairad information to tiio 
offaot that ha mot o rooognltod laadar of tho Commnnlat nndtr ground. Thit 
indiyidual la* in my opinion, Xr* Proaldant, ono of tho moat dangorona Cowman! ttt 
In tho Stoto Dapartmant** 

Pot tibia Idantlfioatioa 

Thia individual la poiaibly ldontioal with Biohard Bowall Pott* Tho 
Buraau't filaa raflaot that an inrattigation waa ©onduotad oonoorning thit Indi- 
vidual nndor tho aharaatar loyalty of OoTornmont Atployoot* Thit Inrattigation ,f 
wat oondnotod from January to inly* 1048 at whioh tlmo Pott waa omployod «i/ 

Porolgn Soryloo Offloor in tho 8tato Dapartmant* Tho baala for tha loyalty 

inrattigation oontitttd of information ractlvad f ram Confldontlal Informant I I 
an informant of at tablithad rollabillty, wfeo advitod that Pott mot in oontaot 
with and Tititod tho homo of lonry C plllna* lanry Colltnt hat boon positively 
Idantlflod by Confidant! al Informant I I who la intlmataly aaquaintad with 
Coanuniat Party aotivititt in Waahlngton, 5* C* at a mambtr of tho Comaunitt 
Party undar ground* Oaring tho inrattigation, Whittakar Chambart furnithad a 
tlgnad atatomont In whioh ho advlaad that about 1988 ho mot a Mr •-«•*• Poit In 
Waahington, D* C*, whom ho bolioTod waa omployod by tho 1PA on a projoot a&ioh 
inoludad tho mooauramant of ohll&ron*a tkullt. Chambart taid that ho waa Intro- 
duood to Pott at Pott 1 a homo In Alaxandria, Virginia, at tho tlmo that Chambart 
addrattad a Cownanitt ooll mooting on Harxitt tfooory* Chambart farthar aald that 
tho mooting in Post* a homo waa attondod only by mambora of tha Communitt Party 
and that tho group waa known aa a toorat ooll* Bo said that ha know Poat to bo 
a Comnunitt at that tlmo and la tor loarnod that Pott want to work for tha Stata 
Dapartmant whoro ho wat attooiatad with o journal publithad by tho Stata Dopart- 
mant* Inatmuoh aa Eiohard Hawaii Poat waa Saorotary to tho Sdltorial Board of 
tha Jmarloan Forolgn Sarvioa during 1988 and joimod tho Stata Dapartmant In 1989, 
it wat tuggattad that ho it ldontloal with tho Pott montlonod >jr Chambart* 


u*> Pomor ataoolatat, frlondt, nolghbort and roforaneot of Pott mho woro 

«x*g8 intartiowod during tho inrattigation all datoribad Pott aa baing a loyal Jmarloan* 

^eu $°P* #lf •' * k# loyalty raporta waro dlatamlnatad to tho Civil Sarrioa Coamlation 

^ '~~~~* * lor oh 1, 1948, and photottotlo oopioa of tho aamo raporta woro forwardod to 

ttk * t ho Attornay Oanaral on Saptambar 88, 1948, 

«■» *> 'i « 

*** Tho Civil Sarrioa Coamlttion advlaad on Martfa 18, 1949, of tho ultimata 

m*.-*>04_41 tpotltion of thlt otto by tho Loyalty Roviow Board* Thit ooaaunloation from 

*»« th# clTil Sarrioa Coamlttion told that Pott rat ignad or wot otharwita taparatad 

<wr from Podarol torvioo* (181-88) . ac 1^/) 

J,S. JOWARELLshkoidv* 

85 ^iW& 

*~- %, 

VAL B. LOBill 

*Uf ffi^af tor fff Mfo* »fr<frrt*ffi: 

Caae Jb f 54* Wi Individual haa been eonneotad with a amber of 
Cu wa unl et front organisatlona and waa active In attewpting to aeoure the 
ieeuaoee of a noninadgration rimk to a French On— mil at leader* tide Individual 
la preeently employed in the 8tat# Departeent** 

Thla Individual la poeelhly Identical with one Vfcl 1* Lorain who wag 
tba eubjeot of Bitch Aat and Loyalty invcetigatione conducted by tha Bureau* 

2a September and October* 1941, 1WL ft* Loxwin w neda tha eubjeot 
of an Internal Sccurity-fctch lot Investigation ifcatt ha ana employed *a an 
Aaaocinte labor Standards analyet, Bureau of labor Standards* Department of 
Labors lhla invaetigation m predicated upon an allegation received fron 
the Civil Service Oendselon to tha affaot thai Lorwln had pro~Gonaanl*t 
eynpethiee* Subsequent inveetigetion reflected thai Leratn'e nana appeared on 
tha active indicee of tha Huhinfioa Owlttoo for P e lm atic Action aa of 
January 21, 1941* and on tha aotivw Indlaaa of tha Aaerlean Peace Jbhiliaatlon* 
*e of February 17, 1941* and wne lieted in February, 1936* m an endorser of 
tha fctlonal legro Gonfreee* Thoeo 3 organisatlona hat* been cited by iha 
Attorney Oanaral aa being within purview of Executive Order 9425* Lorwln at 
tha tine ot tha irrveetigation executed a written etatement under oath denying 
that ha had *w*t baan engaged In Pom imlai activities* 

Tha Bat A Aot Investigation waa completed on Oatobar 13* 1941 nad 
m copy of iha report waa aant to Ifcdan Franeee Perkins* Saoratary of Labor, 
on U-1*-«U If laitar dated Bovesber 21, 1941* ihdan Parkina rsoewanded 
that tha imreetigation with raf aranoa to Lorain hi aloeed* Ha waa apparently 
retained aa Aaaoolata Labor Standard* analyst by tha Dapartnant of Labor ♦ 

Oa December IS* 1942, tha Of floa for fteorgency Itonagenent requested 
that aa applicant investigation ba conducted concerning Tal JU Lorwln on 5"3L~42* 
OH *ae forniehed with * copy of tha report reflecting tha reeults of tha 
latch Aot Inveetigetion ecspleted by tha Baraau on 10-31-41* OBM referred tha 
luraau raport to tha Iter Production Board whara lorwin waa employed* Jjjr 
lattar datad *dy 10, 19*3* <*» advieed tha Baraau that *PS eoneidered no 
action naoaaaary In ragard to Lonrin* On January 7* 1946# Mt* lannarman of 
tha State Department waa furniahod with a copy of tha raport reflecting tha 
results of tha Hatch Aot investigation* (10CU122) 




The Loyalty inreatigation mi Initiated eonoemlng Lorwin la 
February, 1948, when he km employed aa Ohief of the European Seetlon of 
iht State Department, This inreatigation ana baaed upon eeeentially the eaae 
information upon whioh the prerioua Internal 5eourlty~feteh Aot Inreatigation 
waa eondttoted* Daring thie inreatigation, an Individual holding • key 
noeltioa la « Ooveraeent ageney aad of known reliability adviaad that la the 
fall of 1947* tha Coagreea of Induatrial Orgeninationa deelred to bold a 
oonf erenee of the Halted Bationa labor Orgeninationa la Dew lork and deelred 
to hare repreeentatlvea of verioui labor unione la the United Bationa eoantrlea 
attend the eonfemnee* *n> of the ln&vidnala Invited to attend tide eoaferaaoa 
froa Trance were known to be Oonanniete* There ma a eoaaldarable aaouat of 
preaeure froa all aldea la regarde to the poeelble adalealoa of theee lndivi- 
daala into the halted Statee, and oaa of the pereona ah* had vigorously 
urged their entry waa Val Loraia* 

the loyalty inreatigation refloated that, aooordlag to a eoafldentlal 
inforaeat, Tal Lorain waa a aeaber of the fioaaaaiet furtyj that ha ana believed 
to have worked for a anlted front by the Sooialiet and Coaanalat Party and 
that he aaaoeiated aith known Oeaanaivta* Qthara ooataatod daring the loyalty 
lnveetigatlea eoaaldarad lorala aa a "liberal," "loyal Aaarieaa" and "anti-» 

The loyalty inreatigation -wen ooapleted oa Septeaber 14, 1948 
and on Baron 5, 1948* April 21, 1948 and Sapteabar 21, 1948, oopiaa of 
inveatigatlve report* aara neat to the Civil Service Ooaalaaioa* On February 
4, 1949, the Loyalty Barlow Board adviaed that lorwla aaa being retained aa 
Chief of the Buropeaa Section of the State Bepartaant* On Bnrah 38, 1949, 
ooplea of inveetigative reporta were aant to the Aeelatant attorney Qeaeral 
la eharge of the Criainal DlTiaion who aerleed that oa April 21, 1949 eaaaina- 
tion of Bareaa reporta ooaoaralag Lorala failed to diaoloee any available 
evidence of a violatloa of title 18, Seotloa 1060. or any other federal 

Copies 9f *om of tjit r#port« rtflttilag tht rwtdti of tht Lojtlty 
IxftTMtlgttloa vtrt rtf trrtd to SQfc on 10^21-4S # (12X»1744) 




Allegations by Siattor McCarthy * 

Cm* lo# 66 •» *Thia individual wet a close friend and associate of on 
individual described earlier in the day* Zt will he reoelied that he waa a Tory 
close associate of Soviet agents ♦ A previous employer of thto individual described 
her ee haying been 'wrapped up* In communism and that oho later married a men 
1*0 waa alto a ommuinlet* Tha files of tho Department ahow that f ehe aad hor 
husband aro eentaota of a subject in tho -*** espionage ease*' Thia ease 
roforrod to ia a recent and very important eommunlst oato** 

Possible Identification ! 

*■ i n l »« < l m i i ww iniiwiii« l » iimiii i «in i(ii « ii >iw » 

This Individual apparently ia Oertrude Orluweod Cameron* *»e haa boon 
employed by tho Department of State* Ih* Bureau f ilea rof loot that an Internal 
Security -» Hatch Act investigation was oonduotad on thia Individual front Septem- 
ber, 104? to January, IMS* Subsequent to tho Hat oh Aot investigation the Bureau 
oponod and conducted a Xull field Loyalty of Oovermment Employees investigation 
which waa done during April and May, 1*48* Information from tho Hatch Aot inveati~ 
gatlon waa uaod aa a partial basis for the Loyalty investigation* Copies of tho 
Loyalty Investigation were forwarded to tho Ciyil Service Commission on Juno 18 # 

Tho Loyalty investigation wee baaed upon information from a reliable, 
confidential informant to tho of foot that Mrs* Cameron and her husband, during 
1946-1947, wore Tory oloao friend* of Bdwar* J* tt tiger a Id and hie vilfe. Thia 
Informant advised that Frank Cameron roaldod with Mr* and Mr** Pits gar aid prior 
to hie marriage in March, 1946. Another confidential informant and former 
member of tho Communist Party of oatabliahad reliability advised that Bdward J* 
Fitsgereld was involved in a Soviet eeplenage conspiracy in Washington, D. C# and 
Mew York In tho early 1940* si that ho waa a oloao associate of known communists 
and pro-Soviet sympathisers and for a period known to tho informant waa a member of 
tho Comaunist Party* This same informant further advised that Fits gar aid waa In 
oontact with an admitted Soviet espionage agent* Persons Interviewed considered 
Cameron and hor husband loyal to tho United States » Records of the House 
Committee on tfn-Jmerioan Activities, accredited off loo informants, Special 
Investigations Squad of tho Metropolitan Police Department* 08C # IDA, credit 
toiflon and criminal files fail to reflect any pertinent information concerning loyalty* 


"to One individual stated that Gertrude Cameron was the type who would 

««m ^ako U p *ith aBy "iarn* if it waa exciting and unusual* She further stated 

*^ T ** *** some of the employee's friends were communist ioally inclined* Thia same 

^ 2" i ndividual reported, however, that to her knowledge Cameron had never attended 
HTb o' C ommunist Party meetings or eommunist front meetings* Moat of the other people 
**__*_lnterviewed considered Oertrude Cameron and her husband aa loyal Jmerloene 
w«'**urtteee loyalty should not be questioned. 
«»»* ou 

*** !01-«»7f 

A* B. PIPPidvw Cf sj*<£^ 

<mmM***** * ■» »■ 

$T latta* dattd &apt«b«r 30, 1948, iha U. $♦ Civil Sarvioa 
Coamiaaion advif ad tha Buraau that at tha ratult of tha iwroatii*tioa undar 
tha Loyally of Qorarzaant Eaployaaa oatagory Gartruda Qri*wood Caaaroa'a 
Mfi had baan raviawad by tha loyalty Baviaw Board and that aha vaa bainc 
ratainad. Bfcr lattar datad July 5, 1949 # iha Q* S» Civil Sanrioa Comiaaioii 
raqaattad a raohaok af tha FBI filaa oonoaralng thf mm individual, Indioating 
aha ma than aaployad aa Aaaiatant to tha Chlaf , P^3> Bapartaant of Stata, Dirision 
of Intarnational Exohanga of Partona, VJaahington, !)♦ <J# On Aagutt 15, 1949* 
thla lattar m acknowladgad by tHa .Buraau atating that no additional dialoyal 
data in tha FBI t ilao had baan raoeivad ainca ooaplation of tha loyalty 


f -k 

JLllegatlonj by Seimtor HoCirthy 

*Case 3h* 56. fhis individual wis born in Russia end 
naturalised in San franeisoo in 19*9» Tso foraer supervisor* on 
nw*-Oov«mfl»n* Job* had reoomsended Ma unfavorably* Th* only 
f avorable ref erenoe ho had ins froa three Kposlan incBvlduels, 
all in Oorernsstnt ejaploynant. Ho rosned with on* of ths Huasiens 
sho hod rocoimeiidod Ma* She Navy Bepartosat inforned ths Stat* 
Department that this individual had seoret Stats Bepartaent 
documents in tho roosi shared by Ma and the other Hussion* an 
investigation ass instituted, tho outooae of which J do not know* 
However, this individual was still in tho Stats Dspsrtaent as lata 
as Doooatoor, 1949«* 

gpflfiblo Identification 

die individual is possibly Identieal with Psul aloaandor 
XifantiotfULos* Jb investigation of ttfanttsff*!** has boon conducted 
by tho Bureau* 

Bureau files reflect that aooording to iof emotion reosived 
froa the State Departsant by aeaorandu* dated January 10, 1947* a 
routine investigation of Jaul Alexander lifantieff-Ls*, an employes 
of tho JHvision of yoreign Services of tho Stats pepartoent, 
was conducted by ths Stet* Department on Deeeefcer 17, 194©« Shis 
invogtlgstion by tho stats Departaent v*s prsdioatod upon inforaa* 
tlon received froa a souro* latsr idsntifiod by tho Stato Ifepsxfewnt 
as tli* Havy, on approsdjatsly October 1, 1946, to tho off oct that 
on* Jllarlon 0» Matveev, an enpleyee of ths Wax 1 Departaant 
wee soon to have in his possession a confidential report of ths 
Stato Dopartuont, Uhen Matveev sas asked how ho received this 
deouwnt, hs replied *Z have friends in the State Department** 
the investigation by the State Depertssmt reflected thst Matveev 
ass a oloss sssooiats of lifantieff-Ue #xe was in a position by , 
reason of ths nature of his worit at ths Stats Departsaat to 

*»• furnish ths oonfidsntlal report in question to Jtotvsev* ths 

um Stat* Department investigation ooneerning lif sntlef f~2*s, 

*•« . according to the aeaorendu* froa ths Stats Jfcpartasnt, refloats* 

Olavt a ' 

Motor ^ T 


I c^0 — — 30 


nothing of * serious derogatory nature beyond the fact that Uf antief f- 
Lee vas a roommate of Matveev and that the latter was a reference 
for and highly recounended ttfantieff-Iee for hie position with the 
State 'Departaent* the State Department at this ttee requested 
*any infonaation in the IBX files concerning lifantieff-Lee. By 
stenorandutt dated May 8$ 1947# the State Department was advieed 
that the files of this Bureau contained T» derogatory information 
concerning JfcuX Alexander Xlfantieff~Lee« 

She above infonaation concerning Xifantieff-Zee «a* 
included in a Bureau report entitled* *Hlarlon 0. Uatreev* 
Internal Security - R*» This report -was jnade at Washington, 
B. 0#, on April 15* 194? and a copy itae eent tor~| on 
SepteKfcer 10, 1947# "— ' 

there i» no indication in Bureau files a* to Aether 
or not Xifantieff~X*e is preeontly employed by the State 
Depertaent, (300-346253^5 

Xt should be noted that Paul Alexander lifantleff, 
1755 Oearry Street, San Ifcaneigce* California, was Meed ae a eouree 
of inforaatlon on at least tee occasions in 1942 by the San 
JTancleoo Office concerning Bueelan natters ^ ihis person cannot 
be identified fro» the files with the lif antief f-Iee aentioned 
above* (lQO-99248-li 100*40336) 




'baaa Bo. 37 • ttia individual mi aaployod V tho Stata Dapartaant 
In 1946 m « P-7 aonaultaat. On Juan 7, 1946, * Oevarnaaat invoatlgativu 
agency advlaad that thia individual vai tho oantaat nan for a ftaaaiaa 
atpioaaga ring* 

Ihia raport alao includad infomation to tho offoet that ha had 
playad brldga and axohangad languaf o laaaoaa with paraoaa la tho Soviat 
•abaaay. Cn Juno 7, 194** tot mm invaatigativa igaaay raportad that a 
known Soviat oapionago af ant waa arroitad with Ma ulf a la Finland In tba 
1930»# and that wall* la ouatady thia aapionafa afaat*a wifa haa raonoatad tha 
iaarloan Gonaul to forward an nor bahalf * raouoat for funda fron tela individual* 
Shif individual had baaa in oharga of tha training of Soviat narlaoa at on* tlaa 
at a Hoaaian port. Borortholaat* thla ladiridual, on Saptaahar 11* 1947* two 
givan top aaorat oloaraaoo* Bn» olaa r anoa offioor la thla oaao uaidt *In 
tha ahaanoo of additional highly d*rogata*y Infomation 1 faol that top aaorat 
oloarano* ahould ha gitta.*" 

It oat atatad it waa not known whothar Baal la woifclag for tha atato 
Bapartaaat at tho araoant tino or whothar ho la ia prlvato or govoraaaat 

thi« individual apparaatly ia tho auhjaot of a Baraau Loyal^r tad 
a Boraau Hatoh aat.filn. <iaWH#7j 103^068) 

Boaovar* invuetigatloa eoaoovaiag Baal haa aot haaa ooaduotad hy tha 


Boraau f ilaa raf laet tba following portioaat infomation aonoamlag 
frad Varaar Xaalt 

Baal waa ham at Borthvilla, Michigan, oa Aaguat 5* 1915. Ba attaadad 
tho Bnivaralty of Michigan and Harvard Univaraity. Baal una aa Aaarioan nana 
.wi.«^_^orroapoBdaat for varioua papora la Datroit, atohigaa, and Yaahlagtottj B. C, 
u« until ho antarad tho 7.8* Bavy la Saptaahar, 1949* ifttr laaviag tho Bavy in 

«.« 1946, ho waa aaployod by tho Stato Dapartnont la tho Itoaaiaa Saotlon. Ba 1« 

^ T,lu ~-»arriod to Virginia Jnao Inlay, 


.TeXt* *O0B, 

Iwr»«tlgttion In Htm dftgex? eat* d«r#l«p«d inttmatiLm that VmI 
hit wifa mam *Um f ri«U of ItXllm YaXW Ktolngtott but no oth«r 

• dialcral^omation w 4*r«»Up«& ia thli ea*§* 


Poring the war, Heel wee transferred fro* O.S.S* to 0«JUX» uhlan 
assignment took Ma to Siberia* Meal Indieated at one tine that Mi aesian- 
nent presuaaMy with OKI had in c luded liaison witfy and the training of, 
Soviet Marines stationed at * 9* 8* port* Jteal also stated At one tine he 
played bridge load exchanged language leeaone with persona in the Soviet HhKieey 
in Washington, P» 0* 

Aeeerding to * reliable eoureoj Baal wee a fcnoau eontaet of Jessica 
Smith, editor of •Soviet Baoele 1edey»" 

Arvi4 eueebeon, * know Soviet Espionage Agent, we* arret te d with hit 
wife in Finland early in 1933. While in custody, £aeobeon*e wife asked the 
Aneriean Consul to forward on her behalf a request for fundi £e< Frod Warner 
Keal In nlehig en, the legal reeidcnee of the Jaeobeont* 

On April 39, 1S46, tn wniUj reliable eouree reported that ftred 
Keel and hie wife ware teaporarily residing at the Mayflower Hotel and that 
Fred Heal wee going to *w* at the State Pepartnent* in view of thin iafoiwatlon, 
on June 7, 194o* the above derogatory iaforaatlon m furnished by letter te the 
State Popa rtn o nv 

In addition to the above, Bureau files new refloat that Keel haa been 
in eontaat with Baneet Joeaph Sinwene, Hireetor of the Bueeian Institute, Cela a Ma 
Bhlveraity, who wee reported)/ Jforeed out of a Irof eeeerabip at Cornell tfnireraity 

lJiaFW#*^PlJa fMa^^V S weeaff^F ^*^a^*W W* Ja^a^^^aW^l^^a|| ^^*ae) l^^ , n|Fw la^aw j^Hawfc ^tF^^enHealMfflPMsnntleBF^r JPP (■^^•^ ™ W# ^ft WWtW-P^ ^pM^P^WeaW ^Hej^^ ^WV^F HfHa* 

eetlve in eoneeetlon with other Qenenniat front organieationi* Keal wee reported 
te be 'very friendly with Battle, to hare nenereua Botelan frlendt and to hate 

■i^P^^P* ^eWet ^<fc% w ^er ^awapap AW^AVal^^alMeWw tesw^sT^eeae»# apaUew aeV^WB»deV we? egr 

A loyalty lore eeneernlng Fred Yerner Heal, Unit chief HSaanoniet, 
D.8. Pep ai a a e u t of 8tate, Washington, P. C», wee received at the Bureau en 
Auguet %% 1948* Ho inYastigatioa wee conducted ee it wag detevadned that Keel 
wet no longer eapleyed by the Pepartnent of State* the ttim, appropriately narked, 
wee returned to the State Pepartnent* 

Infesnatlon wee reeeired fron the Albany Offiee of the FBI, by letter 

^•J^W^af^W %^r'^ , lW , P^P 0^^^ M ■ "J^lr^QwW V*HP™ #^^r^*Wllwl ^■^aW^eT ^W^^PWeaV le^a^aw^^l^^Ky *|^*H% W iWHIHePaW^P w^P*^ ▼ ^^aw VM^f ^p^^^aa^BB^ep^e>^Pw^ew^^aWB^W^a% 

and Ooovdinator of Tuhlie Belatlena in the Bee* IbA State Peparaeent of Bdueatlan. 

(021-12317; .101-6868) 

- 'j~93 

- r* 



Allegation by Senator McCarthy 

Senator McCarthy alleges that the individual identified aa caaa 
No* 58 la presently employed in the Research Division of the State Depart- 
ment* He farther allege* that thia individual hat continued to remain 
mth the State Department even though the individual naa reported 
on July 11* 1947* by a Government Investigative Agency, to be a 
member of the Communist Party « A cloae friendship la also alleged 
vdth mijtapbrtant subject in a Russian espionage case* 

Possible Identification 

X review of the Bureau files indicates that the captioned 
individual ia apparently identical idth Lois Carlisle, Research Analyst* 
Division of Research for American Republics, 0* S* Department of State* 
The Bureau records reflect that an inveatlgation was completed in 
March* 1948* This was a loyalty investigation* 

This investigation reflects that Lois Carliele nas born on 
Januaxy 17* 1900, at Birmingham, Alabama* She received her education 
at the Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas) Colmbia Unlrarsity, 
New loric Cjtyj Univeraity of Madrid, Spain in 1932t and the Ohivereity of 
Chile in 1935# 

She "was employed as a language Professor at the Texas State College 
for Women, #enton, Texas, 1922 - 1937 # Following her employment in Chile, 
1936 - 1940, Loia Carliele began her employment *ith the Government as 
follows): July, .1941 - June 26, 1944, Assistant Kdltor, Foreign Broadcast 
Intelligence Service, Federal Communications Commission) June 27, 1944 ~ 
September 30, 1945* Research Analyst, Office of Strategic Sendcesj 
October 1, 1945* transferred to the Department of State ae Research 
Analyst for American Republice* 

Xois Carliele was a frequent contact and close friend of Mary Jane 
and Philip 0* Keeney* both members of the Communist Party and subjects in 

mcnoi» f* ^^ 



vtnj i * VM *m**.i mm * *ii*. 

,■, *• 

the Silvexmaater - Soviet Espionage Conspiracy investigation* Carlisle made 
the acquaintance of 4 number of Communists and Attended meetings me a result 
of the association with the Keeneys* She nee motive in the State Department 
Branch of the United Public Workers of America* She ie alleged to have taken 
an active part in the anttHJomauniet faction of thie union throughout her 
membership* She resigned :from the union in June, 1948* 

The information pertaining to Carlisle's association with the 
K^oays was furnished to the State Department and as a reeult an investigation 
nam initiated by that Agency in April, 1947* Xn connection with the State 
Department 1 * investigation, Carlisle was interviewed on June 30, 1947* and 
volunteered information relative to her membership in the Southern Conference 
for Human ? If are and the Washington Bookshop Association, both of which 
have been cited ae Communist front groups. Relative to Cerliele's member- 
ship in these groupe she advised that her association ulth the Southern 
Conference for Human Welfare was prompted Jby her interest in improvements 
in the South; the association with the Washington Bookshop mas based on a 
recommendation by Ifcxy Jane Xeeney* In thie connection she allegedly 
discontinued her activity when she bream* auspicious of the intent of 
theee groups* Her formal resignation was not submitted to the above groups 
until July 9, 1947* a date following the above interview by the State 
Department* (121-1985) 


The Bureau 9 a investigation of Carlisle consisted of a Hatch Act 
investigation completed in September, 1947* *&d a loyalty investigation 
completed in Kerch, 1948* A copy of the Hatch Act investigative report was 
submitted to the State Department on September 23^ 1947* Copies of the 
loyalty reports wore submitted to the Civil Service Commission on Kerch 3, 
1948 and to the Department of Justice on Itorch 23^ 1949* the Department 
advised on September 30, 1949j tJhat proeecution wae not warranted against 
Carlisle on the basis of the evidence available • 

The TSfashinston Field Office ascertained in June, 1949, that 
Cerliele was still employed as a Foreign Affairs Analyst and that 
termination of her employment *as not contemplated at that time* 

, *> » the loyalty cast, a disposition sheet dated Septoabtr 14, 1949. 

indicated Carlisle was held "iOigible on loyalty** The State Department did 
not ^dvieo of the disposition of the Batch £ct case, and 4eclined to provide 
the Bureau with a copy of the transcript of an interview Jield *dth Carlisle 
after receipt of the Bureau's reports* 


v- r 

cau mat DuBob 


"Cass Ho* 60* This individual was swployed by OSS, In the 
Diction of Bss earch, f rou June loltf to September 19i5, 
et vhich tin* he wae transferred to tha Stat* Department. 
Ho is now * branch chief In Eeeeareh and Intelligence. 
One of his forner aupervisors stated that htWBJ Gea* 

•For sons time he has resided irith another State Department 
employee, previously mentioned herein, whose investigation 
una requested because of ooasunistic activities, neverthe- 
less, thia individual has been cleared and is still work- 
ing in an important poaition idiere ha handles top-secret 
material in the Stata Department.* 


A review of tha Bureau's files indieatas that the shore person 
is apparently Cora Alice DuBois, also known as Alice Cornelia DuBois, 
Chief, Southern Areas Branch, Department of State, Washington, D. C. 
Bureau records reflect that we wade *n Investigation of this peraon 
under tha J-oyalty Program. The basis for this inveetigation was the 
appearance of the employee* s name on an open letter to the President 
of Brasil requesting the release of Jaia Carlos Prestos, Honorary 
Chairman of the national Liberation Alliance of Brasil, frost * 
Brazilian prieon. This letter appeared in the December 3, lo|»0 
edition of "Hew ]iaaaee N and was sponsored by the Council for fan 
American Democracy, an organisation declared within the purview of , 
Bxscutlve Order $B&. As a result of this investigation, copies of 
this letter were furnished to the Civil Service Commission. In ad- 
dition, it was developed that employee roomed with Jeanne Taylor who 
registered in the Bew fork State elections in 1935 «• * Coeantnist 
and in September, lJrtO., signed two Communist Party nominating pe- 
titions in Bew York City. Reliable informants linked Jeanne Taylor 
with individuals connected with Cenmunist front organisations who 
had given support to Communism. Jeanne Taylor was terminated from 
the State Department on April 23, l?n7 as an undesirable employee. 
Miae DuBois waa listod as a reference by Miss Jane Poster in 1?U3, 
«« «hen the latter applied for a position with OSS. A relisbls inform- 
al* ant identified Miss Foster as a Communist Party member during bar 

stay in Haahington. Viae DuBois was slso listed as a raferenos by 
Burhan Abdul Csa-een, an 088 applicant 'who waa formerly employed in 
the building housing the "Daily Worker, * an £*at Coast Cosjawnist v J\ 
newspaper, and who had contributed articles to tha «Waily worker.* 6^ J 



ft* c y UN.,. 

Haroo - 

MPhT- ^ r . 

Tela, Aooa 







cora aucb Dubois (continued) 

In 19l&s ttlsft BuBoia requested pernlaelon i*o» the Bepartaent of St«U to 
accept * nomination to tb« Board of Birectors of the American Council of 
the Institute of Pacific Relatione, cited aa a Coawuniet front organi- 
sation ly tha California Coawdlttee on Bn-Aneriean Activities in lotfU 
Vise BuBois was employed by tha Division of Special Information from »tone 
8, 191*2, until January 31, I9li3* when thia divinion no tranaferrad to 
tha Office of Strategic Services. She wee employed there until September 
30, 19\&, tranaferring to the State Bepartaent* Jo former or preaent 
supervisor of the employee atated during thia inveatigatlon that he or 
the employee vae a Comunlat. Copies of report a in the Xoyalty inveati- 
gation were aent to CSC on September 10, 191*8, with supplemental reports 
being furniabed on Hovembei* 9t *°W. By diapoaition eheet dated June 1$, 
l?ko, the Bureau wae advised that the enployee was "Eligible on loyalty." 
Aa of Auguat, 19h9» thia employee was still working at the .Department of 
State, Tfcshington, B. C. <121-$Q38) 



motion by senator, x*P«y*ta: 

•Ceee No* 61* This individual is employ*! in Besearch and 
Intelligence in the state Departaent* n© Me been very active in UPK&, 
and one of his references lias bean closely affiliated with Co»uolst-front 
organisations* A Governaent investigative agency has indicated the very 
strong possibility of a dose tie*up between this individual and another 
Comsunist. the file indicates that additional investigations in this ease 
are necessary. Be is still in the State Departsent. 

yeesjb^ Sdenjftffryattgi 

A review of toe Bureau files indicates that this individual is 
apparently Identical vdth Alice Margaret Beaerjian* The Bureau records 
reflect thai a Loyalty of Govenaaent Employees investigation vas conducted 
concerning Kiss Deaerjltn in 1948* Xhst investigation disclosed that a 
confidential source advissd in May, 1942 that the nam of Alice Deoerjian 
appeared on a list of donors to the united American Spanish Aid Coonaittee* 
That Cofcaittee mas cited by the House Comaitteo en tb-Anerican Activities 
on April £9* 1944> as a Coswunist front* It Mas also determined that from 
193? to 1943 Miss Deaerjlsn Was Administrative Assistant to Murray W. 
Latiaer, Chairnftn ef the Railroad RetiraMnt Board and that die was in 
social centaot with hia in 1946, the nane of Letiaer appeared on the 
active indioss of the Aaerican Peace Mobilisation in 1943* This organisation 
has boon cited by the Attorney General as s Communist group within the pur- 
view of Executive Order Ho* 9835* Latimer vac also sn associate of nenbars 
of a Soviet espionage conspiracy in the United States in the early 1940's. 
Mies jDewer jian has likewise been an associate ef Allen £osenbergj Irving 
Kaplan and Ceerge Silverman who were also reported as aeabers of the Soviet 
espionage conspiracy mentioned above* She .has been associated with Mary 
Jane and Philip Olin (Angus) Keaney, both of -whoa* wore -reported noabers of 
a Cooannist Party underground group during the late l930*s and the early 
1940»e. Other associates of Miss 3eaar3ian were Margaret Greenfield, a 
reported aeaiber of the Coraamiat Party in 1944* !*♦ Sari ?U Beckner, a 

■wwm reported life nearer of the Visshinston Bookshop Association in 1940, and 

■**»« George S» ViheeL-r, a reported aember of the Cowcunist Party in the late 

*m 1930 ! s and the early 1940 l s* The Washington Bookshop Association has been 

" fUW olted by the Attorney General aa a Comuniat organisation irithin the pur- /X 

- view of Executive Order Ho, $635* {12L-2793) cA^^ 





T.l..'lio<»L_ _ Cj;g 

Zv.H«Bailey»tg -*. 

the reports in this investigation vrera furnished to the Civil 
Service Coordaaicn lay latter of June A, 294$« A supplementary report va* 
transmitted to CSO October 7, I94&, The Conadsaion advised on 3tily 25, 
19A9, that ttLss Denerjlan was declared eligible on loyalty and that she 
was still enployed as Administrative Officer in the acquisition and 
Distribution of Infernaticn Division of the State Department. On March 
24, 1949/ copies of reports in this ease wire transmitted to the Crisinal 
Division of the Jfepartaent for a determination as to^whether any- Federal 
lass had Twen violated* The Department advised on Septeaber 27, 1949* 
that on the basis jof the iaf oraetion no* available prosecution is not 





Allagatlona by Senator McCarthy 

Case No* 62 - »fhis file if not important Insofar as cowaunlstie 
aotivltiat art oonoemed, but rather la important because It shads light on 
soma rather unusual mental aberrations of certain individuals in the 
Department* In this connection, It perhaps should be mentioned that the 
4ypts of individuals dtsorlbed in this file art regarded as bad security 
risks by moat inveetigativa agenoite for tbt reason that they art rather 
tasy blaoknall viotima. Ibis flit I rtoasmand to tht atttntion of any 
oomvitttt that oaraa to inveetigate it. It goee into sos* detail in regard 
to tbt peouliar~*©w can wt put it— tht peculiar mantel twists* X was 
trying to bandit this matter dtlioattly. Z think this will be of ;int*reet 
to tht ooanitttt in that it gives a rather intartating pieturt of sot* 
rather unusual mental ttists of these gentleman who art tied-up with somt 
of tht Conaauniat organisa t ions* 

•also it iM confirmation of what I belltvt I mentioned earlier 
this evening wbtn I was talking about one of tht top invtetigatora in 
Waabington, I said to bin, ««by do you find so many ptoplt f anatio about 
ooaBunismT la thtrt something that is so inviting about it? Is thtrt 
something mentally wrong?* Be said, *lou will find if you aoaroh deep 
tnougb that thtrt la something mentally or physioally wrong Tilth every ont 
tf then, * Thert is certainly something wrong with this group, X might say 
that tht new eeoarity officer has rtotsnendtd that they get rid of aU that 
type of individuals regardless of whether they art shown to bavt any 
tonmunistio connection or not,* 

Possible Identifioation 

this individual is poaelhly Identical with lahem ¥illlam Perkins, 
who, according to his loyalty form submitted in 19h&, la tmploytd as a dork 
in tht State Department, and has been so tmploytd since 1027* 

a review of »eln Bureau files rtfltett that a preliminary loyalty 
.investigation was opened on Jsham wllliam Parkins on April 30, 1?U8 on the 
-baaia of Bureau rtport dated Hoveabar a?, 1?1|0 at Washington, D* C, entitled. 

<uu *iahem «, Perkins, Or., Special Inquiry, Department of State*, wbioh sets 

-forth the results of an interview with one Philip Ball, artist, forks 

Z^ZZJ^V™ Adtinlatration, who adviaed he had known Perkins for a period of 

w j. n. iSalaoresBik \ 

■Osnd y 


fourteen years', having rooaed with Ma the major portion of that tiae* 
Boll admitted having nan/ friends who were syapathetlo with the Ideas of 
Coamunlsaf however* Bell stated that ho and Parkins had no nutual friends, 
and that Perklne van not aaaoelatod with any organisation disloyal to the 
United states* 

The preliminary investigation failed to reveal any further jpertinent 
derogatory data, and tho Washington Hold Office V letter of Ifcy 13* 1## 
pointed out that on tho basis of an extenelve iapplicant-type investigation 
eonduoted by tho Bureau In 19k0; copies of whioh vara furnished the State 
Department, and clnoe no evidence of disloyalty was developed* no additional 
Investigation van being conducted. Thereafter, the loyalty fora was returned 
with the following ataapi *ife disloyal data fSL files £-10«k8«» 

(6*.#861| iai*&30) 

It will he noted that j*rson* slallar to the individual aentioned 
Jby senator UeCartky in Case Ho, 62 were described a* being bad security risks 
for the reason that they are rather easy KUofa a ll victims* Perkins* a 
State Department employee, could be placed In the category Aentioned by 
Senator iteCartby since Perklne rooaed for a long period of tiae with an 
Individual who had many friends sealdus to Cownmiet ideology. 



illation tar Senator McCarthy 

"Case No. 63. Thia Individual is eaployed by the State 
Departaant la Research and Intelligence. Be waa with Aray 
Intelligence froa 1944 to June 1946* In April 7, 1947, ba waa 
given * eeourity olearanoe froa the Stat* Departaant. the 
filee of the Stata Departaant inveetigative agency ahow that 
ha la a very eloaa aaaodata of a former Ifar Departaant aaployaa 
who wee droppad baoaaaa It waa believed ha paaaad information 
and aatarial to Soviet agents. One of hia associates at the 
War Departaant, with whoa ha hae alnca bean in contact, la an 
Individual who haa been vary active with coaauniatleally 
inclined groupa. lit haa been a very eloaa aaaodata of another 
known Coaaamiat ayopathlaer. Be haa bean given top aeoret 
clearance despite association with other known Coaanniat 

foaa|bXa Identification 

A review of the Bureau' a filea indieatea thia individual la 
apparently identical with Stanley Wiloox who wae the subject of a 
loyalty inveetlgation by the Bureau In 1949* 

In connection with the loyalty investigation it was developed 
and reported that Wilcox had bean in association with Ellsworth Bayaond, 
Villlaa H. S. Johneon, hia wife, Annette Jox Johneon, and Jeeeie Bubin, 
aka. Cheela Ruble and Aaaia Rublna. 

Military Intelligence reoorda of the War Departaant reflected 
that Ellsworth Bayaond, WiUiaa B* 2. Johneon, and his wife, Annette 
Pox Johneon, all of whoa were eaployed together In the Military Intelligence 
Service of the War Departaant, ware luepeoted of being responsible for a 
leak of infornation concerning the activities of the Military Intelligence 
Service in Russia. Mrs. Johnson's brother, David Fox, waa believed to have 
bean an HKvD agent, or closely associated with the MKVD. Johneon waa 
suspected of passing information through his wife to David Pox, or to 
David Pox directly* Ellsworth Raymond la Berried to Anna Palaaova, a 
Soviet National, who waa reliably reported to have been an HKVD agent. 
War Departaant reoorda reflected that Johnson, hia wife, Annette, and 
Elleworth Raymond ware relieved of their eaployaant with the War Departaant 
in November of 1946 because of a reduction in force, thia action was taken 

CBHowardt CMC 



howavar aftar an invaetigatton by tha Any had drvalopad information to 
Hit affaat that Johnnoa had nada apaaehaa favoring Rwaaia, and that all 
of tha abota-nantionad individuals wrt fc»U«wd to ba tha aonroa of a 
laak of infomatioh raanrdinf tha activitiaa of tin Military Jatalliga>ea 
Sarvioa In Ruaaia. 

War Dapartaant raoorda also WTtalad that Jaaaia Rubin furniahad 
Wilooxta naa* at a rafaranca in nooning anployaant with tha Amy in Juna 
of 1946* Hiloox, in raply to an inquiry aa to hit kaowladga of Robin, 
atatad, *I bdthly raconaand Jttaa Ruoia nhoaa jdiaoratlon, intalliganoa and 
loaowladgn bavn boon lntinataly taatad during a yaar apd ona-half of fraquant 
naatlnga.* Rubin ia known to hava eontaotod Gai* Oraldnian in Raw lork 
City on January 2$, 1941* and Yabrttary 30, 1941* wdor auapiciouo aireuaatancaa, 
Ovakiidan at that tint naa aaployad by Aatorg trading Corporation and no 
vat aubaaquantly daportad Iron tha tfaitad Stataa baeauaa of allagad Soriat 
•aplonaga activity. 

Raoorda of tha Civil Sarvioa Conaiaalon raflact that on February 
27, 1946, tha Cantral intalliganoa Croup, no* known aa tha Cantral Sntalliganoa 
Aganoy, naa inatruatad by tha Civil Sarvioa Coandaaion to tamlnata too 
anployaant of Jaaaia Rubin who naa at that Una aaployad in tha Foreign 
Broadcast Intolligenoe Sonrioa, baoauen of queatiooabla loyalty* Tha 
Cantral Ihtalliganoe Oronp taradnatod Rubin 'a anployaant an June 30, 1947 
with tha atatanant that aha naa fonnd uneultable for oantinaad (tovernaent 

Raoords of tha State Eepartuent reflect that a rceponsibl* 
Oovernaental official had reported a convereation had with Wilcox 4a 1944 
or aarly 1945. During thia eonvareation Wilcox reportedly stated that ha 
naa aeouainted with a ftaaaian-feorn girl who naa wall veraed in tha "Party 
line." Fron ajfleKription of tha girl, furniahad by tha Oovemasntal 
offioial, it waa balieved by tha Stata Departaant that tha girl waa Jeaeie 

A foraar aupervleor of 1O1C0X in tha Stata Dapartaant advised that 
fileox had coaataatly triad to convince him that Soviet Ruaaia had a sound 
danoaratio ayetea. and tha foraar ouparvisor did not nonaldar Wilcox an 
abjective or critical analyat of tha polidec of Soviet Ruaaia* Thia 
fomar auparvieor furthar atatad ha waa told by Wilcox that Wilcox naa 
friendly with Johnson, Ma nif e, Annette, Rayaond and Rubin. Tha foraar 
auparviaor volunteered that ha definitely considered Jaaaia Subin to ba 
of Soviat affiliation. 


•«•"•■ \m 

A large nunbtr of fallow eaploytta and acquaintanoat in Waahington 
explained that tbay vert atart of Wilcox'* inttrtat in tht Ruttian langoagt 
and of hit fritndllnttt toward one or aort of tht ptrtont aentiontd abova, 
but thay eontidtrod hi* antirtly loyal to thit country. 

Tht ratultt of iht loyalty lovattigatita -wort f oraithtd to tht 
Civil Strviot Cowittion on Jfaroh 1, 1948 and to 4he Btpartntnt on 
Oetobtr 5, 1948. 

By atnorandut dattd Stpttabtr 20, 1940, tht Civil Strviot 
Condition advittd that Wilcox hid httn rttalaad at Itftarth Antlyat with 
tht Statt Dtpartaent* 

Tht Surttu'e filta rtvtal that lilcoac vat ttill ttp&oytd by tht 
Statt Dtpartaant on Oetobtr 27, 1949* (121«-937) 



mmmms by senator mccartht 

*Case No* 61** Ihie Individual is presently employed in 
Research end Intelligence In the State Pepartaent* Again we 
find then in Research and Intelligence * *he investigative 
aftenoy files show that infonaant* stated that he and hie wife 
maintained a comwunietic and un-A»erican attitude* the file 
indicates that the wife admitted being a member of the 
Cowaunist Party* the file further show* that he is a cloee 
friend of a nuriber of Russian agent* connected with a major 
espionage case* 

*Xha investigation of this case wa* held up because the 
investigation at that tiae Might have upset the investigation 
of what was considered a major espionage case* which was in 
the process of investigation * Thie individual apparently still 
enjoys clearance to top-secret docuaent*.* 

rossiBue ice>?tificatioh 

From a review of the Bureau files it appears that the captioned 
individual is identical with Hollia William Teter who as of February k$ 
19k9> was eaployed as an Economist with the Department of State, Washington, 
D* C* Peter was investigated under the Loyalty Program in 1?W. In I9h3 
he was the subject of a Match Act investigation* 

Investigation discloses that while attending the University of 
Wisconsin from 193$ throu^i 1938, Peter was closely associated with one 
Salli Crane whow he later married* SaHi Crane was reported to be a member 
of the State Board of the Toung Communist league in 1$36 and 1&37 and to 
have attended Coramnist Tarty rose tinge. Peter was reported to have similar 
views as Salli Crane but no inf ormation was obtained to indicate that he 
wa* a menfeer of the Coawnist Party or Toung Communist League or Attended 
any of their meetings. (121-33*7-3) 

_ m 2 *dlm working for the ttiited States Soil Coneervation Service 

cl& in 1959 and 191*0, Peter was associated with a group which was reported 

.*•«* to be against nar and radical in their views* Both Peter and hi* wife jX 

- were reported to have expressed sn interest in Commoniam and Suesia* 




't#u. koo* M .E ♦T0R P £NS :mj t 

rf ios t p 


Peter irae classified as a conscientious objector by the 
Selective Service Board at the beginning of World War II but later 
enlisted in the United States Aragr Medical Corps* Peter's attitude 
my have been due to the influence of his father who was a pacifist 
during World War !♦ (121-1397-1X44, Page 12; 121-1397-12, Page 23) 

Duxing the early 1940*» Peter Joined In a car pool to ride' 
to work with several individuals who were reported to be Comunist 
eyppathiter*. These associates were reported to have been jaeabers of 
CotoBomist front organizations and one was known to have been in fre- 
quent contact with a local Comaunist Party functionary* (121-1397-12) 

Jh 1943 Peter received copies of n Xn Fact" and "Soviet Russia 
Today*, through the mail, however, there is no positive information that 
he was a subscriber. Both of these publications were cited as Coawunist 
fronts by the Special Coomittee on un-Aiaeriean .Activities, House of 
Representatives, on March 29, 1944. (100-861-27, Page 7j 121-1397-12, Page 14) 

la 1943 on co<*pletion of the Hatch Act investigation Peter was 
intend wed* He denied any Ccoraunist Party affiliations but did admit 
haying received Coaaunlst Parly literature from time to time* He claimed, 
however j that he had not received *ny Communist Party literature for 
several years. (100*861-2?) 

Peter la reported to have stated that he shared a car pool with 
William Walter Hemington in 1946* An informant has also reported that Peter 
was in frequent contact with Remington in 1946* Remington was a close 
contact of persons suspected of Soviet espionage in Washington, £« 0«. in 
the early 1940 f s« (121-1397-12) 

&ireau files reflect that pertinent reports on the results of 
the Hatch Act investigation were furnished to IU K* Ifoore of the State 
Department, i*llitajy Intelligence and the Interdepartmental Committee on 
Bnployee Investigations* 

The loyalty reports were furnished to the United States Civil 
Service Comission and the Criminal division of the Dejpartment of Justice* 

The latest communication from the Waited States Civil Service 
Commission dated February A# 1949, reflects that Peter was retained as an 
employee of the State Department* (121-1397*14) 

victor m. mm 

Allegations by Senator McCarthy 

Case No* 6$ *► *This individual Is also still In the State Department 
In the Office of Inforaatlon wnd Education and holds en inportent position* It 
would appear from his activities that he is very definitely cowunistioally 
inclined^ However, it is entirely possible that this individual is Merely a 
left-winger *bo has been dealnsted by So. 81, 1*0 will be ocvered later, and a 
group of OoBamnists and fellow travelers «ho have surrounded Ho* 81, to the 
extent that he has reeeived credit for aany of the ccewunist activities of 
Ho* 81* By No. 81 I refer to the ease shleh I shall oover shortly, for that 
reasoni while the work flowing fron Ms of flee would Indicate that he Is 
sympathetically inclined at least toward ccaanmlsts, I would hesitate in 
l eballng bia as suoh. In any event, however, I feel that he certainly is a bad 
risk in that position." 

Possible Identification 

This individual is possibly identical with Victor Myron Hant, born 
on October 7, 1*08, in Hapa, California, on who* the^Bareau has conducted 
applicant-type Investigations under Public Law 1(02, 80th Congress (Voles of 
Aaerica), and the Atonic Energy Act of l?ii6* 

The investigation under the Voice of America prograa, vMch was 
begun on May 27, l?ii8 and which was ooncluded on July 6, l$Jt8, elicited 
Inforaatlon trm a confidential source that Hunt while a student at the University 
of California, Berkeley, California, had 'leftist tendencies* which were described 
as "flirting with Cowuniaa*j and while employed at Ban Jose State College in 
San Jose, California, lectured fully and thoroughly on Comunlm and students 
reported to "this saas source that he was an advocate of Socialism pr Cenwanissu 


The investigation under the Atonic Baergr Act, which was begun on 
Hay 18, l$h9 and which was concluded on June 17, l«l»9, elicited Inforaatlon frow 
a oonfidentlel source that there was *ever any question as to where Ruby Parsons 

*,« (case Ho. 81) stood as she supported polioles synpathetlc to the Russian 

uH—flovenaent and the fact that Victor Hant, her superior, supported her polioles 

wsrfs him <juestlonabls as to whether he is a good security risk for the », S* 
««» aoveruaent. 

J. E* .Foley:nk 1 1 

j*<mm ** m *t i ' »i^#* 


On OotoT** 31> l#t8# he was transferred to Hew Sork City where ha 
became associate ehief of the International Broadcasting Division of the 
Dspartment of State* On April 15# 19b9» ha resigned to take a position with 
tha fiend Corporation t Santa llonica, California* (U6*12il733) 

Copies of reports wore disseminated to the Departaant of State on 
July 13, 19!$ and July 23, 1$£ and to the Atomic Energy Cooaission on Ottly p, 




MthoU m 




»Ca se go, 66. Thin i ndividual is also caployed by the State 
Sepertaent as 1 l in *he Voice of A aeriea. Hg was Ha ted on 

the draft classification as Art be pause of being | I Ho and 

I _ _ " . ~ _ | yor <camuttistloal3y 

inspired protest groups* Ht alto worked for a tine for A Comurrist-dosdnated 
organisation. Ho studied for a tiae in 1ihe Hew Sehool for Social Research 
under Sana Sieler, aho. Senator* recall, appeared bef bra the House Un-American 
Coaoittee* This indiiddaal ia mentioned priaoipaiay because ha wooed to bt 
representative of the group which aecuaulated around So* 81, whom I consider 
ona of tha big shots* " 



tha Bngaatt iadioajaj thia person ia 
I alao known aa I I tha Bureau raoorda 

a review of tha f iles of 

apparently I 

reflect *• conducted a Hatoh Act investigation on thia individual in 1945. 

At that Una ha *as eapleyed aa a auaie director by tha Office of liar Jhfor- 
aation at lew Torlc City* CL00-3X9&) 



This investigation reflects that from 1938 to 1941 1 H 
did aitand tha Saw School for Social Research, ftron Deeenber, 1936, to Jiareb, 
1939, ha *ae aaplcyed by tha State, County and jjgnJojpajL Workers of Am erica. 
In 1945 ha via classified aa Jrf because of l i Tho 

inveatigatiott was predicated on receipt of infomatien that he we* frequently 
seen in tha eonpany of Coasmiata and «m, in the opinion of ona informant, 
a Coaaoniet eyapathiaer and possibly a Aenber of the Party, That source 
reported that around 1956 when tha Building Service JEaployees atruok under 
local 31-B, a coffee kitchen was established in the Stoeenberg apartaent for 
the strikers* 

lwA+.t»ft» »<%^»wm> aaaaoaAad that » T 

'witnessed five signatures on a 

ncadnatinfl; petition for ^sraol Aato r* Ccanunist Party, 1939* Co June 7, 1939, 
|at that tine, guhjdtted a notification of 


tg fjf- 

Handwriting speciaens ox tno employee 



subsitted with the nominating petition to the FBI laboratory for co^ttrieon. 
Ho conclusion could be readied because the Jmoau writing iM not euf fieientty 
conparable with the questioned signature*. 

X eoRr of the iiweetieatlve report in 1hia case «w transmitted 
to the BUte Depertnent. A. copy hee also been trenenitted t o the mri alott 

of lieoorda. Oar Inveetigatlve file does not reflect Thsthor | | ia now 

employed by the State Department. 

I* ie noted frets the file that extensive investigation of, 

waa conducted by the tf« S* Civil Serriee CoMssiesion in 1944. (100-334981-2) 

It ia noted that thle individual is apparently identical with the 
individual referred to as *Case Ko. 80« in the Material provided to the Bureau 
on a confidential bade by former S. A. Robert Lee on Jenuazy 2% 1940. It ia 
noted that photostatic copies of the teettaeny of various jStata Departe«aat 
officials before the Houes Appropriations Cotmdttee oonoandng the State 
Sepcrtenent Appropriation Sill for 1949, were obtained by the Bureau. 

toder the testiww of Haailton Robinson, Uireotor, Office of 
Control, Division of Security end Bwestdgetion. on Janoaiy 28, 1940, infor- 
maUon is set forth that «Ca ee »o. 80* (identified in I*o«s aaterlal as 
I I involvea an individual she was not eapkyed by 

the State Departaant but was terminated September 16, 1947, due ^to completion 
of assifpaent. (&W9749-BO?) 








: * r i , * 


"Side ladiYidnal vat eaplejred V OOT la Marth, 1942, aad transferred 
to the State Departaea* vhea that ageae/ vat taken erer hr the Departaeat. 
After a aeettnc of Ooanaalttt aad Coaaaaltt oTapataltert, ha vat arretted for 
disorderly Oondaet. Jfvo aeaoert of the £evlot aadorcroaad atteapted to cot 
hln out of dlffltalty aad hath up aattert to ho would aot lota hit potltlea la 
tho Stata Departaeat, vhloh indltatet that ho it of iapertaaoe to tho Seviot 
underground, thit laferaatlen vat tot forth la dotall la a aoBeraadua, da tod 
Jaao 17. 1946, hj aa larottlcative afoaar, aad oroncht to tho attoatloa of tho 
State Departaeat. Bovoror, thlt iadlrldnal vat ttlll vlth the State Departaeat 
la Jaao, 1947, aad ttlll had top~teeret elearaaoo. Oa Jaly 16, 1947, a heariac 
vat finally hold. Z aa aot avaro of tho oatooao of thlt heariac. Bovoror, ay 
hoot kaovlodgo it that ho It ao loactr vlth tho Stato Dopartaoat, hat vhothor 
ho rotlgaod, vat dltohargod, or vhothor ho rotolrod a Joh vlth toao othor 
Gororaaoat aceaey 1 do aot hnov. X fool thlt oate It laportaat, Hr. Prooidoat, 
for a neater of reatoatf one of thoa fceiac that aftor It vat definitely proven 
that tho Conmaltt aadorcroaad had a deep iatoroot la thit aaa, aad vaatod to 
help bin out, ho ttlll vat «lr«n aooott to tep-teoret aatorlal for aore than a 


fhlo ladlrldaal it apparontly Jokn Richard Lladtoy* fho Jaroau i lltt 
rofloot an applioant larootlfatloa vat ooadaotod In 1943 at vhloh tl»o Lindtoy 
vat holnf ooaoidorod for a petition vlth tho Off loo of tho Coordinator of Info*- 

Oa Juno 20 1 1946 # Mr* 'lohort Banaoraaa, Soourlty Off loor # Stato Dopari* 
Mat i adrltod that Information had ooao to kit attoatloa that John llohard 
fcladtoy* Cblof of *ha B readout tin* Vait of tho Off loo of International lafowatiea 
and Cultnral Affaire* Stato Dopartaoat f and vhfc at that time vat loeatod la How 
York 01ty t attended a rail/ at tho Watergate la Vaehinctoa, Do C. oa or aWat 
Juno 11, 1946o fho fall/ vat allegedly tponeerod by lib oral eleaente and vat 
knovn ao tho rally to *aato tho peaae.* It eeeat that Lindtey during tho eoaree 
of thlo rally heeaae highly latoxleated and vat arretted hy tho pellee*, While 
la detention* a Hits Saean B« Anthony oallod Mr« fedor ftaraala of tho Sorlot 

cu ** Sa frattr and ttatod la of foot that thoy # tho lahaeey, *utt have Mr* Xladeey 

**** releated vlthout etlrrlag mp any troahlo* It *et adrlted that tubtequtmt to thlo 

»""H~~4*lophoao conversation Liadtty vat releated. 



77-23311-10, 11 


wu.w^Z V. J, WOOPStrma ^ HI 




Mr* Saaaoraaa Mult this iaferaatioa avallatto hollovlac It wald ho 
of iatorott to tho Saroaa laaoaaoh ao it iadloatod to Ma that Liadooy, althoa«a 
a Stat* Bopartaoat oaployoo, vao ootaf *lookod aftor" oy tho Soviet Sahasay, 
tao pootltllity aslotlac , aooovdia* to *tr. Baaaotaaa, that tho Soviot Sthaoty 
aay ao uolog Lladooy ao a ooareo of lafozaatloa* 

iarootiiatioa V tao Straw ia ooaaootloa with Madooy<t arroot 
roroalod that John Blehard liladtay of 'Brooklyn, law Toik, woo arrootod oa 
Jaa* 13, 1946, wailo attoadlac tao Vat treat* Coaoort, oa a oharfo of Voiaf 
latoxloatod, dioordorly aad aaaiac tpooohot. it vao aloo dotoralaod that Uadtoy 
pottod $25,00 ooilatonl aai olootod to forfoit hj naa-appaaranea ia court. 
fala iaferaatioa vao faralahod tho State pepartaeat oa Aantt 2, 1946. (77*23311-10,11) 

Shi* ladlvldaal io apparently Ideatleal with John liehard &ladeey, 
referred to ao •Oate # 81* la tao aaterlal provided to tho Borea* oa Jaaaary 29, 
1948, hjr fomor Speolal Meat Sehert B. %— oa a eoafideatlal haolo. tho iaferaatioa 
tot forth thereia io eabttaatially tho oaao ao alleged by Seaator McCarthy. In 
thlo ooaaootloa it io aoted that tao Bareaa ebtaiaed photostatic eoplet of 
teetlaoay taken before tho loaoo Appropriation* Coaalttoo la ooaaootloa with 
tho Stato Bopartaeat appropriation. Bill for 1949, 

Uader tao teetlaoay of Kaalltea Beblaeea, Slreeter, Offioo of Coatrel, 
Dlvltioa of Seourity and laTOOtlcatloa, oa Jaaaary 29, 1948, there is oot forth 
laf emotion to tho of foot that tao individual iavolved la *Oae* # 81" (ldoatiflod 
ialoo'o aatorial ao John liehard Xiadeey) vat net oapleyod by tho Stato Popartaeat 
having eeea teraiaeted by roatea of redaction la force Soptaaoor 12, 1947* 





AlXagailoM by fionator HaCarthy i 

Cam Ha. &« *thtt individual waa with tha 0!S« Tte alsoed 
Oonauniat Party petitions in -which ha aUagad thai h* km * paste r tho raof $ 

graoocnandad hia ranoval fro*.- 1 , tha Govara»at* 3hia mm rover aotad ug»on* 
Ha la ttlll in the State Dapartcnot «ad fcaa boon given top oltaranta** 

s*9Blb)M Tdgniifloatlfltit 

Thlt indlvidta! apparently it Aaron J«k Croat* lt» Jtaraan 
filaa raflaot an Invoatljgatien «nmb oondwrtod oonoonalne thit individual 
dkirlng Jamsry, totovmy and Mnroh, 19*jt for tha Affioa of tha Cocrdi-wtor 
of Infoimtion - Spatial Inquiry* 

Ifce reaulia of Ibis Inpatient!**! rtfltctad that tba Civil 
r*r*iaa Oowiaaioo in Stew leak Olfe had oondoctad a ooaplate invaatiaa*lca» 
prior to thi Jtaftan'a invaatlgttloia* lbs Civil Sarrloa CanBlasicn'a 

mi Chariot <U fro**, all of #0 £aat l£ta Staaoty Iter lode 0tta*a ai©»ad 
* Oowauniat patitton for Iaraal iafcar « Aoguai 3# l^j ^tattaad by Sol 
Draunarln in tha dth Aaatcbly Sttttrlot* Sha *att of tba Civil .'Sarvioa 
&xaaiaa4en'a in*>»ti-«tk© mm favoratta* 

Oroaa tat giron a hiring wxier oath at the Of fioa of tba CfrrU 

ht *dght ba * Oobv unlet. At a jwault of tba ooaplata Civil -Strfiat CcwrdartonHi 
imaaiiaatioru $3aa atattnanta oliaittd frcst Croat at tht haaring off cartad 
bin* the Civil Sarvita ia**ati*ator paaaad uofav raWty on c*oaa# Xht f oHoutog 
in an abatvaot »f tha opdUdoa agpraaaad tgr tha Otorll «rvi<» eganlnar foliating 
hia iatarviaw with Croat* 

*3n yoap aataninar'a oy lniocu tha foot that tha 

'^•v*^*\pWpfc^pa#aa «a»^a jaa<saiF aw iw #^**ai a-a^a^^p ♦^ap v^^a ^piwy^^a^^^^^^^n* ~^a aiia^r^rt#^a 

of poliUool pavrtof in ihair wttag ragiatraUoM it 
algnlf loiwt* Ihia in vita of iha fact that, ataaa 
29)6$ tba Coeauniat j^arty hat not appaarad on aay 

Pr*^f^flP*flt^F*P „JWp^^ w^^^^B J& **V #V W"^^^w^^^P vS^^^v ^P%^ i^^^Pvj|MMra^p^v , ^P^f^Bt^^py ^apBarii^^aj^^^^^^^M ^p ^^ 

axplwwUon ttat *I tUd not want to offaai aagrena by 
axprao^ing a }a l efaranoa , in aapaoially laaa in thia 
axaatnar»a or>iniott« Ucwovw, tha noat oonoluaiva 

-t">«T,.,,. , „ 

■* rt t . & .B. FIPP:iaO.':jw 


„Ttla. ^oo^ 
Uaaa a f . 



* -*■ a** 

ntldenoe of Cemmtnt 11m in iba fact that applicant ai{,-nad 
• Cceamiet petition* In addition* it nill be noted that 
app24eant*a father nail rattier have both ej&ied thle petition* 
thi Jim eenvieteist^r denied eay taowladfie of having fligmd 
each • petition end atated thet »it anet have been «t the 
iaeiatenoe of a trim*,* afeen ae n natter of fact, lit had 
dieelelnad all kno*aedge of 3ol aranaarSn or leraal Anter* 
the circulator of the petition and the eenctidete* reepeetivaly.* 

The te a nindor of the Bvm invootigation Called to develop any anfavor* 
able infomatlott or racowwodafcloae afEeinet Oroee* 

Coptee of the %amm lmeetiffative report nam aent to the Office of 
the Coordinator of Iniomatlm on April 3 r X9ii2* A aweary nee forniohed to 
the State Separtaaiit en Axajeet T# 19*i6* COM inferred to by Senator McCarthy 
ie the Office of Infomatlon and Sdaeatlonal ^aachenee* nbleh nee the pre* 
d a o co oor of the prc oo nt voice of Aaorlna* (77-15606) 

*he ltaftvidaal referred to hy Senator WaCertby aa tJaee Jfc, &» in 
apperantly Identical adth the individnel referred to ae "Cenele* $J« in the 
n a e e rl e l provided to the Aanan on a oonfidential. heeie on January 2?* i$j&* 
iy f omar Spaotal Afiant fiobart ti, Laa, The naterial farniahed by ine idontif lad 
'•Cane Xe* 83" ae belae; Aaron Jack Oroee end net forth information that he nee 
adth the Office of mfofnattan md Muoctinml Saghaoac in Ilea Tork City* it 
nan indieatad that he had eignad a Coaaeniat mriy election petition* aa did Me 
percntc* on Aagent 3» WH that ifcen anting in 1938* 1939* 19h0 and lgft he did 
not indieate a Deaoeratin or a ap nbl i o o n J^erty affiliation m le eontoaery In 
that Stataf that ft nee pointed oat in the fUn (apparently c tata Penerteent 
file) that the eeananiat Party had not been on the ballot in Hew Tork einee 
29361 that ideal aaoot ioaad oonoar nt ng htn ojp&ae, the nlaotion petition he eaid 
he did not reeall a tpilng the petition bat anon confronted nith the feet that 
ha had he aald that it neat lane been at the reqneet of a friead* Inforaatien 
nee farther net forth that on tfovenber U $ l?lil# the Civil Service Ooneiaeion 
reooonended Me ranovalfron the Oovernnittt* Thin ana never noted n oon end cm 
Hovenbar 30* 1?U2 # he nee advleed the Coanieeiott had rev e re a d ite deoiaion* The 
file (apparently State P a pcrt ae nt file) r eflaota no other derogatory iafomatien 

*^^l^ew^ph^^wk^FP ^Fdln 4Pn#p-^^^p^^ w^^jf* qP#»lcW 'Ww ^P^Wn^BlfteW^F w^^'^UF flPa.^Py^^dl ^VlMnl^P aW wMft%JU|VeM^VR^ 

Xtt thin eonttaotiott* the Sareea obtained photoetatin oopiee of tootinoegr 
tahen befope the .'Soaen AffK^^riatione Coanittee in oonaeet ion aith 'the State 
Sepnrhanit App?«priatien Dill for 1^<9* tlpder the teaUnonr of Haalltan ^obdueooj 
rireotor, Offtoe of CaetoccHg maieion of and inveeti^aUon* on 4m$uuy 28* 
29b8* them la eat forth inf onaation to the effect that the intUvidnel involved 
in "Ceee 3fe* 83" (identified in Lse*e naterial ae Aaron Jwck Oroee) aee enpa^gred 
by the State Oeanrtaaun having bean "improved*" (^3!ftUM38&) 




til* mWmn fr famtPT fhftrtter 

Oaao #69 - •Jhia lad&ridual waa alto omployad by tho 03DS% ftyworar, 
llttlo inf ormtion -w*a avaUablo on hla oxoopt that ho ia * Buaaian, and that 
hia alitor to a known Oonannloi and that ho asaodatoa eloaoly with CoaMuniata** 

fftf fib^o ftloqtif loa^ M 

thlo Indiridual la apparently | Ion whoa a 

loyalty of Ooyormont AqAoyooa inroatigation waa oonduotod toy thia fcurtaa 
la 1948 at tho roquoat of tho Dapartatnt of Stato* Jfcw Tork, 

I inagboml iHgr fa thor 

I 1 *» 

Jtoo, I9U, | I 

During hor aaployaont wtth tho Of floo of Information and Muoatlon, 
Intornatl onal Broadoaat iag BLwlaion, Bopartaont of Stato* How York* la 1946 
*»* 19X7, I I sfea raliabiy roportod to hato boon aloaoly aaaoolatod 

with Jhthan Qalport, nombor of tho Jofforaon Bootion of tho Oo— unlit fturty 
in 1947# and Sonia Handolaan* a *o*bor of tho Jhoto Loafuo, an organisation 
which haa boon oltod by tho AHornay Oonoral aa boing within tho pmriaw of 
IxoootiTO Ordor 9835* loth Oalport and Handalaan aro f onor oaployooa of 
tho Dopartaont of Stato* (121-5019^10) 

Copiot of ropoxta oovovlag tht InTOotlgatloii eoneornliif this ladivU 
<fo*l woro tnuundttod to tho 9« S. Ctrll Sonrlot Ooadrndoa bgr ooto* lottor 
ofcto* AOy a, 194*« * lotto* dttoiLQi&fitaE-S&^lttftV thlo Burow iw odrioo* 
*gr tho Olvll JSorvioo Ooadaoloa thot I .J *** **«*•»■*••* w othowdw 

•op*rtt«d from Fodorol aorvloo* (100-5019-10, 15,) ■ 


Allaaatlona br Sanator McCarthy 

"Caao »o, 70# IMa IndiTidnal again ia tha typioal Vole* 
of Motto* onployoo ♦ tho imroattgatifo agoncioa kayo indioatod that 
bo jLa affiliated with Coaauniat-front organiaatlena and haa ooanroniaUo 
ayapathiot* Ho if a till idtb tho Stata JJapariaiont." 

foMftWt ?4»nti,floottpp 

thlt individual poaoibly io idontioal with tbo par 8 on 
•ontionod In Caaa No, 70* Tbo Bnraau filaa roflaet that on insti- 
gation wu oondnotod in July, 1948, nndor Public law 402 - 80th Congroto 
(Toica of Aworioa)* Ono paraon atatad that whila aaployad b y her m 
Mnagor of tho "Showboat light Clnb« In i*oo Aagalaa In VM2,L^ 



told follow aaployaoa that tho polltloal ooonoay of tho Unltod Btato* 
w all wrong ajsd^hat oapitaHa* ahonld bo oyarthrown wron If it took 
a rorolntion* I I balongad to tho TTorkara Alllanea Union in 1942* 

(forkora Allianoa-waa eitad by tho AO). All othor poraena atatod 

(loyal. I I waa owployad with tho Stat* 

thoy bolioyo 

Departaent f roa 1943 to Ur, 1943* whan tho inragtigation waa iidtiatod, 
Copiaa of tho roporta wara aant to Stat* Jnly 26, 1948* tho filo dooa 

not indioato whothor or not | | ia ttill owployod by Stata* (123-S17) 

, J 


Tal*. fcoo q 








Cato #71 

"Thlt Individual vat oaployod hy Oil la *ohraary» 1943, Ho oatorod tho 
TJaltod Statat la 1942 lllogally. Bo It a »*lfariaa. Ho llrod fix *ontht vith 
tho aditor Of a Canmaltt-ooatrollod Mfarian aavapapor. Ho it * «Um attoclata 
of kmovn Cowwanlttt. 

"Tho &OYora»tat imTottlfatlvo agoaoy roportod that tho auhjoot vat rtlactaat 
to hoar ar»t during tha var* aad that ha fakad inability to understand or apoak 
S»*lith to at to atoid tho draft. Ha vaa ittaad a cartif ioata af aaturalltatioa 
on October S g 1945 1 on a falta petition vhloh atatad ha oatorod tha Unitod Statat 
on Mar 6* 1941. Ho it atill vorklag far tha Stato X>tpartiae»t, dotplta a ralo that 
aliaat thall not vork there in * aad vhilt X hart aet haw able to go into tha aattar 
coapletely, I hara teen infornod that ha alto hat tap- tot rot alaaraaao." 

fhit Indiyldoal la pottlhlyUdtatioal with Stoyaa D # Stolanoff # nat* # 
StoiaaD. Stolanoff* Stoyaa Stoyaaeff* Stolaaor, Holer Stolanoff* concerning vhoa 
tha Sareau'a fllat refltot that am laveatlgatloa vat oonductod la 1949 under the 
character, Maternal Seoarity * 1 m Bulgarian .■ Xt vat reported hy a confidential 
inf oraant that Stolanoff had atattd ha had recently boon raltatad from tha Yoice 
of Aaeriea pregra* aad at a ratal t of loting ■ Wt j^otitioa^ had hoooao hittor and 
vat lmtarattad la turning hit tyapathlet to tha ttrangthing of tha Jatharlaad 
Xront QoTornncnt of Bulgaria aaoag tha 3algarian tolonltt la tha United Statat, 

A ahaok of tha peraonnel raaordt of tha Stata Eepartaont failad to 
raf loot any enploynent ty that agency of Stolanoff. Hovoror, a tuteequent report 
indicated that ha vat foracrly avployod la tho Off loo of Information and Kduoatioaal 
Exchange at Vow Tork 01ty t on a part~ti»a hatlt aad hit ttrrloat vorc teralaatad 
in Eeoeaher, 1947. In Baking an application to tha tiaa DiYitlon of tho Stata 
Dopartnent in Kay, 1943 * Stolanoff atatad ho vat eaployed hy OVX f ro» 1941 to 1943 1 
aad that ha Intended to fo to tho VSSR and did not Intend to rotara to tha Halted 

It vat rallahly rtporttd that la October, 1947 t Stolanoff requeeted hit 
Toi.c m na na Vo plactd on tha Bailing 11 tt to rootlro tha USSR Inforaatlon Ballet in. 


*•* According to tho eaperlateadeat of tha preaieet located at 395 Vott 11th 

*•* — Street # Kov Tork City, Stolanoff had lirod vlth Dr. Ticter Sharaakoff for a naaher 
1, 2*— af yoart aatll Inducted lata tho U.S. ktmf about 1944. Jhlt laforaent alto adviae* 
£ j m th at vhoa Stolanoff rataraad froa tho Aragr la 1946 1 Sh a r aa ko ff aortd to Cotroit, 
htd o aa d Stolanoff aad hit faaily took oror tho apartatat and Sharaakoff oocatlonally 


^w J. J. TOBRILLOjraa^r 

ffit 11T 


visited hl» thtrttfter. tht flit rtfleott infortetion indietttng that 
Sharankoff m affiliated with the American Slav Congrats, the Aatrloan 
Coaaittet for Prottotion of tht Fortlgn Born, League of Aatrloan Writere, 
and othtr organisationa* Sharankoff reportedly beeaae tdltor of "HAROMIA 
YOWA", described at a Detroit 3olgarian Coawuniet newspaptr, in 1946 and 
left for Bulgaria in 1940 for permanent realdenoe. 

A oenf idtntial iaforaant raporttd that Stoianof ft wift vat 
considered to bt a' Coawanltt among tht atabers at tht Cteohoslovakien 

The iMalgratlon and Naturalisation Strrlet flits rtfltottd that 
Stoianoff tat natoralisod In tht U. S. Dittriet Court, Saltiaora, Maryland, 
on Ootobar 8, 1945, tndtr tht nam Stolen Waiter Stoianoff, Utturalisation 
Certifieate #6483084. Stoianoff deported tht United Stattt on Kerch 28, 
1949, for Bulgaria via tltbon, Portugal, aoooapanled by hit two children. 
He claimed 0# S., eitistnshlp upon hit departure. 

Inform tlon subsequently received fron a representative of a 17. S* 
agency abroad rtfltottd that in June, 1949, Stoianoff tat observed wearing 
a "fatherland front* laptl button in Bulgaria. So tat seen in tht eoapeny 
of a reportedly known C commit t In Sofia early in July, 1949, togtthtr with 
one Hr. Victor Sherankov, 

A copy of tht initial report in this oate was furnished to tht 
State Departnent and Emigration and Satarallsatlon Service, and infomation 
as to his dtpartttre frost tht United States wae subsequently furnished these 
agencies by letter* 





Case Ko* 72. *Thie oaee f Mr* President, la interesting In that it ia the 
direct oppoeite ft* the cases I have been reading, I oil* it to shew that unless 
one has a cosKunlstio background one cannot qualify tw m position with the Voict 
of Awerioa, at leeet in tht lew Tork office* This nan applied for a Job with the 
Toioa of America* Ho waa investigated in tha fall of 1<M6 for a poaition on tha 
Russian desk of 0IE« Investigation showed ha was a refugee ftron tha Rod revolution- 
fia xaa naturalised is 1927* Ha has a reputation as an expert in Buselan affaire, 
having studied than for a period of *uqr year** Ha waa eiaployed with OSS from 
February 1942 to December 1942, and than waa requested to resign. Ha was f oroad 
to resign beceuee of Cooftuaiat pressure. A knoan Coe»uniat and a SCTD agent in tha 
Halted Statea openly stated, according to tha Intelligence f ilea, that ha waa too 
antt-Coaanniet to ba eaplqyed fcy OSS* this mux'* lnediate auperler vrith 0S3 told 
hln ba waa forced to fire hi* because of elreunstaneee beyond hia control* A high 
State Depertwant official confined tha reason for this wan'e dicaiasal from 0?S* 

atMa individual waa very highly reeomended by several witnoaaaa aa a 
high typo of wan, a democratic Anerinan, who supported dawocracy tor Ttaeeia and 
oppoaad eottsunlsn* Koaever, ha waa turned down and waa new oeqployed by ?IF»* 
This waa at a tiae whan they wara taking on all tha other dabria I have just 
daaaribad* Fortunately, however, hia aarricaa arc being presently wade t*o of by 
JteCloy in Ownaay, where ha ia acting fiscal adviser and, 1 understand, doing a 
good job* I believe Z overlooked atatlag that ha waa born in Slav, Butcia, in 
1877* X do not conffcee thia nan, aa 2 said, aa fceing a Cooamaiat* The raaaon I 
cite the case la to ahow that tha oca good, aura way not to gat into tha Voice of 
Awerica ia that one la a loyal African and not an anU^ocmniat*" 

fiaiiaalfl 3toaUf is*U» 

Thia individual ia apparently Arnold £• Margolin* 

bureau recorda reflect that an investigation waa conducted concerning hi* 
under tha provieiooa of Sxeoutlv* Crdor 9835 in connection with hia appolntaent to 
tha position of ftnealan Instructor with the Departnent of tha Arwy. Tha results of 
this investigation, which was conducted during August, September and October, 1948, 
wars transmitted to the Civil Service Ceswieelo* by letter dated Kovesber 4, 1948* 

The loyalty invaatigatlon reflects the f olloving pertinent Information* 

That be waa born in Kiev, Rueaia, on Xovewbar 11 or 17, 1877; 

that ha waa naturalised in Haw Tork Git/ in December, 1927; 

That another rftvern wo nt agency f a records reflect that ha was a wwaber of 
the Ccweitt o for Promotion of Democracy, wembera of which were reported to be Kasi 
agenta and which cosedttoa was reportedly &si inapired and actually a front for 

J. I. Grealy/js 

y 118 

r— u 

That thsse ehargee oonocrning tht Coanittee for Pronotion of Deaoeraey 
were later found to be vague and unsupported; 

That Margolin antarad on duty with ilia Office of Strategic Sendees on 
rsbruery 24, 1942, and resigned on Movesbsr 28, 1942; 

Thai ha advised anothar g ow ai uaa nt agency that Ma work with OSS had 
aroused rssentnsnt of the Ccrminlets aod "fallow travellers" in OSS and particularly 
on tha part ot Jacob landau, Jewish Telsgraphic agency, who Margolin described *a a 
Coasmnist, and Vladlmr Stapanovvky, who Margolin described as an HCTD agent, and 
that a few jeontha after ha began hie work for OSS ha was told by Mr. Poole that due 
to eironsnteaess beyond his control Xargolin'a -work would no longer be required; 

That « State Separtaant official (Ley Henderson, Chief of tha Tar Eastern 
Division, Stats Department) advised that because of Margolin's outspokenly critical 
attitude toward Soviet Kueeia he was tha subject of severe attacka inspired by one 
Jaoob landau and aa a result of preeeure put on Margolin's superiors la OSS his 
eaployaent was discontinued! 

that Mr. BeSHLtt C. Fools, Margolin's forsar supsnrlser while with OSS, 
advised that tm a result of Margolin's failure to use tact and diploaacy in his 
eoataets with ths t&rsinisn people it was decided to dispense with his servicae 
and that definitely no pressure was brought on Margolin to resign because of any 
anti-Soviet attitude; 

That Margolin waa generally cooaldered to be antl-Masi and antl-Coammist. 

Ths Loyalty Jeview Board advlaed by letter dated June 24, 1949, that 
Margolin bad resigned or bed been othsrslss ssparated fron Federal service prior 
to decision on loyalty. (121-^0421) 


vmmv warn 

Allegations by senator StcCarthy 

Case Ko* 73 - "this individual is in the Foreign Service* Ha was 
bom in 1$13, practiced law from jSepteabar H$}6 to September lolg, He was 
with the tjotrd of Economic Warfare froa Hoveaber 1?1# to September 19U3* Ha 
haa been with the State Department $a a senior economic analyst from September 
I9I43 wtil the present time* M was an applicant for a position as Foreign 
Service career officer* An investigative report dated June lcjtf disclosed 
that be has always associated with known leftists and was Mghly recommended 
by four well-known fellow travelers* While in California his closest associates 
for several years were two active Comunisto* A former law associate for this 
individual refused to reeeo&end bin Jbr Federal employment, stating be was 
extremely far to the left* A memorandum in bis file dated December 12, 19h$, 
requested investigation of black-market activities on his part in Spain, No 
report on this point, however, has been made available* A superior court Judge 
in California,, nho has known the subject well, stated that under no circumstances 
would he recowaend him for a Gevernasnt position, because 6f his extreme leftist 
and that he would not have hi* in any responelbls Government position* Another 
California Judge said this individual associated closely with fellow travelers, 
and he would definitely not recenasnd him* This individual, to the best of ay 
knowledge, is still in Foreign Service, stationed in Itadrid, Spain* 1 * 

possible identification 

Leonard Borwin has not been investigatsd by the Sareau. there i* no 
subversive derogatory information in the &jreau files identifiable with him 
except for information which was furnished to ths Borea* on a very eonfidsntial 
basis by former Special Agent Eobart £• Xse on January 29 t 1^8* Lee at thai 
time furnished infomation concerning Borwin, who was referred to as »Case 
No* 91", substantially the seme as that alleged by Senator McCarthy which is 
set forth above* 

It is noted that photostatic copies cf the testimony of Hamilton 
Hoblnson, Director, Office of control. Division of Security mvestigaUonsj 
t.1 ^ st ate Department, before the House Appropriations Committee on January 28, X9iS 
«*»<> contained the following! 

•Case §9X t $Wonerd Horwin according te Xet«s list) not now 
employedj applicant reeigned Hovewbar 12, X9U1 ponding 
further investigation.* <6aK397a«-lK>o) 

D. M. .Bromumk 


*-* — n>^ 121 

t »l|l H « H M » «*■!»# H W 



Allegations by Senator McCarthy 
Case Ho. 74 

•This Individual was employed on an American mission to the Far 
East during 1947* Intelligence units indicated, that he was furnishing 
information to a Russian agent, and tiro sources of information reported 
that he mis representing himself as an American intelligence agent. At 
that time he had been given clearance to confidential information. He 
mas relieved of his particular assignment and transferred to different 
work within the Department** 

Possible Identification 

5he above captioned individual is possibly identical with the ■ 
person described In cast nuaber 74* A loyalty form mas submitted bjr 
the Department of State for Joseph Thaddaus Jankowski on October 8, 1948* 
A review of the Bureau files disclosed that a copy of an incoming telegram 
to the Department of State from Shanghai, China, dated September 8. 1947 
was received by the Bureau* This telegram which was signed bf "Davis* 
stated that the State Department in Shanghai had received a confidential 
report which "raises seme question as to the dependability and poesibly 
the loyalty of Joseph ?♦ Jenkoweki, who at times in the course of hie 
work has custody of highly olaesified material. Requests have been 
forwarded to other channels for an investigation of his background, early 
associations and record in the U. S#, and pending the outoome, hie assign- 
ment in thie offioe is being ohanged to one that will not give him access 
to any classified material*" Because of this information the employee was 
temporarily refused permission to bring hie femily to China. A preliminary 
inquiry was initiated concerning Jankcweki* It was determined through a 
review of the Personnel Records of the State Department that Jankcweki 
entered on duty March 11, 1947, as a clerk in the Amerioan Consulate in 
Shanghai, China} that he resigned December 29, 1947 effective January 10, 
1948* Ms personnel file was reviewed at the State Department and it was 
noted that a copy of a report dated August 28, 1947 had been received by 
the State Department, which report was prepared bgr Vice-Consul, Barry D. 0. 
Carroll and that hie file also contained a oopy of a memorandum dated October 
6, 1947 prepared by the Administrative Consul of the Consulate General, 

t*4 commenting upon Carroll *a report and his more recent aotivitiee* The 

J2 L memorandum stated that a review Md been made of all information available 

ii ^ at Shanghai relative to the activities of Jankowski. It was further 

*>~q indicated that Robert V. Burwell, Assistant Commercial Off icer of the 

t*«? Consulate had advised that about the middle of June he had received word 




that Jaakowskl vat 111 . me called at Jankowski's home and found his la 
bed. According to the memorandum It wae Burwell'a opinion that Jankowakl 
waa suf faring from or«r Indulgence and lack of elcep. At tha time of tht 
visit Jankoweki told Borwell ha had been arreated by the Chlneee Polloe 
and that he had been held incommunicado for almost two days, however, he 
gave no roaeon why they should apprehend him. 

It mas alao noted that the file oontalnad a memorandum dated 
Kay 22, 1947, addreeaed to Fata Meyer of the Consulate, which We reeelred 
from 'the External Survey Deteohment #44, V. 3. Havy, which pointed oat that 
a few lnformanta In Polish olrolee in Shanghai had aaked if Jankowskl waa 
an Intelligence off leer. thie inquiry waa baaed on the fact $h£t he had 
aaked questions similar to thoee which woald have been aeked by an intelli- 
genee officer, there waa no assertion that he had ever poeed ae an intelli- 
gence officer* 

It waa determined that information had alco been reeelred froei 
the sane source that their Informant obtained a story from a wan who 
admitted he wae a Soviet agent to the effect that he waa utilising the 
ssrvlees of Jankowakl in oonncetlon with eommeroial traaaaotione. the file 
alao oontalnad a memorandum dated October 6, 1947 from Jaw B, Piloher, 
Admlnietrative Counael, advlsicfe the State Department that Jankoweki*e report 
about being detained by the Polloe wae apparently *Bked> to cover an 
lndlecretlon and abeenoe Iron work. It wae alao indloated that Jankowakl elnce 
hie indiscretion had feigned a elekneee of the am. A euggeetion wae made 
that a complete Investigation be made, however, before it waa inetltnted, 
Jankowakl wae aealgned to Tanle by way of Vaehington, D. 0., for consul tetlon 
and when he returned to the United Statee he eubmltted hie reelgnation January 
10, 1948. Vo further inquiry wae made by the Bureau in thie loyalty oaee. 

On October 12, 1948, Jankowakl wae interviewed by Bureau Agent in 
Philadelphia ae a translator Applicant, the interviewing agent Indloated that 
Jankowakl appeared to be capable ae a Poliah tranelator, however, hie personal 
oberaeteriatlee and hletory were euoh aa to make hie employment with the 
Bureau undeelrable. According to the interviewer'e report Jankowakl waa 
employed by the State Department in Shanghai, China from Mareh to Deecmber 1947 
aa a clerk and at the eame time aoted aa an underoover informant for OIC 
without the knowledge of the State Department, thie apparently caused him 
difficulty with consular officials and wae recalled to the United Statee and 
t^nef erred to tunlslm, whereupon he resigned. It waa alao stated in the 
interviewer's report that Jankowakl olalmed that while la China he waa drugged 
and abducted by Chlneee Police who elsimed that he waa drunk and reported him 
to the State Department. It wae alao indicated that Jankowaki*a wife in 1948 
epent several weeks in a Philadelphia peyohiatrio hospital, furthermore, 
Jankowekl bad a calcified buraa in hie left arm which limited the mov eme n t of 
the arm. Vo motion wae taken on the application of Jankowakl due to the 
interviewer's recommendation. (67-435430-2) 



j^tttllaai la atattet lafltt&g 

Caee So* 75* Thia individual wae employed in December 1946 in the 
foreign Serrioe In the State Departaent* According to the filoe in the Depart* 
ntnt, he la a know contact of two auepeete in the lnteetigetiott of Soviet 
espionage aetivitice in the United Statea* The inreeti^tlve report dated 
March, 1947* showed he tent Material to one of the Soviet ••pionage •uepecte 
who had previously given him the nun of two well knotm Qoimi ate whom he 

oould contact abroad* 

■ ■ i 

gaiilflt Ma&&a&m 

this ladiridttal la possibly ldantlaal with tha subjsot of a proliainary 
loyalty inquiry aada by tha Boraaa In Juno, I948, sntitlad •Preston Xeasling Xsals, 
aka, Mr*. Bobtrt 0. Lasls, jLaarlasn Kabassy, Sapartaant of Stata, Paris, Pranaa," 

Thia inquiry «u basad upon information raoaiaad froa th« Washington 
Plaid tt-Tlsion to tha affaai that, aa of lata fall of 1946* Praston Lewia, a 
aoataot of Muy Jans Xesaay, Abal and Doris Plana, oontaets of subjsots of tho 
Oragory oass, aaa saployad in tha Ansrlsaa Mafcaasy at Paris, franoa* Goafidsntlal 
laforsnnts in tha Oragory aaaa adrLsad that Mary from Xaanay raaaiynd a lattar 
froa bar hosband datad January 23, 1947, in ahiah ha atatad •that ma a baautiful 
lattar t torn Salllo (Andras* franeh Cowuniit)* Xt la fin* that ha has tha laaia 
(Bobsrt 0» Lasls and Praaton Xsais) aontaoty 

thin aaaa inf oraant raportad that Mwry Jans Kaaaay raoairad a 
lattar froa Bobsrt lamia Pabraary 2, 1947, nhsrain it aaa atatad that Praaton had 
taksn a position at tha Aasrioan Sabassy and that ha had prssantsd tha lattara 
Mary Jans had giran hla to dslivsr to har (Miry Jsas*s) friends in Paris* Lswis 
aaaloaad with hit lattar a salsndsr for tha French Cosannist Party* (121-112911 
6jk56402»2309, p, 70) 

It aaa subsaqusntly aaeartainad through Stat* Dspartnant fUss that 
Mrs* Praaton Xsssllng Lssis antarad on duty at tha Aasrisan Eabaaay at Paria 
on Ssaaabar 3, 1946, and raaignad and savsrsd har oonnaetloaa with tha Sabsssy, 
aa of Ssptenbsr 23, 1947* &» loyalty intastigation aaa initlatad by tha Bursa* 
baaausa laaia aaa no loagar an saployss of tha Stata Bspartasnt, Asoordlag to 
Intonation obtainad froa Praaton Laaia* paraonnal fils at tha Stata Dspsrtasnt, 
aba aaa bora on July 5« 1919, in Myths County, Virginia, Sha 1* tha wifa of 
Sobart Ooilford Xssis* froa January, 1940, to Jans, 1941, aha ma amployad by 
Jtoanoks Oounty School, Solan, Virginia, and froa Jfcsaabsr, 1941, to Dsoavbsr, 
1945, by tha Dspsrtasnt of Agrioulturs at Washington, D. 0, Har husband aaa a 
studsnt in Paria whils aha aas aaployed at ths Vabsssy, Mo diaaaainaUon of 
this iaforaatlon aaa aada by tha Boraau* 

J* .'P. J%0KS:eb/e^ 


Allegations by Senator McCarthy ! 

Case #76 

"This dees not Involve communistic activities, but does shed soae 
light upon the possible reasons for sons Individuals* being employed by the 
State Department* this involves the ease of a young nan who was very patently 
incompetent And who had made gross misstatements in his application. He was 
turned down /or employment. One of the superiors in the Department then wrote 
a note to the officer who had the task of deciding whether or not to employ 
this young man. that was after pressure had been applied from above to get 
him a Job. the following is the comment made by the employing officer! *If 

is so little concerned with the quality of Department personnel, there 
is Uti le we can do. I believe ne is more Interested in the politics of the 
situation. * 

"that ia signed and dated. « 

Possib le Identification ! 

this Individual is apparently Joseph t. Forho* Ho investigation 
tea been conducted concerning him by the Bureau. Bureau files fall to reflect 
any information identifiable with hia other than information provided to the 
Bureau on January 2?, 19U8, by former Special Agent Robert B. lee on a 
confidential basis wherein Forno is referred to as "Case )lo. 96" and infor- 
mation substantially the same as alleged by Senator McCarthy is set forth. 
It is noted in this connection that the BureAu obtained photostatic copies of 
testimony taken before the House Appropriations Committee in connection with 
the State Department Appropriation Bill for 191*9. Under the testimony of 
Hamilton Robinson, Director, Office of Control, Division of Security And 
Investigation on January 23,19148, there is set forth information indicating 
that the individual involved in "Case Ho. 96" (identified in Lee's materiAl 
as Joseph t. Forno) was not employed by the State Department, having 
resigned January 31# 19b?. (62-397U9-1109) 

».' < * M m » 


Tele. Rooa^^ 

owiy #IM . l „ lM 

.. T Ti- I — — ,g wrti« 




i - 

Allegations by Senator McCarthys 
Case Ho. 78* 

"This individual has made application for a P-8 position in the Stata 
Department* Ha has boan enployed by tha Treasury Department from April, 1940, 
tip to tha prasent time, excapt for military ralaasa from July, 1942, to December, 
1942* Stata Department files show that he was highly recommended by two individuals 
engaged in Soviet espionage activities* Another Government investigative agency 
indicated that he was one of the contacts of the subject of a Soviet espionage 
ease* One of Ms references refused to recomnend him because of his association 
■with pro-Conwunists. This individual Is still holding a high-salaried position 
with the Treasury Department, in work, as X understand, direetly with the Stata 

Feasible Identification! 

This individual is possibly identical with Andrew Martin Xamarek, 
who was born November 10, 1914, at Newton Falls, New Xork, and whoee loyalty 
form and Economic Cooperation Administration application form, filed in 1948, 
reflected that he, Xamarek, had been employed as Chief of Division by U* S* 
Treasury from April, 1940, nith the exception of period between July, 1942, and 
December, 1944, whillei he was in the U. S. Army. 

A review of main Bureau files reflects that a preliminary loyalty 
investigation was opened on Andrew martin Xamarek on Jfay 26, 1948, on the basis 
of Bureau report dated June 5, 1946, at Saehington, in the case entitled "Hathan 
Gregory Silvermaster, was., at alj Espionage - R.» This report indicated that a 
maU cover on tha mail of the subject, William ludwig Ullman, reflected that 
Ullman received a letter from S. L. Klepper, who waa in the U* 3* Army in Europe* 
In this letter, ELepper requested Ullman to give his regards to "Greg, Helen, and 
Andy Xamarok." (65-36402-1210, p. 161). Alao, Bureau report dated November 19, 
1946, at "Tashington in the same case stated that Dorothy Taylor, wife of subject 
in lnatant case, related that she and her children were staying at the Xamarek 's 
house, 6905 Beverly Road. (65-56402-1909, p. 140). 

The files of the Washington Field Of floe reflected that Andy Xamarek 
was listed as a reference by Bruce laybur in his Civil Service application, and 

w that ^aybur was the subject of a Hatch Act investigation in April, 1942, his name 

«h« being on the membership list of the ^shington Bookshop Association as a lifetime 

4>»v» *,»*„.. (121-9119-2). 



**■*— ~- * A prtllwlaary instigation *as conduoted, which failed to dttelop 


any additional pertinent information tending to establish Xamarek 1 » association 

*w with Gregory subjects, and, accordingly, the Loyalty font was returned with the 

iu*. wo»^f ollowing stamps "Ho dialoyal data FBI files, June 24, 1948." (121-9119-1). 


3. /v. t>w»*** Qfef 228 

On the basis of Kamarek 's application with the JBeononio ODopcratlon 
Administration, * jfvill field applicant type InYsetigation was opened on August 30, 
I94S* entitled "Andrew Martin Kamarek, ake Andrew Martin JUomarojk, *Andy* - 
European Recovery Program** (It will be noted that eoplee of ell report* on the 
applicant type investigation for Economic Cooperation Administration were sent 
to the Civil Service Commission for their oonelderation tinder the Loyalty Program)* 
Treasury f Uee reported that In July, 1948* Kamarek was recommended by the 
Secretary of treaeury to become Treaeury Representative to the American Kmbacey 
in Borne, and left for this assignment around September 1, 1943* Further, that 
Kamarek received several letters of commendation signed by President Truman* 
John 5« %nant, U# 3* Repreecntative to the United Jfetione Organisation! and 
Hi chard Biesell, Jr*, ateeutlte Secretary of the President's Committee .for 
Foreign Aid* 

Bureau inreetigation showed that* while Kamarek was overseas, he bad, 
during Jfay, 1945, invited Sidney Leeter Kleppcr and Bill Taylor to his residence 
for dinneri that Taylor was involved In a Soviet espionage conspiracy in the 
District of Columbia during the early 1940* sj further, that Taylor was a dues- 
paying member of the Communist Party and a contact tor Soviet agents* The files 
of the ilouse Committee on Un-American Activities Indicated Klepper was a member 
of the Washington Committee for Democratic Action in 1940* This committee oomoe 
within the purview of Bxeoutive Order 9835* 

In addition, this investigation revealed that Hsrry Dexter White had 
asked BUI Taylor if Andy Kamarek had returned to the United States, and that 
White *as involved in a Soviet oonepiracy during the early 1940* s+ " Treasurj 
Department records indicated that both Taylor and Ihlte were employed by the 
Treasury Department at that time, and that Taylor was Assistant Director of 
Monetary Research and White was Assistant Secretary of Treasury* 

In addition, this investigation revealed that Dick and Xliubcth 
Sasuly advised that Dick had told Jack Burke to see Kamarek during Jnly, 1946, 
as Kamarek may be able to place Burke in a position at the Monetary Research in 
the Treasury Department* Sasuly had been in close contact with persons believed 
to be engaged In Soviet espionage and Communist Party activities such as Bob 
Ball, Washington representative of the *Daily Yorker" and a member of the National 
Committee of the Communist Party* 

Co-workers and references all recommended Kamarek and believed any 
association with former Treasury Department employees Oilman, Taylor, Wilts, 
Silvermamter, and Ifaytar wae strictly from a business standpoint! also, In ad- 
dition, the investigation revealed that Andrew Kamarek 1 e brother, Frank Martin 
Yamarek, and wife, Esther, ar# known members of the Kings County Communist 

^uv* 6, JU ,. , , T arty at Brooklyn, Mew Tork, and are both active, absorbed, and sealous Com* 
Nr^it^^^jwnist workers. (124-1174-7) « 


Copies of all dnveetlgative report* on Andrew Martin Kaaarok were 
forwarded the Seonomle Cooperation Administration and the Civil Service Com- 
mission on October 27, 1940* 

letter dated October 25, 19-48* fro* the Economic Cooperation Administra- 
tion adtiaed that Andrew Kamarek ma* one of four individuals whose services had 
been terminated, and requested that any further investigation be discontinued, 
(124-U74, P. 12) ♦ 

letter dated January 28, 1949, from Seth W, Richardson, Chairman, 
loyalty Review Board* 0, S, Civil Service Comraiseion, wade reference to Andrew 
Martin Xaaarok, Treasury Representative, Aaerioan Embassy, Treasury Department, 
Rome, Italy* Employee was cheeked as "retained, " (This disposition was ap- 
parently based on the full field investigation for Economic Cooperation Administra- 
tion, copies of which were sent to Civil Service). 

The files fall to reflect Kamarek was ever employed by the State Depart- 
ment, it being noted that the individual mentioned in Case Ho, 78 had made 
application for a I*-8 position in the State Department, 

Also, according to Senator McCarthy* a statement, one reference refused 
to reeonmiend the .individual mentioned because of his association with pro- 
Communists, It will be noted the five references interviewed in the Seonomle 
Cooperation Administration investigation reoommended Kamarok and furnished no 
derogatory information concerning him. 

In addition, according to Senator McCarthy's statement, the individual 
referred to hae been employed by the Treasury Department from 1940 to the present, 
except for military release from July, 1942, to December, 1942. It will be noted 
that the files reflect Xamarek has been employed by the Treasury Department since 
April, 1940, with the exception of the period between July, 1942, and December, 
1944* *hile he was in the V. S. Army, (124-1174)* 

Tele, fcooty ^,, 

■au mi tmw 

»**? ..„■»■„,«, i ' 128 

Tn'ruw ^i m pi cr 


t* keaxujss poltzohhi 
4at«ttto?w to fltnifoy Masaadttaa 

Caaa Jfe, 79 

"Thl* individual, it on tha apodal projtet ataff at tha Stata T)aparta*nt* 
fh# intflligenca raport in hit Jf Ua itxlloataa that nunaroua infomanta reported 
ho aaa pi^ttoiaauniot* radical, mud of dubious background. Honorary I imdaratand 
ha haa baan gifan top oacrat cLoarancat" 

this individual ia possibly idantloal nith t* Aobillaa FOlyioldaa* 

A chack of tha gaoaral indlaaa of tha Bftma hag diaoloaad that, whila 
jfto inraatigation bat bain aonduotad conoaraing him, tba Buraau, aa of tha praaant 
tli«) la prooaaalng a paraormal aacurlty quaationnaira *ith a flaw tornrda oonduotlng 
an inraatigation of hi* aadtr tha proviaiona of tba AtoacU Xoargjr Aat of 194&* 
Tha rtquaat for *tba inraatigation la pradioatad on tba faat that ba la tttractor 
of Spaclal Projacta In tha Daparfcaant of Stata and jraqaira* m*4*9* to raatriatad 
data in ordar to aar?a tha Intaniganoa I&idaioa* hoth of tht Papartaant of Stata 
and of tha Atoado Jtoargy Coudtaion, 

A ratio* of tha Buraau fllaa diadoaad that ?* Aahillaa Tolyaoldaa una 
aaployad for alaran yaars by tha Franklin Bavlnga Batik; in Maw Tork Gtty# And than 
by * f oralgn languaga naaapapar publiahad by tho Maw Oanaration Fubliahing Coapany* 
Ihia ooapany **• at ona tiaa haadad bar hia f athnr, and ha raportadly ami in thair 
aaploy for about alghtaan aontha* 

Ha antarad tha Araad Strrl*** and ma af flllatad alth tha Buraau of 
Fuhlic Balationa of tha Ohltad St*taa Aray in tha foratgn Languaga Saotioa for a 
parlod of about tan wmtha. JBa thon m tranafarrad to tha Military JntalUganaa 
Sanrica in 1942. Bt it raportad to haw aarrad aontimoualy aith thla group and 
to hava baan atationad in Ifeahington* D* C. # all tha tiaa, and ia furthar raportad 
to hata baan working on Balkan aattara« (l05*£ASL»a)« KsasLnatloo of hia paraoa- 
nal aa<rority quaationnaira haa raflaotad that ha ma an Amy affiaa* aaalgnad to 
tha Intalliganoa Branuh of tha \!*r Bapa*t»ant in H&ahiagtoa* D# Q* $ froa Fabruary 30, 
1942, to Maroh A, 1&6* and *hat f*o* Jfcr4h *, 1944, to tha praaant *t*a, ha hag 
baan anployad in intalliganoa nork by tha DaparUant of Stata in VSaahington, J>, 0* 

MAG #4, 

<>>. ., ttadtr <Ui« of Ifaj 3.5# 194o» « Wi«f fuvuty of ,b*okgrouad infoimtion wt 

»«,» ,pr»p>yd and dl«84almt«d to Oolonal Ctuminghm of KJJL, 14*nilfU4 *■ iht JUittonil 
M C hoi._jjit«llig«oe« Authority, th« prwUo^aor to ttw MaUomX 8wurl%y Counoil. Ond»r 
*«« — 4«to of J«nu«ry 29, 1947* tht toattott of tht wmoruaOm mm (UseuotW hjr liaittm 
Tmy — - «Hh Ooloatl GUrltt of tht Military JattlUttntt attrition. It dte to ht notad at 
** * thl t point that tht flttrttatjr of Stata mm a j y htr of tht national, InttlUgwjat 


^^horlty* H/| r . 



< * Mr — **ffij E, ?;L°*Y«"lm - L ** v ' TX j/ 

«^»» .•.- ■ # ■ ' j » 


A similar memorandum was dieeenlnated on Say 15, 1946, eoiwernlng 
Adaaantloe TheophUue Polysoidce, th* father of the caployeo, who is described 
•• * professor at the University of Southern California In Lot Angeles, California, 
a lecturer, and a writer, and who is further deserlbsd by an outside source of 
unknown reliability aa follow*! "1 consider hill not only a fallow travel*? but an 
out and out Communist," 3nia opinion appears to havs b**n predicated on hia public 
writing* • Trtm available lnforaatioa, there la no indication th* father 1* af- 
filiated with any queetionable groupa, (105-3151) ♦ tfader date of !atreh 18, 1947, 
th* Department of iStato furnished th* Bureau with a liat of cleared personnel of 
the Special ftwjeet Staff bearing th* nan*, among othere, of T. Aohillee Polysoidee, 
308 fluke Street, Alexandria, Virginia, horn January 30, 1909* (64*2001-1-5.) ♦ 

from the available lnforaation, there la no Indication that T, Aohille* 
Folyaolde* la affiliated with any ejoeetlonable group. 

Additional infomationj however, in the Bureau' * jtll*a refLcct* that 
froa February, 1946, to Moveaber, 1947, the Bureau conducted an intensive Investi- 
gation of Ellsworth L. aad Anna Raymond, whioh aas ba**d on inforaetion that the 
latt*r act*d aa an informant for th* HXTO in Jtoeoow, Bueaia, Ellsworth L* Jtayaond, 
who wae employ** with HIS iron February, 1944, to October 9, 1946, a* h*ad of the 
Rtt**ian Scononio* Action, In aa Interview on October 20, 1947, listed lieutenant 
Colonel Theodore Aehlllea Polysoidee, whoa h* oao* nuabered a* a friend, aa a 
member of the "abComaek Group", whloh he alleged wear* pro-Soviet at all timaa 
in th*ir analyaie* (65-49812-133 andraas)^ 

It la not*d that the individual rrtvmd to by Senator McCarthy under 
"Caee Ho. 79" la apparently identical with the individual referred to as "Case 
Mo. 105* In th* a*t«rial provided to th* Bureau oa January 29, 1948, on a 
confidential baaia by former U Xobert ». Le*. in Lee»« material, T* Achillea 
Polyaoide* la identified ** «oae* Xo. 105" and lnfonattlon la aet forth that ha 
was on the Special Project Staff and that "numerous confidential lnforaanta 
reported he , waa pro-Coanunlst, radioal, left wing, of dubioua background, *t«*» 
Hia father ie regarded as rwy liberal* the file (apparently State Departnent 
file) developed no tangible proof of any Ooaauniatie aetlvitiea on th* part of 
the eubjeet* He was given security clearance on the date of the memorandum*" 
(February 26> 1947)* 

la thie connection, the Bureau obtained photoetatle ecpiea of teetiaoay 
taken before the House Appropriations Goaaittee in ooimeotlon with th* Stat* De- 
partment Apprepriatlon Bill for 1949* Bnder the teatlaoay of Hamilton Robinson, 
™.«jJLreetor, Office of Control, Division of Security and Investigation, on January 28, 
<*>*— 0948, there appears infomation to the effect that the Individual involved in 
f* i !r"«w« *°* 105" (identified in Lee'* aaterial aa T* Aehlllea ft>ly*oidea) was employed 
m^^T* 1 * **•*• Department, having b**n "approved", (62-39749-1109)* 

Trac y , n 
•Halrb o. a 11U 
,w r. Tirx 
Tale. $coa M 



Allegations by Senator TfoCarthy 

"Case JTuaber SO* This individual is a chief in the Division of 
International Labor. The Department's investigative agency indicates receipt 
of information in October* 19li6> to the effect that tola individual tras a 
utertber of at least one CoumunlsVfront organization and is a fellow traveler. 
He, however, still retains his position in the State Department. H 

Possible Identifi cation 

T hie individual apparently la John Tipton Fishburn. the Bureau 
file* reflect that an investigation was conducted concerning hi* during 
September and October* 19l*7 when **« *** «* applicant for a position idth the 
Central Intelligence Group, flahburn was employed at that tiate as Chief of 
the Area JVoblma Branch of the State Depart&ent. Informants adviaed that 
Flahburn was a member of the Washington Bookshop Association, the Waited 
Spanish Aid Cooadttee* the Capitol City Forum and the United Federal Workers 
of J&erioa~0X0« Acquaintances and neighbors of Fishburn at Gushing* Oklahoma, 
advised that they would not recoamtod him for employment because of suspected 
foreign eynpathies. Copies of the investigative reports were furnished 
to CIO on December 12* 191+7* Fishburn was denied employment by CIO on tha 
basis of the information contained in the TBI reports ♦ (11C~26£0-2X> 8, ?•) 

Fishburn was again investigated by the Bureau under the loyalty Program 
in 191*8 when he was employed as Chief of the Division of International Labor* 
Department of State* This investigation developed additional information to the 
effect that Fishburn had wltten an article in 191*6 portraying the TTorld Federation 
of Trade Unions In a favorable light. Copies of the loyalty reports were furnished 
to CSC on Hay 17 # 191*8* and by letter dated September 20* 19l*8, the Loyalty Review 
Board advised that Flahburn was being retained. Copies of the loyalty reports were 
also furnished to the Department of Justice on Harch 29* 19l*9* and by jaeaorandun 
dated April 1$ $ 191*9* the Department advised that the reports failed to discloss 
evidence of a violation of any Federal statute. (121-3292-9* 17* 20* 21.) 

C^isnootn rob m'en 





OUT AXM »4 M8S0I, aoo 

?odorooa* aka Krt* 01 •mi liobaond Partoa 

Cnio *>♦ SI* *I thlak ml* Individual kao kooa doing tklo 
JRatloa untold daaato kooaaoo of tko higk pooltloa nko hold* 1a tho Toloo 
of Aaarloa* Shit Individual waa la tko Yolo* of Aaorioa projoot* la tho 
low fork of floo # will ooao flat ago* Sko *ao traaaf orrod to Saropo, 
tookaloally uaftor control of tko Comaadiaf gonoral. In tho two t/po of 
¥oric m tko Toloo of Aaorioa, and oukoo«aoatly tko on tiro projoot van 
trnnafarrod Wok to tho Stato D«partaant» and oka It today la tko Stato 

*«ia fllo la thia omo ooatalao a voalth of infornatioa ladloatlaf 
that tklo individual ia an antroaoly daaf aroua and aatlvo Ooaftuaiot, ooa- 
piotoly dloloyal to tko XTaltod ftatoo, and loyal to Soviot Itaaoia* Jfuofe 
of tho iaf oraatioa hnro, howornr, van slvoa la • trie toot ooafldoaoo Vat 1 
•hall try to ftvo ooaowhat of a pioturo of thlo person, 

•It It porhapo ouffioiont to point out that tko vitnootoo without 
cop t ion havo otatod la ooooaoo tkat tklo individual kao ooUootod la kar 
offloo a alxtura of follow travolort aad pooodo llkoralo aad outright 
Coaaualoto* 5hooo witaooooo indloato tkat tko croup lo olooo kalt aad 
atttapto a vloloua oharaotar aooaoolaatioa of aayono who attaqpto to dloa*roo 
with tkoa* aad apparoatly rnthnr oueoooafully to* 

««ko vitaoaaan without oaooptloa aoo* to fo*l tkat tklo Individual 
kao oxortad a «ront dnal of oontrol ovar tko information uood oa tko Toloo 
Of laorloa, aad lo tola* tko Oil tod Statoo lnaanuraVla daaaco. 

•X aadorotaad tkat tklo individual lo an* la loropo* aad» 
although tookaloally uadar tko control of tko Any, lo la offoot, to all 
iatoato and purpotnn, uador tko oontrol of tko Stato Stpartaoat, aad lo 
otlll data* tko n«ao work an tkat lavolvod la tko Toloo of Aaorioa, 
foraarly workad oa la lav To**. 

***♦ Rroaldoat* olaao tklo papor waa di otatod night koforo loot 
1 fiad tkat aha li haafc la tko Itato Sopartaoat. 

•Xwodlato otopo ohould to tokoa, la ay oplaioa, to oktala not 
only tko diookarco kat tko prooooutloa of tklo individual** 

gaaaikla Idaatlfloatloai 

___ fkla ladlTldaal lo ponoikly Idoatloal wltk laky llaoda Paraoa, aoo 

**•■*«« Podarooa, aka Krn. 01 nan fttafeaoad Paraoa* fko Inroaa'a jfiloo rnf loot a 

** * — ftn toyalty la? ootlfatloa van ooadaotod ooaooraiag lira* Paraoa, 

^1.^730 132 




x m m m* 


, sad loyalty lareetifeHoa *ee initiated im #nly, 19*1, f radicated 
fceaVa allafatlen V * fellow eealeyee jlb*% KM. Paroenhad adrleed her 
ImtiW^ that her haaeaad, 61eaa Pareea', had eeea a Oo— aalet Party aealar 
for «i|hte>* /*ar#*, Oeaplalaaat afflraed tale ellefatiea «tm reeoataet* 
'*• alee etated that Jfre. Pareea aaaaeiated vita State Beperteeat eapleyeee 
^e eeaeidered to he cither (taBanaleta or follev*traTelo*e, Iwut of 
•their •lateaeate and aaeeolatee. Other taferaaate alto oeacldared hor 
'aeeoelatae im IK* aaao ll«ht tat lacked proof of am/ Saaemalet Part* 
'senherehi* oa their part* 

i Ihe original eeaplalaaat ia not willing to teetlfy lot 414 097000 

{a daelra to fee* the aanleyeO*e secretary la the event aha denied her etate- 
jaaat to hla concerning aer hushead. 

/ Ipea iatorriovi lire. Parana* a eeeretary denied asking the allega- 

Horn attributed to her* 

Conflicting loyalty data waa given 0/ bar taeineee aeeoelatae 
aad ndghtare, tat ao proof of Cenanaiet Party neaherehip wee offered* 
Allegations were received that Kre* Parson vat a •lloaral* aad aeeoeiatoA 
vita noftiata" aa* individuals considered hy the lntervieveee to 00 

Osa n ra alsts, tat concerning when they locked proof of Ooaamnist Party 

Several of Mrs* PareeuU aeeoelatae ia Toloo of, Merlea eueetioned 
har loyalty or Jodgenent on the basis oho allegedly aalaotod novo lteae of 
a pro-flaoeiaa and pro-Cen»anlct alaat aad 4oloto4 ltaaa which wore erltloal 
of Baatia. Soma of har associates aad har toptrlora alalaad aha faithfully 
followed State Separtaeat policy directives, which, prier to March, 1907, 
were to placate Itnesle aad thereafter took tho oppoelte took. !Vo aeeeelatee 
fait aha eerried tho State SepartacntU pro-fteeslaa policy to extrenoo, fhaao 
two perseae aro willing to testify. 

Several aooootatoo la POa atatod that lira* Pareea eeleete4 pereonnel 
thay ooaoldorod qaeetlenaole aad haraaaad theee who did aot Jfollew hor ordere. 


Mrs. Pareon toted a« a registrant of tha Aa«rleaa XaVor Party 
la 19N0, 19H1 aad 19^. On Kareh 29, 19^t tho Jooao Oowlttoo oa V*- 
inarloaa ictirltiee el ted oal4 Party at a Ooawnlet front. 

Mro. Paraoa'o State Daparta«at aaparloro aad hor oohool 
aesoetatee ooaoldor her to ho loyal* 

So dorocatery laforstatloa vaa doraloBad hy tho iray larootlgatloa 

ef the oaployoo'i aotlrltloo la 3erlla* 




l» tat foraitkiaf taktttatlvt itrtcatorjr iafarattlta e«M«alaf 
Mr*. VtfMi it villiag to tttHfr t«Mpt at attat aktvt* 

A layaltr lartttifttlta tf tapltptt't ksiW, who «m a*lt?ai 
tT tot Aiay Ik fttrlia, fall** to prttaat proof tf kit to a aaa ltt fartjr wtW- 
•hip, altotugh tavtrai attttiattt ttetti kt vat * nittral** •ratital*, 
■toaaaaltt" tat »aifat aavt ktta * toaaaaitt*. Xtlltalt lafaraatiaa vat 
rtttlvtt toat tat of kit aaattiatat vat a O oaa tat tt fartr aaaktr. A faratr 
attattata tf Dm katkaat ttottt Ptrtta tavitti kla la 19*7, toat *• hat 
rtfatti to jtla tat toaaaaltt Farty vkaa atahtrtkip vat tfftrti to kla. 


Xrt. Partta it htlltrti to to tat aa-aaaat tat jttt tf ta artitla 
It tkt Vaaaiaftoa, ». C, »ttaat-ttralt» tf May if, 19*9. «atititt «lat latpttt 
Xtltt lifk Jth it Ant*, aa tot kttlt tot iatorattlaa tltti totrtia aitttly 
ptralltltt availaalt tato ttattraiaf Krt* Ftrtta. uw-j J 

art* Partta vaa aaplaytt V tkt Offltt tf ¥tr lafataatlaa, lav 
lark City, Jaat, 19*3, it Jwnwr, 194a, to«a tkt traatfarrai to tot lataraatUaai 
Praaiatttiat Mvislta tf tot ftoto Bapartoaat (IOa), lav Iork Oily. It ftaraary, 
19*1, tkt vat aatigatt to tot Offiaa tf Mil tery vavtraaaat tf tot vaittt Itotot 
it larUa tt Sapaty to**' •* *• »•**• toatral Iraaak. (10O-366357- l O 

tot ratoraai to tot toitat Itotot ta Ottokar 13. 19%$* at tot 
ttaplttlta tf ktr tapltyatat a«rtaaaat. (100-365357-^) 

fttptrtt vtrt tvhaittat to tot Civil Strritt toaalttlaa ta ftaaaatar 
1$, 19**, tat tot rttalto tf tot ftrttft* iarttttctiita vtrt takalttai ta 
jprll ll f 19*9. to tltpttiiita tat tktva la to* filt tt tf fttratry 23. 


xcptrtt vtrt takaittoi to tot Bapartoaat ta Bttaattr 22, 19*2 , tat 
tot rttalto *t tot ftrtifta iartttisatloa vtrt takalttai ta ferll 11, 19*9. 
fkt Sapartoaat atrlttt ta at? II, 19*9. *at at prtafccativa attita vat 


topi** «f tot laytlty raptrtt ta tot katkaat, alaaa Siahaaat ytrtta, 
vtrt tatoltttd tt tot ClTil Strritt Otaalttlta ta fttt«>ktr 13, 19W, tad tot 
rttalto of tot ftrtiga iartttifttita vtrt takaitttd ta Mtrtk 31, ijkt, Oa 
"Auxatt 19, 19^9, ttvitt vat rtetlrti tott kt ka« atta •tlttrti ta tttarity - i 
y.u, 808«. l«ptrto vtrt alM iakaltttt to tot toatrtotat «a Sttaiktr 17, 19w, 

7 tat rttalto tf tat fortifa iartttiittlta vtrt taktittti ta Ktrtk 31, 19>»9 
Mtv 19, \X9^9, tot S«i>«rto«at ttrittt tktt at prttttatirt toitoa vat 
attaplattt, (121-1296! ; 100-3 66357) 


yott r